10 Fun Ways To Spend Friendship Day

Making plans with your nearest and dearest isn’t always easy. With work and chores, there’s never much time left for friends. But that’s why we have Friendship Day! It’s just around the corner, which means this is the right time to set up a lunch date, or better yet, a weekend getaway to a luxury villa for rent. Here are ten things to do to celebrate your unbreakable friendship! 

1. Go For A Trek

SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly
Trek the famous Gorakhgadh and Machindragadh peaks near SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly

With the post-monsoon glow over the landscape, this is the perfect time to head out for a trek. Walking through the glistening verdure with your best friend is a great way to make new memories and strengthen old bonds. Laugh as you splash through waterfalls on the way to Palasdari Fort near SaffronStays Sundowner, Karjat. Or enjoy a serene and simple trek through the woods at SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal, where a quaint picnic awaits you at the end. For those with a high adrenaline rush, take a trek to the famous Gorakhgadh and Machindragadh peaks in Murbad while staying at SaffronStays AsanjA Titaly + Dragonfly, Murbad. 

2. Take A Dip In A River 

Take a tip in the fresh river water SaffronStays Sohana by the River, Karjat

Pool parties are old news. River parties are the new thing! Head to gorgeous, green locales like at SaffronStays Sohana by the River, Karjat, and you can take a dip in the fresh river water whenever you feel like it! Splash around in the shallows, swim in the stillness or just sit by some rocks and let the water wash over you — and you can do it all with your best buddies! Celebrating with a large group? SaffronStays Vedika, Wada, is right by the Pinjal river and can accommodate up to 13 people!

3. Explore Farm Life 

SaffronStays Aqua Chalet in Murbad
Pick what you eat from the farms at SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad

Remember the adventures during school days with your closest pals? Why not recreate some of that fun and explore the magic of farm life together? Ditch your screens and head to private farmstays near Mumbai like SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat. Here you and your group can try exciting new activities like paddy farming! Or just relax at quiet spaces like SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad, where you can enjoy the organic farms and the unique farm-to-table experience for every meal!

4. Go River Rafting 

Get adventurous with river rafting at Kundalika river near SaffronStays Midori, Kolad (Pic Source: Google)

The thrills of life are all the more exciting with your BFFs around. And one of those thrills is rafting down a river. Picture an exhilarating trip downstream with your friends as you laugh and enjoy the water spray. It’s a natural roller-coaster ride! And you’ll find it at SaffronStays Midori, Kolad, which is close to the Kundalika river and only 2.5 hours from Mumbai. Bring the whole gang along; this 12-person pool villa is the ultimate party pad. 

5. Unwind In A Vineyard

Enjoy a wine tasting session at  SaffronStays Onellaa, Nashik

Sometimes, a glass of wine and conversation is all the adventure you need. This Friendship Day, treat you and your friends to a magical weekend in a private vineyard. SaffronStays Rosé Vineyard by the Lake, Nashik, comes with the added beauty of Waldevi lake, just a few minutes away. Enveloped in gorgeous fields and under dazzling sunset skies at Nashik villas like SaffronStays Onellaa, you can chat for hours, let your deepest secrets spill and feel closer to each other than ever before!

6. Go Paragliding

Paraglide over the hills of Himachal Pradesh

You and your friends have definitely dreamt of flying free as birds, and now you can finally make it happen. Head to villas in North India like SaffronStays Mont Arcadia, Manali, and experience the thrill of the flight for yourself. Some of the best paragliding schools are only a short drive from SaffronStays Persimmon House, Raison. You’ll see some breathtaking sights from up in the air as you paraglide over the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Together, you and your friends can take to the skies!

7. Enjoy Your Own Personal Waterfall 

Monsoon fun in a private waterfall at SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

Spend Friendship Day the way your decades-long friendship deserves — wrapped in luxury! You and your closest friends can make some fantastic new memories at sprawling villas with opulent outdoor spaces and endless amenities like SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug. And you get two private waterfalls all to yourself! Whether you want to take your next display picture by the cascade or simply have some fun under the water, you and your friends will surely have a blast. 

8. Relax By A Beach Or A Lake

SaffronStays Sea La Vie Alibaug Villa
Good times and tan times by the beach

There’s nothing like a beach party to mark another year of the strongest friendships! Beachside villas in Alibaug like SaffronStays Sea La Vie put you right on the shore. You can drink in the sea view from every window! SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug, is only five minutes from a splendid beach, where water sports, beach games, and dancing waves await you. Looking for something low-key? Try SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet, where you can enjoy lazy afternoons by the lake and tranquil lakeside picnics. 

9. Vacation Amongst Apple Orchards

Pick your own apples from the orchards

A nature’s retreat in the hills sounds like the best escape for friends. From college gangs to old-school friends, grab your best buds and head to the stunning SaffronStays Kesar Villa, Manali. This private villa in Manali is in the midst of beautiful apple orchards. Drink in the mountain views and countryside air as you walk through the orchards with your friends. You can even go apple picking and savour the fruits of your labour later!

10. Enjoy A Spa Session 

Relax and rejuvenate with a spa session

Another guaranteed, fail-safe way to celebrate Friendship Day — a weekend full of pampering! The massage room at luxury villas like SaffronStays Moira, Kamshet, is the key to your five-star getaway with your bestie. Together, you can gift yourselves blissful hours of getting your muscles kneaded and your skin soothed in oil. SaffronStays Glistening Waters, Nashik even comes with the added luxury of a scenic view and a hot water jacuzzi. You’ll soon find yourself feeling rejuvenated and revived!

Are you itching to grab your friend and head to these luxury villas near Mumbai? Book your stay today and make your Friendship Day plans come true! 

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