10 Places To Visit In Nashik & Igatpuri For A Perfect Monsoon Vacation

When it comes to the serene Indian rains, there is no end to the romanticisation of this season. We are constantly in love with the pouring of water and the blooming of greenery, the cool breeze and the aromatic petrichor. What happens when you put together these lovely monsoon experiences with the wine capital of India? An absolutely spellbinding experience! Find them at these 10 places to visit in Nashik and Igatpuri! 

1. SaffronStays Eden, Nashik

Wake up to the spectacular views at SaffronStays Eden

Located in the heart of Nashik’s lush fields and greenery, this holiday home is ideal for large family getaways. You get a stylish 3-bedroom bungalow, a private pool all to yourselves, and a stunning view of the refreshingly green landscape. This pet-friendly villa in Nashik also invites your furry friends to enjoy some downtime with you. You can unwind with board games in the cool indoors or head outside for a tour of a grape farm as well as an exciting trip to a natural waterfall! 

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Eden!

2. SaffronStays Glistening Waters, Nashik

SaffronStays Glistening Waters is a calm oasis surrounded by this quiet river

Sink into a soothing nature’s retreat at this villa. You will be surrounded by the still waters of a dam reservoir, the melody of chirping birds and the rustle of flourishing trees. The infinity pool at this lakeside villa is a great spot to unwind and soak in the views. Explore the wine capital of India through exemplary vineyards, or opt for some kayaking and horseback riding if you need a dose of adventure. At the end of the day, this villa will welcome you back with a cosy bonfire and live barbecue dinner

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Glistening Waters!

3. SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik

SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty is a peaceful abode with mountain views

An idyllic place to visit in Nashik during the monsoons is this private villa on a sprawling, 3-acre estate. Miles from strangers and unwelcome interruptions, you can enjoy peace and quiet here.. Lay back on charpoys to gaze at cloudy, grey skies and feel the rush of cool winds. Sit on the wooden porch with a steaming cup of chai and watch the rain fall into bright green lands. Dine al fresco style, with the patter of rain making background music for your meal. Or why not take the plunge in the brand new pool and embrace the rain? There’s nothing more fun than a rain-soaked game of football!

Max no. of guests: 15

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty!

4. SaffronStays Espresso, Nashik

Surrounded by green fields, SaffronStays Espress is your ideal nature retreat

A set of three small bungalows where each one is a cosy holiday haven with a chic and modern aesthetic. Whether you are looking for weekend getaways with the fam or a honeymoon destination for couples, this villa is your best bet. From trekking through hills that bloom with the rain to laying back and enjoying the monsoon vibe through the glass windows, there are plenty of ways to spend your time here. And what’s more, it’s totally Instagrammable!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Espresso!

5. SaffronStays Villa Vino, Nashik

SaffronStays Villa Vino is a quiet stay near a river and walking through a beautiful vineyard

One of the most exciting places to visit in Nashik? An estate with your own private vineyard! No need to travel when you can walk through these gorgeous grape plantations right outside your pet-friendly holiday home. Take in the views with a delicious glass of wine and watch as the sunset puts on a dazzling show of colours in the sky. Spend the rest of the night gossiping in the wine cellar or watching a movie in the luxurious theatre. Our recommendation? Stargazing from the deck!

Max no. of guests: 9

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Villa Vino!

6. SaffronStays Mega Farms By The River, Igatpuri

Listen to the sounds of the gently flowing river nearby when you stay at SaffronStays Mega Farms By The River

The speciality of this elderly-friendly villa is its view. The spacious home sits on a hill and overlooks a gently flowing river, flanked by velvety rice fields and bordered by majestic mountains in the distance. It is an ideal holiday destination where you can find an escape from daily life. Staying at this villa opens you up to lesser-known tourist spots in Nashik, like the beautiful Burmese-style pagoda and gardens at Dhamma Giri Math or the Bhawali and Vihigaon waterfalls that blossom with the rainfall during the monsoon. 

Max no. of guests: 16

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Mega Farms By The River!

7. SaffronStays Rosé Vineyard by the Lake, Nashik

SaffronStays Rosé Vineyard by the Lake is situated by the banks of the Waldevi lake

How about a getaway on a private vineyard that is also a lakeside retreat? Get the best of both at this charming villa in Nashik. Looking to unwind? Take a luxurious swim in the lakeside pool and soak in the chill, monsoon breeze. Need some excitement? Camp on the lawn in a tent with a cosy bonfire to keep you warm. Our talented staff will ensure that you get nothing short of a five-star experience — from lip-smacking Nashik meals to excellent maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness. 

Max no. of guests: 10

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Rosé Vineyard by the Lake

8. SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

SaffronStays Jannat is perfect luxury destination in the lap of nature

As the name suggests, your stay at this modern lake-side villa will be heavenly! Get the ultimate monsoon holiday experience here — let your hair down and enjoy a natural rain dance on the lawn, take a leisurely swim with an extra splash of raindrops, or relax on the terrace and watch the downpour over the gorgeous lake and hillside. Bring your pets along to this villa, they deserve a getaway too!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Jannat!

9. SaffronStays Serenity, Igatpuri

Pick fresh produce from the vegetable garden for your meals during your stay at SaffronStays Serenity

The vast, airy rooms and broad glass windows of this villa in Igatpuri allow you to always feel connected to nature. Modern styling and comfortable furnishing spell out relaxation and leisure inside the villa. Meanwhile, the splendid outdoors offers enough space for games of cricket as well as a garden where you can try some vegetable picking. With a range of treks, forts and other places to visit in Nashik nearby, you are spoilt for choice here. What better way to find peace than surround yourself with miles of expansive green plains, dense forests and beautiful mountains? 

Max no. of guests: 8

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Serenity!

10. SaffronStays Zen, Igatpuri

The large glass windows at SaffronStays Zen allow you to constantly stay connected to the lush greenery outside

The boundary between inside and outside feels almost invisible at this private villa in Igatpuri. Trees grow out from the porch and pierce the ceiling to open up above the villa. Glass walls invite in the daylight and the refreshing green of the plants and trees around the home. Nature is a constant guest over here. Reconnect with your family or make precious new memories with your friends while our staff ensures an effortless holiday. Hot tip: the best heart-to-hearts happen on the wrap-around porch of this villa!

Max no. of guests: 6

Book your monsoon holiday at SaffronStays Zen!

Even grey clouds and dark skies can lift your spirits high in the right place! Book one of these villas in Nashik and Igatpuri and get the best monsoon holiday possible. 

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