10 Brand New SaffronStays Villas to Explore India

Do you love exploring the world through the luxury and exclusiveness of private villas? If so, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Here are 10 brand new SaffronStays villas packed with unique experiences. Visit places you have never seen before, indulge in new activities and enjoy getting familiar with yet another gorgeous part of India. 

1. SaffronStays Meadowbrook, Karnala

The widespread lawn, the trees and surrounding hills create a cocoon of peace and quiet at this holiday home in Karnala. Choose this pool villa if you’re a fan of exquisite views, like a train quietly chugging across the mountains that stand across a flowing river. Opt for a friendly game of snooker, gossip sessions over a barbecue or a thrilling jungle trek to complete the holiday experience. 

No. of guests: 8-12

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Meadowbrook!

2. SaffronStays Juniper, Lonavala

Apart from coming with scenic views of Lonavala, this deluxe private villa for rent has everything you and your family need on a holiday. From a lush green lawn where you and your furry friends can play to an in-house gym for fitness freaks and even a kiddie pool for the little ones! The private elevator, cushy interiors, and skilled servers at the villa will make your stay as smooth as possible!

No. of guests: 10-15

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Juniper!

3. SaffronStays Happy Fields, Pune

A quick drive from Pune city will get you to this paradise-like escape, a luxury villa surrounded by farms as far as the eye can see. Stunning sunsets aside, this farmhouse offers peaceful hours on a swing with a cup of chai, a delicious farm-to-table experience, joyful memories of interacting with cows, hens, and goats, as well as a glass ceiling in the attic for stargazing. Tempting, isn’t it!

No. of guests: 6-9

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Happy Fields!

4. SaffronStays The Amlyn, Manali

Need a break from the city? Head up to the freezing mountains in North India to get as far away from noisy streets and smoggy air as possible. The sleek wooden interiors create a cosy cabin-like vibe while tasteful furnishings keep you as comfortable as a luxury hotel. It even has a hot tub pool for the ultimate relaxation. Whether you’re looking for adventure or unwinding, this villa has it all!

No. of guests: 6-18

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays The Amlyn!

5. SaffronStays El Sueno, Mukteshwar

At this lovely Uttarakhand holiday destination, you can see the beauty of nature come alive right in front of your eyes. Cycle through the verdant wilderness or walk through the farm, let bird calls become your music, and bright skies feast your eyes. As the sun sets, head back to the quaint wood and stone cottage to make more memories with your loved ones, maybe even by a bonfire!

No. of guests: 4-6

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays El Sueno!

6. SaffronStays Elysian, Dehradun

This modern bungalow in Dehradun is ideal for staycations, supplied with high internet speeds to keep track of emails and a fireplace for curling up with a book on chilly nights. Hand-picked decor and artefacts furnish this private villa for rent, creating a positive vibe you won’t feel like leaving. On sunny days, you can step out on the lawn for a lovely picnic lunch. To top it all, this villa is also pet friendly, so you don’t need to be away from your favourite furry friend! 

No. of guests: 4-8

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Elysian!

7. Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

With sprawling outdoor lounge areas, elegant interiors, a pool and poolside bar, as well as finger-licking delicacies for every meal, SaffronStays Casa Del Palms is a complete holiday package. This mini-resort-like homestay is where your family can play sports and board games, chat over drinks, dance on the lawn, unwind in the pool, and fill up those phones with tons and tons of photos! We can promise you’ll be smiling in each and every one of those. 

No. of guests: 8-12

Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms!

8. SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms, Coorg

Step away from screens and skyscrapers and indulge in a rustic lifestyle at this private villa for rent in Karnataka. With a holiday on this beautiful coffee estate, you can feel the grass beneath your feet, gaze at the lake’s serene waters and let go of all your worries. The heritage home’s traditional red tiles and antique-style furniture will be a refreshing break from your usual surroundings. 

No. of guests: 6-10
Book your dream vacation at SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms!

You have visited our existing homes. Loved them! Enjoyed our services. Now, it’s your time to rejoice in our new homes. SaffronStays is now expanding and bringing you new homes across India. So, what are you waiting for? Book your favourite villa for your preferred date before somebody else does!

Head this way to do so.

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