10 Villas For Yoga Retreats Where Mindfulness Is At Your Fingertips 

There’s nothing like a soothing session of yoga that stretches out the muscles and relaxes the mind. But does your meditation get disturbed by the sound of traffic? Or do you stumble during a sequence that requires a bigger, emptier space than your bedroom? Get rid of all these obstacles at one of our private villas for yoga retreats. These holiday homes come with large, empty spaces as well as an accompanying peace and calm that you just can’t find in the city. Your perfect fit is somewhere on this list! 

1. SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet 

The wide lawns at SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake are ideal for some yoga asanas

What could be more peaceful than having an entire resort to yourself? Staying at this 6-bedroom estate feels just like that! The villa for yoga retreats is located on 70 acres of beautiful land forested with eucalyptus, ficus and mango trees. This nature’s retreat encourages you to disconnect from screens and focus on the mind and soul. Moreover, it is surrounded by water on three sides, so you can have your meditation sessions with the soft murmur of lake water as background music. Spread your mats on the wide lawn for some Surya Namaskar sequences or do seated stretches in the gazebo facing the lake. The possibilities are endless!

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2. SaffronStays The Riverine, Lonavala

The outdoor gazebo at SaffronStays The Riverine is a good spot in the home for a peaceful hour of yoga

A wave of positivity washes over you as you approach this charming yellow-walled villa in Lonavala. From the outdoor gazebo to the balcony facing the river, this massive bungalow has several spots for a peaceful hour of yoga. The crowning jewel of which is the meditation room on the first floor. Furnished with soft cushions and a mandala painting that helps hone your focus, this room is perfect for yoga. Head into this bubble of stillness and let the soul searching begin! 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays The Riverine

3. SaffronStays Falcon Hill, Lonavala

A room dedicated for yoga enthusiasts at SaffronStays Falcon Hill

Picture conducting a yoga retreat in a spacious glass-walled room. There is enough space for all arms to stretch out unhindered and an expansive view of Lonavala valley stretches out on all sides. The sky is a canvas of colours that soothe you as you stretch and let the tension in your body float away. This ideal room sits on the top floor of SaffronStays Falcon Hill, a 6-bedroom villa in Lonavala that can accommodate all the retreat’s guests. The luxurious villa also has an infinity pool for a tranquil post-yoga swim. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Falcon Hill

4. SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad

The lawn at SaffronStays Aqua Chalet is perfect for a yoga retreat with the family

Nestled in the arms of nature, with a river on one side and a pond on the other, this villa is an ideal location for a yoga retreat with the fam. This cosy cottage, within driving distance of Mumbai, can accommodate small families with adequate arrangements for kids and senior citizens. There is a couple’s option available too. Amongst the chirping birds, cool wind and flowing waters, you can leave behind worldly problems and let the soul ascend. Bring the family closer with a yoga retreat at this eco-friendly and pet-friendly villa!
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Aqua Chalet

5. SaffronStays Glistening Waters, Nashik

At SaffronStays Glistening Waters yoga can be practiced in any of the spacious rooms

Located by the mesmerising aqua waters of the Gautami Godavari Dam Reservoir, this modern villa is a true luxury retreat in Nashik. The sleek and minimal interiors exude a calm vibe that helps keep the mind clear. Meanwhile, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow the bright greens and vibrant blues outside to stream indoors and fill the villa with radiant, positive energy. Within this oasis of calm, you can practice yoga in any of the spacious rooms. Soak in the natural light and ventilation as you balance out your chakras. Wrap up the day by laying back in the jacuzzi and gazing at Nashik’s gorgeous landscape. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Glistening Waters

6. SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

SaffronStays Casa Del Palms offers a special yoga station for the guests

A stunning holiday home in Alibaug, SaffronStays Casa Del Palms comes with a luxurious outdoor section with numerous lounge areas. Apart from various chic spaces to spend time with your loved ones, there is also a special yoga station! A circular zone surrounded by green foliage, this is an idyllic zone to practice mindfulness. Exchange positive affirmations with your friends and family as a cool sea breeze brushes your skin. Feel all your stress melt away as you all take deep breaths together. On this yoga platform in the garden, you will feel your strongest connection to yoga yet. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

7. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Find a balance within your body and soul at SaffronStays Summer Salt

How would you like a poolside, beach-facing yoga retreat, next to swaying coconut trees and the smell of the sea lingering around you? This blissful experience is only a two-hour drive from Mumbai, at a sprawling 6-bedroom villa for yoga retreats in Alibaug. Spend hours under the bright blue sky, easing the knots in your muscles and finding balance within your body and soul. When time is up, head to the breezy insides of the Portugues style home and cool down in its airy rooms. The old-world charm of its interiors and architecture will maintain the peace you find at the end of your yoga session. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Summer Salt

8. SaffronStays Hardy Hideaway, Shimla

The meditation room at SaffronStays Hardy’s Hideaway

There’s no better place for yoga and meditation than up in the mountains. And the majestic Himalayas with their deep valleys, and imposing white peaks, create a picture of serenity. At this private villa in Shimla, you can get the yoga retreat of your dreams. Away from the sticky humidity and pollution of the cities, here you will find that every asana comes effortlessly to you. Among these graceful, natural wonders, your muscles will stretch further, and your feet will be stable. Set your mat on the lawn and do your sequences while wrapped in the chilly breeze, or head to the meditation room indoors for a warm and cosy session. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Hardy’s Hideaway

9. SaffronStays De La Mer, Goa

Indulge in yoga by the sea shore at SaffronStays De La Mer

A total opposite to the previous home, SaffronStays De La Mer is a hilltop villa that overlooks the western coast of Goa. Picture soaking in that panoramic view with the Arabian sea stretching out all the way to the horizon. It’s the dreamiest location for a holiday and a sublime one for a spot of yoga with your friends or family. Let the whistling wind ease your minds into a meditative state. You can also head to the nearby Reis Magos Beach or Coco Beach and indulge in  yoga by the sea shore. When you leave, your heart will be full and your mind will be at ease. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays De La Mer

10. House of Só Alegria, Assagao 

The spacious backyard at SaffronStays House of Só Alegria is an ideal for a relaxing yoga session

Need a quiet but charming escape for your yoga retreat? Try out this luxury villa in Assagao, a quaint little town in Goa. Here you will be surrounded by beautiful buildings and scenic views but with none of the bustle from tourist spots. The spacious backyard of this villa is an ideal place for a relaxing yoga session. With no strangers around, you can do heart-pumping workout yoga or slow yin yoga movements. In the privacy of your own exclusive vacation home, you can work on finding your best self. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays House of Só Alegria

11. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, Udupi

A fitting atmosphere for yoga by the river at SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam

The riverside deck at this cottage in Udupi is a must-visit spot for yoga lovers. The captivating Suvarna river, hundreds of coconut trees and clear skies greet you here. A fitting atmosphere for your breath to slow, for your muscles to relax, and for your mind to empty of all thought. After a rejuvenating yoga session by the melodious babble of the river, rest a few minutes longer, and you’ll see the skies lit up by a fiery sunset. This enchanting villa for yoga retreats also offers a speedboat ride in the backwaters and a candlelight dinner under the stars to round off your holiday. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam

12. WellBeingVilla, Wayanad

The spacious verandah at the SaffronStays WellBeingVilla to practise your yoga asanas

Traditional architecture and modern design meet in a gorgeous blend at this homestay in Kerala. Located in the heart of nature, every piece of this villa is a feast for the eyes, including the spacious verandah that opens up to a hundred shades of green. The cool, tiled floor is a great place to stretch out in the morning and practise your yoga asanas while enjoying the fresh air. Let yourself be wrapped in a cocoon of quiet and positive thoughts. Later, you can choose from a range of options on how to spend your day — from relaxing in a hammock to exploring the nearby Pookode lake. 
Book your wellness retreat today: SaffronStays WellBeingVilla

Calm. Peace. Serenity. This is the gift that awaits you at the end of your holiday. Plan a yoga retreat at one of these villas and give your body and soul the exemplary care it deserves. 

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