SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste in Ranikhet

A Luxurious Escapade In The Hills Of Kumaon

Looking to escape to the hills to admire the beauty of nature and share comfortable silences with your family and friends, viewing the lush green valleys and gigantic peaks? Every natural landscape has a magical appeal, and as far as the mountains are involved, they inadvertently offer you peace and seclusion as opposed to the loud noises of traffic, large gatherings of people, and the smog in the cities.

So, when mountains are calling, you ought to go! And that’s why SaffronStays is taking you to the hills to experience just this, relaxation and zen in the hills of Kumaon. Unveiling SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste, Ranikhet, an Uber-luxe, sustainable glasshouse in Uttarakhand, the state’s first Signature by SaffronStays estate. This 3-bedroom pet-friendly villa in Ranikhet, near Nainital, offers 360° views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The home is about 4.5 hours from Pantnagar Airport, a 7.5-hour drive from the capital city Delhi, and a 3.5-hour drive from the beautiful lake town Nainital.

The Outdoors at SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste in Ranikhet
A home where heaven truly meets Earth

Sitting 4500 feet above sea level, this estate allows you to cut off from the humdrum of city life and offers you the perfect space to find your inner zen amidst 360° views of sky-hugging mountains and never-ending emerald green valleys.

SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste is the Home Owners’ vision of a one-of-a-kind uber-luxe private villa near Delhi, which has been executed by IDIEQ, a start-up of architects and urbanists from Uttarakhand. This home is 90 percent solar-powered, has a 56,000-litre rainwater harvesting reservoir and an organic farm, perfect for the eco-conscious and responsible travellers, and takes the luxury living experience to a whole new level.

At this home, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow you to catch a glimpse of the perfect sunrise from one room, while the other two let you gaze at the valleys and the gorgeous pictures painted by the evening sky. The home gets its name from the multiple celestial references that dot the estate. From orbs inspired by planets that line the garden walkway to the five elements sunset point and the glass roofs that provide unending views of the galaxy. The telescope at this home also makes it ideal for stargazers and astronomy lovers to lose themselves in the beauty of the night with millions of constellations enveloping the sky. This is a home where heaven truly meets Earth.

Modern Interiors at SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste in Ranikhet
Catch up for an intimate, and comfortable conversation with family and friends

And that’s not all! The interiors of this uber-luxe home are modern and sophisticated, consisting of sunken seating and cantilevered beds in the three rooms. The bathrooms in this affluent home are lined with hand-crafted marble bathtubs with radiant skylights. The exteriors too have a class of its own with a glass steam room on the lawns, a pergola in the lush garden for a celebratory dinner, an elegant fountain setting, and a deck that offers the best sunset views in the Himalayas.

Experience different levels of zen every day at the carefully curated corners of this estate that allow you an uninterrupted view of the celestial abode. Alternatively, pull up your yoga mat and meditate in the serene garden enveloped by the hills. Whether you want to sit idly by the mountains with a coffee mug or find the company of your favourite novel by your side as you laze on the hammock, the options are limitless at this home.

Pergola Sitting at SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste in Rankihet
Get soaked in breathtaking views while you enjoy your supper

For those who enjoy relaxation coupled with some sightseeing, the Bhauna Devi temple and the calm and serene Ramganga River are a short distance away. Adventure enthusiasts can go rafting at Marchula, an hour and a half’s drive away or visit the Jim Corbett National Park (Ramnagar), which is a 2 hours drive from this home. The cities of Ranikhet, Nainital and Almora can be visited en route to this luxurious estate.

So, if you’ve always felt a calling from the mountains and are looking for a well-designed and one-of-a-kind space, let the uber luxury experience at SaffronStays Glasshouse Celeste teleport you closer to yourself. Given the home’s location, away from the hubbub of city life, the one-of-a-kind surreal and luxurious experience you can get at 4500 feet makes this estate an ideal getaway for family and friends.

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