5 Summer Memories That Will Make You Want To Go Back In Time

Indian summers may be hot and humid,  but they also bring along a certain sweet nostalgia for the days of summer vacation. It was a period of relaxation between school years that were seemingly endless when it began but then swiftly passed us by in the blink of an eye. Long, lovely days of lazy mornings, scrumptious afternoon meals and evenings playing gully cricket. Let us take you down memory lane with these quintessential summer memories — and maybe even help you recreate them!  

1. Visiting Family’s Native Home

Experience the feeling of visiting ‘naani ka ghar’ at SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms

Many of us spent the first few days of the summer holidays packing our bags, ready to head to our family’s native home. Whether it was your naani’s handmade achaar or the funny stories of that one eccentric aunt, your native home had joys you couldn’t find anywhere else. For a lot of us, summers were spent in the airy rooms of this house, packed with cousins, sleeping on mattresses next to each other. Remember how it felt to leave the city and its noise behind? To take a step back into the past, closer to your roots? You can revive those feelings at SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms. This private villa for rent has soft yellow walls, shingled roofs and traditional furniture that will spark the same feelings of truly being home again. 

2. Going Swimming

Have a splashing good time at SaffronStays Palm Paradise

Nothing beats the heat better than a dip in a pool, especially when it’s a group of kids jumping in at once, arguing about who made the biggest splash.  In the past, many memories were made in and around the pool, when you all took a cool and refreshing break from the heat — from playing games to challenging each other over a race, and much more. If you’re looking to find those days of carefree fun once again, look no further than SaffronStays Palm Paradise. The gorgeous pool in this villa near Mumbai is wide enough to accommodate 24 guests. Complete with pool slides, poolside loungers and an expansive lawn, this villa is the ideal choice for family holidays

3. Eating Mangoes

The mango orchards at SaffronStays Casa Manga

And of course, the best part about summers is – it’s mango time! Our summer memories would be incomplete without this essential visitor, as so many gossip sessions and heartfelt conversations happened over a bowl of diced mango. Even better if it was a post-dinner delicacy, accompanied by vanilla ice cream. The best kind of midnight snack. Others might appreciate aamras, with all of the fruit’s flavour concentrated in a puree and enjoyed with roti or puri. You will find delicacies just like these at the farm-to-table meals at SaffronStays Casa Manga. This cottage style private villa for families is located on a 4-acre organic mango farm. Trust the name of the villa, you’ll be reliving childhood memories with every bite of our special Mad About Mangoes Menu!

4. Playing Indoor Games

Eat, Sleep, Game and Repeat at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

With all that free time in the summer, playing games was how you spent your days. And because the outside was too hot and any mention of playing chor police in the sun was met by a frown — indoor games became the next best thing. Whether with your cousins or with your neighbourhood friends, you must have felt the joy of spending hours playing Ludo and Snakes & Ladders and cheering and booing as the dice rolled up new numbers. Those happy-go-lucky days of playing marbles and fighting over Monopoly are not as far as you think. Find them again at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, whose splendid interiors and wide outdoor area are both packed with luxurious amenities. Rediscover the joy of playing foosball, chess, snooker and other board games in the private villa’s indoor game room

5. Stargazing

Never stop looking up at the sky when you are at SaffronStays Urja

Summer nights mean clear skies and hundreds of twinkling stars on a pitch-black canvas, thousands if you were seeing this from your native home away from polluted cities. Meaningful heart-to-heart conversations happened huddled up on the terrace with your cousins, and some of the most memorable nights are those you spent with your friends, swapping stories under the stars. If you have ever had the pleasure of stretching out on your back and simply gazing at a summer night’s sky, you know that mesmerising view makes you feel small and infinitely large at the same time. And if you’ve never had the pleasure,  you can find it at SaffronStays Urja, a private villa for families in Lonavala. The villa’s open sky room on the top floor offers the perfect vantage point for some summer stargazing. 

Did these memories catapult you back to the days of childhood? We hope you enjoyed the ride back to the past. But remember those lovely, easy-going days are never quite out of reach. Check out our luxurious private villas for families, book the perfect fit and get ready to make your new summer memories!

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