8 Farmstays Near Mumbai To Help You Reconnect With Nature

Tired of looking at screens all the time? What you need is a farm-style holiday where all the green can soothe your eyes. Think lush orchards, fresh fruits, pleasant walks and a rejuvenating breath of fresh air. Here are 8 farmstays near Mumbai where you can get a taste of that rustic lifestyle!

1. SaffronStays Ambaram, Raigad

You know that feeling of peace and quiet after a good yoga session? Staying at this 3-bedroom private villa in Raigad is just like that. Nestled in Sun Valley, this gorgeous home rests within a cocoon of majestic hills, lush forests and sweeping rivers. With verandahs on all sides of the house, just cosy up in a chair with a hot cup of chai and let the musical sounds of nature delight the senses. 

No. of guests: 6-10

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Ambaram

2. SaffronStays Mango Huts by The River, Pali

Sitting amidst the Sahyadris, with a river running by the side of the estate, this farmstay near Mumbai is ideal for a quick getaway. Get a refreshing dose of nature by taking serene walks through the fresh air, playing badminton games on the court and gazing at the dazzling sunset from a swing. With 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom options, you can bond with your friends or your whole family over here!

No. of guests: 4-20

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Mango Huts by the River

3. SaffronStays Zen, Igatpuri

Just like the name suggests, among the red brick walls and airy rooms of this luxury villa you can completely switch to zen mode. Feel all your stress float away with the cool Igatpuri winds as you gaze at the beautiful view of Lake Kadwa. Take this opportunity to trek to Kalsubai Peak, walk through the surrounding farm or drive to Sula Vineyards and truly disconnect from the world. 

No. of guests: 4-6

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Zen

4. SaffronStays Sohana By The River, Karjat

A charming traditional-style villa, you can find lush greenery around almost every corner of this home. You can hear the melodious gushing of the River Pej in every corner. We recommend taking a dip inside in the sunny afternoons. Let indoor games, gossip sessions, and games in the pool keep that holiday spirit going. If you’re lucky, you might just see a peacock while having your morning chai!

No. of guests: 4-10

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Sohana By The River

5. SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat

Bring your furry friends along to this farmstay near Mumbai, where the expansive green fields will feel entirely yours. Whether you want to run around and play with your pet or relax by the swing and unwind in the pool, you can reconnect with nature in a myriad of ways. This fully staffed private villa will bring you closer to nature, your loved ones, and yourself. 

No. of guests: 8-12

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Olive Greens

6. SaffronStays Ambe Moha, Karjat

Head to this quaint villa on a mango farm for the perfect countryside getaway! While the home has plenty of nooks to cosy up in, the chic seating areas on the lawn will entice you to spend your time outdoors and soak in the sunlight and fresh air. You can even take walks through the orchard and feast on fresh fruits. Need to cool down? Just take a dip in the open-air pool!

No. of guests: 4-6

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Ambe Moha

7. SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat

Get the complete farm experience with milking cows, fruit picking, and paddy farming at this 3-bedroom farmstay near Mumbai. The sprawling estate paints a pretty picture with vibrant flowers, twittering birds, ducks and geese — perfect for a digital detox. Enjoy a lip-smacking farm-to-table experience for every meal as well as the pleasant company of the resident dog, Simba!

No. of guests: 6-12

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays SanvinaFarm

8. SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik

About two and a half acres of organic farms await you at this rustic Nashik abode. An ideal villa for large groups, you can play lively games of football on the lawns or stroll through the estate and pick guavas and mangoes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be savoured outdoors with the wind in your hair and Nashik’s natural splendour spread around you. 

No. of guests: 8-16

Book your date with nature now: SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty

Give your holiday a pastoral vibe with any of these enchanting farmstays near Mumbai, where you can enjoy a combination of rustic surroundings and luxury amenities. Book your holiday now!

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