Absolutely Spectacular!

If I could describe it in one word, I’d say ‘Spectacular’!
The location was quiet, very open. The  living room and the bedrooms all tastefully done up. The pool was beautiful and very clean. Lawns well-maintained. However, I thought the gazebos around the villa needed to be improved a bit. The structure and lights strung up were a little out of place. I think if this was improved a bit, it’d be beautiful.
During my visit, food was not available at the villa and had to be ordered in, which was not great. If the villa could have an in-house chef or cook, I think that would have completed the experience.
The villa is very close to Mumbai but it’s best to come by boat rather than a 5-hour drive (or a chauffeured car ride).
I’ll definitely be visiting again with my family and friends!

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