How Accessible Is Your Vacation Rental Partner?

Finding someone to partner for a business with is one of the most challenging choices one needs to make. It is even more complex and critical in the realty world as the stakes are high here. 

In the hospitality sector, your decision to identify a management partner can make or break the entire experience for you. Not to mention the fact that this decision can mean the difference between huge profits or gut-wrenching losses. 

So how do you choose the right partner?

In the vacation rental business specifically, you need someone who is accessible, willing to help you in tight situations, and can align the guests your property deserves. Of all these characteristics, judging if a vacation rental partner is accessible to you or not before beginning to work with them is indeed a tricky one. 

Here is a roadmap you could follow to ensure your rental partner is available for your home and you.

Judging Your Vacation Rental Partner On Accessibility

You may feel that accessibility is a vague term, and we agree entirely with that. But the reality is that you can break it down into an actionable plan which may guide you towards better negotiations.

● Is it their 24×7 business?

Accessibility and professionalism go hand in hand. When you work with a vacation rental partner who is not pursuing it as their primary profession or has a professional outlook on the business, your partnership will suffer. Since this is not their bread and butter business, they will be unable to dedicate the required time to your vacation rental home. They will not be accessible to you 24×7 or be able to help you out during times of need.

So, if you want to know if your vacation rental partner will be accessible, check on their operating hours and understand how serious they are about this venture. Do they have prior experience, and do they have a problem-solving framework in place?

At SaffronStays, managing vacation rentals is our everyday business, and we work day and night to deliver our best to our Home Owners.

● How often can you connect with them?

Most of us have dealt with partners who promise 24×7 connectivity but fail to do so when required. And often, by the time you connect with them, it is either too late, or you are frustrated as they were unable when it was critical. So, a good measure of accessibility is checking how often you can actually connect with the vacation rental partner. Are they available to you as promised and at least within working hours? Is there a system to raise urgent queries, and how soon do they resolve them?

An accessible vacation rental partner will ensure that they have a system to record your queries and for you to escalate the issues. Are there dedicated teams to address specific questions so that there is a niche-based service? SaffronStays provides access to specialised teams to address our clients’ concerns.

Do you have a dedicated team member to work with?

Lastly, no one wants to get stuck with a generic helpline or a customer care service where you always speak to different people. That is why always work with a business that has a dedicated account manager or team to work with you. This way, you never have to be worried if your concerns are addressed or if the requirements you put forth in the initial

stages are in place or not. 

At SaffronStays, we have seen that having a dedicated account manager helps the Home Owners have a peaceful and hassle-free interaction. We see fewer complaints and the vacation rentals run more smoothly than ever.

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