10 Luxury Villas In Lonavala You Must Visit During The Monsoon

One of the top weekend getaways from Mumbai, Lonavala is a place with spellbinding views. During the monsoon, it blooms with flora and fauna. But there are many ways to explore this hill station. You could experience its natural beauty first-hand through treks and trips to waterfalls or soak in its enchanting landscape from a window sill, a cup of coffee in hand. Go through these 10 luxury villas in Lonavala and find the perfect holiday for you!

1. SaffronStays Inverlochy, Lonavala

SaffronStays Inverlochy

This vibrant villa has the charm of an old Parsi home. And it is the perfect place from where you can visit the best of Lonavala. Experience lush nature, revived by the monsoons, with a trip to Bhaje waterfall (only 2 kilometres away) or an easy trek up to the nearby Lohagad fort. A path right behind the home takes you to a vantage point for beautiful sunsets. You can soak in the gorgeous views of the hills right from the villa’s outdoor jacuzzi too!
Max no. of guests: 9
Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Inverlochy

2. SaffronStays Pebbles, Lonavala

So much of Lonavala’s charm amplify due to the chilly monsoon air, the smell of rain, and the glistening greenery. With its expansive lawns and view of the imposing Western Ghats kissing the grey clouds, SaffronStays Pebbles allows you to fully immerse yourself in this charm. Along with SaffronStays SlateSaffronStays Fred, and SaffronStays Barney, this set of private villas can accommodate large groups of 38 people. 
Max no. of guests: 10
Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Pebbles

3. SaffronStays Vedanta, Lonavala

Book this sprawling 5-bedroom bungalow if you’re planning a large group getaway. From anniversary celebrations to bachelorette parties, every occasion endows with a splash of opulence in this luxury villa in Lonavala. Wide windows, outdoor seating areas, and large balconies allow you to savour the pleasant hillside weather. The villa’s plunge pool is the epitome of luxury and where you will end up spending most of your time. 

Max no. of guests: 15

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Vedanta

4. SaffronStays Casa Delizia, Lonavala

Imagine munching on sizzling grilled veggies, with some cool drinks on the side, on an open lawn with the cool breeze ruffling your hair. These few monsoon months are the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue in Lonavala. At this villa, you can even make it a poolside affair! Apart from partying all night long, you can also explore Lonavala market, which is 3 kilometres away. Or take a short drive to Bushi dam and Kune Falls. 
Max no. of guests: 12
Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Casa Delizia

5. SaffronStays The Riverine, Lonavala

How about a riverside holiday? The Indrayani river swells with the rains, making this the best time to visit. The meandering water and the flourishing green landscape form a beautiful sight. One that you can wake up to in the morning on your private balcony at SaffronStays The Riverine. Whether you take serene walks by the river or enjoy it from a distance, you will leave this luxury villa in Lonavala feeling more relaxed.

Max no. of guests: 15

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays The Riverine

6. SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

One of the prettiest views awaits you at this vegetarian vacation home in Lonavala. This modern villa sits on a height and opens up to an expansive view of the valley. In the monsoon, these rolling hills bloom into a thousand shades of green all the way to the horizon — a sight best appreciated while swimming in the infinity pool. A stylish villa with sleek furnishings complements this stunning view. 

Should you want to head out, Tiger Point is just a short drive away. 

Max no. of guests at SaffronStays Falcon Hill: 16

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: 

SaffronStays Falcon Hill

7. SaffronStays Falcon Tents, Lonavala

Try a more immersive experience by staying in luxurious SaffronStays Falcon Tents! Enveloped in greenery, you will wake up to dappled sunlight and chirping birds. Choose this glamping experience for a romantic couple’s getaway. Spend nights under star-studded skies around a warm bonfire. A stay at these tents will bring you closer to nature and each other!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Falcon Tents

8. SaffronStays Hillside Harriers, Lonavala

SaffronStays Hillside Harriers

The unique chalet-style build of this villa will make you feel like you’re on holiday in Europe. Sip wine on the balcony while gazing at a gorgeous sunset or catch up with your friends over a crackling bonfire and barbecue dinner. Apart from being wrapped in the beauty of the hills, this luxury villa in Lonavala is also close to some of the town’s top tourist attractions — Bushy Dam, Lion’s Point, and Aamby Valley are all just a short drive away!

Max no. of guests: 6

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Hillside Harriers

9. SaffronStays Urja, Lonavala

Want to enjoy all of Lonavala without stepping outside? Check out this splendid 3-bedroom pool villa packed with amenities and luxury services. Pamper yourself to massages in the spa room and hours of unwinding in the jacuzzi room. Choose from two private pools for your daily swim and soak in the panoramic views of the mountains as you do. Entertainment, scrumptious home, fresh meals and unlimited relaxation — this villa is a complete holiday package!

Max no. of guests: 11

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Urja

10. SaffronStays Roselle, Malavli

If you’re not a fan of crowds and noisy tourist spots, stay at this chic little villa tucked away in Malavli. This quiet corner of Lonavala lets you feel the delightful monsoon winds and drink in its picturesque views with no interruptions. Here, you can make precious new memories with your loved ones amongst gorgeous surroundings. Have picnics on the wide lawn, spend all evening in the pool, and dine on local seafood and mutton dishes cooked by our talented chefs. This peaceful getaway near Mumbai could be precisely what you need. 

Max no. of guests: 10

Book your hillside weekend getaway today: SaffronStays Roselle

Each of these luxury villas in Lonavala shows off a different side of the city. There’s a villa for every mood and every dream holiday. The perfect fit is waiting for you!

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