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5 Reasons To Plan Your Travels On A Weekday

Yes, weekend getaways are great. But you know what would be better? If your holiday didn’t have to sit between the confines of Friday evenings and Monday mornings. Head to a private villa during the week instead, and you’ll realise how weekday holidays have a special charm. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t keep waiting for a weekend: 

1. Get The Best Villas At Steal Rates

Lakeside Resort in Kamshet
Take a dip in the azure pool at SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake

While booking a holiday, most people tend to only look for weekend availabilities. But a slight shift in your dates, and you’ll get some jaw-dropping prices. This is because holidays on weekdays come at much lower rates, making luxurious private villas like SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet, a complete steal! Imagine the massive discounts you could get on sprawling estates like this, getting your own personal resort at a bargain. 

SaffronStays Athaang in Dapoli
Spellbinding view of the Arabian Sea from
SaffronStays Athaang, Dapoli
SaffronStays The Amlyn in Manali
Immerse in the valley view at SaffronStays The Amlyn, Manali

Think of getting a stay in one of our Signature villas, with their specially curated experiences, and paying less than you usually would. Picture yourself enjoying dinner on one of the al fresco dining setups at SaffronStays Athaang, Dapoli, overlooking the sweeping Arabian Sea as it extends to the horizon. Or imagine sitting on SaffronStays The Amlyn, Manali’s, spacious balcony and soaking in the view of Manali’s gorgeous hills. You can get these Signature villas on a weekday at a cost-effective rate.

2. Beat the Crowds

SaffronStays Nature's Bounty in Nashik
Immerse in calm hues of nature at SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik

One of the best parts about travelling on weekdays is the lack of crowds. No more congested traffic on the roads, no more hordes of tourists on the highways. So, whether you’re going for a farmstay like experience at SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik, or heading up the Sahyadri mountains for a peaceful staycation at SaffronStays Sky Abode, Panchgani, your road trip will be a smooth and effortless one. Think of wide, empty highways and curving hillside roads with minimal traffic and maximum opportunities to drink in the scenery. 

SaffronStays Sky Abode in Panchgani
Unwind to the views of Panchgani valley at
SaffronStays Sky Abode, Panchgani,
SaffronStays Beach Blues in Alibaug
 Get the Goa-Pondicherry vibes at
SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug

Apart from the travel, you will also encounter fewer people around your holiday destination. This will allow you to enjoy the various tourist attractions and activities without waiting in long queues and amongst jostling crowds. At SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug, you can reach Sasawane Beach within 5 minutes on any day; but on the flip side – it is crowded on weekends. This stunning Alibaug beach will be cleaner, emptier and less noisy on a weekday! You will be able to enjoy the water sports and even explore the various beaches and forts of Alibaug at much more ease than you would on the weekend. 

3. More Time, Leisure And Fun

SaffronStays Kenwoods in Vikramgad
Enjoy a good afternoon read in the hammock at SaffronStays Kenwoods, Vikramgad

Luxury villas like SaffronStays Kenwoods, Vikramgad have a range of fun experiences on the menu — from a splendid pool with a sunken bar to a herb garden where you can buy organic kitchen plants to a music system for the ultimate party. When you restrict your vacations to the weekend, it’s impossible to savour all of these in a span of two days. However, if you opt for an extended trip during the week, you have enough time to swim, explore the garden, and dance the night away. And you can do so even with all your work deadlines! 

SaffronStays Olive Green in Karjat
Watch the stunning waterfalls on every mountain during your stay at SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat
SaffronStays Meadowbrook in Panvel
Breathtaking rivers and hills surround
SaffronStays Meadowbrook, Panvel

You can spread out all the villa’s exciting activities with a holiday during the week. Think of enjoying some birdwatching with your morning cup of chai and ending your days with a cosy bonfire. And what’s a more refreshing break from work than a quick swim in the pool? Or a short heart-pumping round of badminton? There’s no need to rush, and you can take your time making the most of these amenities. When you can get such five-star sojourns at villas like SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat and SaffronStays Meadowbrook, Panvel, why opt for shorter and unfulfilling weekend trips?

4. The Finest Workcation Vibes

SaffronStays Masaya in Alibaug
Enjoy both work and some me-time at SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

Getting a holiday during the work week is difficult, but that’s why we have workcations! Get away from those drab office walls and that one WFH corner in your house. Give yourself a working space that truly inspires! Like SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug, an opulent villa with numerous decks and outdoor seating areas that can become your new work zone. And each one comes with vibrant furnishings and green surroundings to keep those spirits high!

SaffronStays Roselle in Malavli
Workcations take on a whole definition at
SaffronStays Roselle, Malavli

With a weekday trip to a private villa, you can have a workcation and a vacation! How? Spend your working hours in beautiful settings like that of the Tudor-style chalet SaffronStays Tudor Rose, Panchgani. And spend your time off work indulging in the villa’s luxurious amenities and activities, like taking a dip in the pool. Once you’ve wrapped up work for the day, you can even head out for some adventures, like paragliding which can be done if you stay at SaffronStays Roselle, Malavli

5. Competitive Pricing

SaffronStays Kesar Villa in Manali
SaffronStays Kesar Villa, Manali a beautiful homestay that blends the concepts of farming and tourism

Not only are villa rates lower on weekdays, but the fact is that villa rates are also lower than most other forms of accommodation. Compared to hotels, hostels and other kinds of lodging, private villas offer a much higher value for much less payment. Taking into account the total privacy, personalised meals, and entertainment facilities; you have a holiday package that no hotel can compare with. 

Apple Orchards at SaffronStays Kesar Villa in Manali
Take a tour through the apple orchards during your stay at 
SaffronStays Kesar Villa, Manali
SaffronStays Aqua Chalet in Murbad
SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad is a quaint getaway
in the lap of nature

Think of villas like SaffronStays Kesar Villa, Manali, where you get to stay right in the midst of apple orchards in the grand Himalayas. Or SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad, a perfect couple’s retreat in a pinewood Machan where clear skies let you stargaze every night. These exemplary experiences come with five-star level provisions but are available at super affordable rates. No need to shell out a bomb for a holiday with the fam! 

All things considered, travelling on weekdays is easier and more cost-efficient. And private luxury villas are the best way to do it. No more waiting around for Friday night!

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