7 Features That Make SaffronStays Moira The Perfect Lakeside Retreat

Only 3 hours from Mumbai sits SaffronStays Moira, an exquisite luxury villa for rent where you can spend your next family holiday. A holiday home in Kamshet that is breezy all year round, this 6-bedroom villa sets you up right next to Thukarwadi Lake, enveloped in natural beauty. With a capacity for up to 18 people, this lakeside private villa is the ideal group getaway destination. A Signature by SaffronStays estate, here are 7 features of the villa that will make you want to pack your bags and head over there right now!

1. A Splendid 5-Acre Estate

All 5-acres of SaffronStays Moira are stunning and offer unparalleled, unique experiences

The serene Thukarwadi lake sits on one side of this expansive estate, curves kissing the shore of this villa’s property. Bordered by trees on the other end, the lake has a quiet beauty as it reflects the sky’s vibrant blue in its slowly rippling waters. On the other side of the estate is a wide green lawn that is ideal for everything from walks to family football competitions, and beyond are some flourishing farms and fruit orchards. All 5 acres of this stunning landscape are entirely yours to explore at your own time, with no interruptions and no crowds!

2. Spacious Interiors

The spacious rooms at SaffronStays Moira

Sprawling is an understatement when it comes to this estate. The villa, comprising of two side-by-side structures, has spacious rooms that fan out over the lakeside property. Large balconies, french windows and an open verandah give the villa an airy feel, allowing you to soak in the fresh air at any given moment. A mix of traditional architecture and contemporary design greet you inside, pleasing the eye with sleek lighting and vibrant decor pieces. Warm, earthy tones around the house as well as bright paintings on the wall create a positive vibe indoors, with plenty of nooks for the perfect selfie!

3. Lakeside Experience 

Enjoy your morning breakfast by the Thukarwadi Lake at SaffronStays Moira

Having your own private lakeside retreat can take your holiday from good to absolutely amazing. Apart from the breathtaking views of bright blue skies and incandescent sunsets reflected on the lake’s surface, you also get a fresh and cool breeze brushing against your skin at all times. At SaffronStays Moira, you can enjoy the lake view while lazing on lounge chairs reading a book, or during a quaint lakeside picnic with the fam, or even while taking a leisurely swim in the pool. With the backdrop of Thukarwadi Lake by the outdoor dining areas, even your meals will feel more luxurious than usual!

4. Private Pool and Jacuzzi

Unwind in the cool blue pool at SaffronStays Moira

One of this villa’s unmissable experiences is taking a swim in the outdoor pool, floating in the cool water and soaking in the idyllic view of the lake and trees in front of you. You can get the best relaxation of your life unwinding in this pool, amidst hues of green and blue. On the other hand, this is also the ideal spot for a pool party celebration, complete with drinks and music on the surrounding ground. Looking for an extra dose of rest and repose? Try out the 6-seater open-air jacuzzi and bubble away in your own private paradise!

5. Mouthwatering Vegetarian Meals

A unique farm-to-table experience at SaffronStays Moira

This vegetarian villa for holidays has a delectable spread, from comfort food to gourmet dishes. You get to choose from a wide range of cuisines and our in-house chef will cater to any special dietary requirements. Whether it is a hearty morning breakfast or an evening snack, every meal offers a unique farm-to-table experience, with the flavours of locally sourced produce enriching your senses. Don’t forget to try the various desserts available. What’s a holiday without some gulab jamun?

6. A Range Of Entertainment

Channel your inner child and get your heart pumping on the trampoline

Whether you want to relax in a hammock with your latest thriller novel or recreate the days of gully cricket with your friends, this lakeside private villa has it all. The widespread lawn is big enough for most sports and even boasts a half-court for a quick basketball competition. While there are plenty of lounge chairs outdoors to laze amidst the gorgeous landscape, why not channel your inner child and get your heart pumping on the trampoline? As night falls you can take the party indoors and liven it up with music and dancing by the indoor bar. Or if the weather is pleasant, cosy up around a bonfire and share stories with your loved ones. 

7. Game Room And Massage Room 

Challenge your friends to a round of pool

Like the ultimate vacation home that it is, SaffronStays Moira has an entire room dedicated to games. Packed with several board games, a pool table and a table tennis setup, you could spend an entire day here. There are shelves stacked with novels for the bookworm of the group and a dartboard for the one who likes to walk the offbeat track. More interested in relaxation than play? Make a prior request with the caretaker and have the spa room arranged for you so you can indulge in a soothing massage!

Head to our signature home SaffronStays Moira for a picturesque nature’s retreat where you can treat yourself to well deserved luxuries. Whatever you do, we promise you’ll leave this lakeside private villa with a suitcase full of memories. 

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