8 Villas in and around Alibaug To Celebrate Family Holidays Without Burning a Hole In Your Pocket

Not every holiday needs weeks of planning and hours of packing. Some holidays need one backpack and a quick drive to the nearest holiday destination. And what if we said you could be there within a few hours? That’s right! These 8 splendid villas in and around Alibaug are just a hop, skip, and jump away from you! They are easy on the wallet, have amazing views and offer unmatched experiences just a short distance from Mumbai. You can choose to drive down and enjoy the scenic routes or simply jump on a boat and take a water ride to wherever you wish. Get ready for some exquisite views, mouthwatering local food, and plush beds to simply sink into. 

1. SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug

At Beach Blues, you can get all the Goa trip feels with none of the lengthy travelling! The beach is right by your side, and the brightly coloured villa keeps those happy vibes going. Ideal for a holiday with 2-3 small families, this holiday home in Alibaug ensures all-round entertainment. It is packed with board games, has a lawn for a game of badminton and the pool and poolside swing are the best spots to chill and chit-chat with your loved ones. 

No. of guests: 8-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000 per night

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000 per night

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Beach Blues

2. SaffronStays The Forest, Alibaug

Situated in the middle of a forest, this stunning pool villa allows you to reconnect with nature in more ways than one. You can take pleasant walks through the jungle or go on a short trek to a nearby lake to soak in the scenery. The outdoor pool allows you to appreciate the surrounding greenery as you relax on a much needed break away from the city. Opt for the open air bathroom so you can be immersed in nature even while taking a shower!

No. of guests: 8-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your getaway: SaffronStays The Forest

3. SaffronStays Sanskriti, Kashid

SaffronStays Sanskriti is just 10-minutes from Kashid Beach and is the vacation you’ve always wanted! This 4-bedroom Kerala-style villa is airy, surrounded by lush greenery, has plenty of nooks to explore- from traditional Tanjore paintings to skylight windows. It has a lovely combination of five-star service and homely vibe yet at a budget that works for everyone. You can explore a number of water sports activities at the beach front or enjoy the home’s soulful ambience just sitting on the porch.

No. of guests: 12

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Sanskriti

4. SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

Set on a scenic hill, this split-level, veg-only home features 3 bedrooms with pretty private balconies. Here, you will find a cheery Marwari chef Mahendra, who cooks delectable vegetarian Rajasthani meals and North Indian food, as well as Jain selections, on request. Just 15-minutes from Mandwa Jetty, this home is a veritable paradise with two waterfalls, outdoor seating decks, lush surroundings and more. There’s just so much to experience without spending too much to keep yourself entertained.

No. of guests: 6

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your getaway: SaffronStays Masaya

5. SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills

Get a whiff of the beaches even before you reach Goa at this 4-bedroom private pool villa in the quaint town of Murud. The home has a large swimming pool along with a kids’ pool, too. The star attraction of this home, however, is the terrace from where you can catch sunrises AND sunsets. Be it an after-dinner session of nostalgic chitter-chatter or a starry night, this spot is just perfect! Just a short drive from Mumbai, some wonderful sights and lip-smacking food are what await you at this ‘light on the pocket’ villa.

No. of guests: 8-12

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Get the party started: SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills

6. SaffronStays La Casa Maestro, Kashid

A 4-hour drive from Mumbai with scenic views, this contemporary home located along the sunny coast of Kashid is designed in a contemporary Spanish style bringing together both luxury and comfort. The estate of this 4-bedroom villa is wide, with plenty of space for kids to run around as well as charming little nooks to see and explore. The villa accommodates large families and friends and makes for a very budget-friendly getaway. The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is just 30 minutes from the villa, while the famous Murud-Janjira Fort is 50 minutes away.

No. of guests: 9-16

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your holiday:  SaffronStays La Casa Maestro

7. SaffronStays Salt Rim On The Beach, Korlai

If you love being outdoors, want to catch views of the seas and let it soothe your stress, SaffronStays Salt Rim On The Beach is the place to be. Showcasing charming Goan-Portugese influences and sunset views from the verandah, this 2-BHK villa located right on Korlai beach offers plenty of space, lipsmacking Alibaug style meals, hiking and water sports activities, welcoming you and your family for a packed weekend getaway. Disconnect and unwind with a healthy dose of nature and pocket-friendly stay!  

No of guests: 6-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Book your holiday: SaffronStays Salt Rim On The Beach

8. SaffronStays Areca Villa, Alibaug

Surrounded by swaying palms, greenery, and lush lawns, SaffronStays Areca Villa is an alluring, peaceful 4BHK private pool villa set in Alibaug, that is just the place to be if the city seems to be closing in on you. This 4-bedroom villa is an elegant holiday home just 15-minutes drive from Awas beach. Take a break from city life for a few days, sip on chai while reclining near the pool, enjoy some delicious food prepared by the in-house cook or just stroll on the beach at sunset. Celebrate occasions with the family at a place that is secluded and light on the wallet. We recommend waking up at dawn to see the radiant sun rays rising over the water.

Min Occupancy: 6-10

Cost per night weekend: INR 7000

Cost per night weekday: INR 6000

Plan your vacay: SaffronStays Areca Villa, Alibaug

See? You don’t need far off destinations and long drives for the ideal vacation. What’s more, you don’t have to fork much to spend quality time at a luxury villa near you. Just pick any one of our 10 luxury villas for a super comfortable, affordable holiday.

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