8 Charming Spots To Enjoy The Ultimate Hillside Cafe Experience

Holidays in the mountains are just out of the ordinary. Chilly winds, snowy mountains and mesmerizing valleys have a singular beauty of their own. But these chilly winds are much better appreciated with a hot cup of tea. The hilly landscapes feel all the more beautiful while relishing zesty momos. Steaming soupy noodles make you truly enjoy the local views. Here are ten hill station cafes in North India that should be on your bucket list!

1. ChirpingTales Cafe and Restaurant, Mukteshwar

SaffronStays El Sueno, Mukteshwar

Local produce, homegrown vegetables, and self-baked bread make up the delicacies at this enchanting eatery. Imagine soaking in views of snow-capped mountains while a cup of hot chocolate warms you up. While SaffronStays El Sueno is a perfectly dreamy staycation destination in itself, head to this nearby restaurant for some of the best desserts of your life!

2. Seegreen Cafe, Mussoorie

SaffronStays Maison Calme, Mussoorie

Set apart from the bustle of the main city, this quaint cafe gives you a view of the quiet beauty of the hills. A short drive from SaffronStays Maison Calme, this hidden gem has a serene outdoor seating area that overlooks a sea of trees, an ideal vantage point from where you can relish their warm meals made from locally sourced ingredients. A special mention to their hand-tossed pizza and ginger lemon tea!

3. Chhaya Cafe, Dehradun

SaffronStays Amaani, Dehradun

Whether you want to unwind with a book amidst the hills or spend a memorable evening with friends, this cafe is the place for you. The astounding views of the valley seen from the bay windows and the terrace make the delicious meals even more satisfying. Watch the city’s lights  come alive as it gets dark at this hill station cafe, and then head to SaffronStays Amaani for a good night’s rest. 

4. Cafe Jungle Valley, Tirthan Valley

SaffronStays Tragopan, Tirthan Valley

For those who love going to places off the beaten track, head to this quirky eatery in the lesser-known parts of Himachal Pradesh. You can enjoy local and standard cuisines, sitting on mattresses under the soft light from rattan lampshades. You can take a long, scenic drive from SaffronStays Tragopan to get here, by which time your heart will be full and your stomach will be rumbling. 

5. Roots, Cafe, Kullu

SaffronStays Snowdrop, Kullu

Staying at warm, homely cabins in the mountains like SaffronStays Snowdrop can be a holiday by itself. But if you do feel like heading out, then take a short drive to Roots, Cafe. At this bistro, you’ll be met by a breath-taking view of Kullu valley and the meandering Beas river. Seat yourself among blue furnishings and bright cushions, as you enjoy their signature trout delicacy right under a gorgeous winter sky!

6. Café de Piccolo, Dehradun

SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, Dehradun

A cute and vibrantly decorated restaurant, Café de Piccolo is the perfect spot for a family dinner. As dusk falls, this dollhouse-like cafe lights up in a show of warmth and welcome. After settling in at a villa like SaffronStays Ghughuti Ku Baasa, you can set off for your first night in the hills with a scrumptious Italian meal at this cafe. Don’t miss out on their Nutella and banana crepe for dessert!

7. First Gear Cafe, Dehradun

SaffronStays Elysian, Dehradun

Named after the fact that cars must go up the steep slope in first gear to reach this cafe, this hilltop eatery comes with a spellbinding view. This bird’s eye perspective creates one of those few magical holiday moments, made infinitely better by steaming bowls of Maggi and lip-smacking momos. The long but beautiful drive from SaffronStays Elysian is totally worth it!

8. The Lazy Dog, Manali

The Amlyn, Manali

The vine covered entrance of this hill station cafe looks like a portal to another world. And with its treasure trove of good food, live music and friendly locals, this cafe and bar truly is a traveller’s paradise. The adjacent murmuring river makes for a stunning outdoor view that you’ll want to keep coming back to. If so, choose SaffronStays The Amlyn, which is just a few minutes away! 

A mix of popular tourist spots and offbeat dining rooms, each of these cafes has a charm of its own. After all, holidays in North India are incomplete without a visit to cosy hill station cafes. So, put these in your itinerary and get packing!

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