Turn Your Weekend into a Mini Holiday at these 10 Villas

SaffronStays The Glasshouse, Panchgani is an ideal weekend getaway choice for couples

Surrounded by deadlines and to-do lists, we spend most of our busy lives waiting for the weekend. But what if your two-day respite could turn into a full-blown holiday? With weekend getaways at SaffronStays villas, your Saturday and Sunday will feel like long, blissful vacations packed with scrumptious food, plush beds, and greenery. Check out these 10 private villas for weekend getaways!

1. SaffronStays The Glasshouse, Panchgani

This sleek bungalow with glass walls that makes you feel at one with the surrounding foliage is perfect for a couple. With the option of soothing yoga sessions on the lawn or fruit picking in the orchards, a peaceful nature’s retreat awaits one here. Couples will find this intimate villa for weekend getaways an ideal choice and find new ways to bond and spend precious time together. 
No. of guests: 2
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays The Glasshouse

2. SaffronStays Casa Tranquil, Panchgani

Whether you are a small family looking for a quiet escape or a group of friends seeking a private villa, this charming holiday home in Panchgani is an ideal choice. This home features a swimming pool, indoor games like table tennis and carrom, and a bonfire service to keep you warm. You can end your days with a drink on the terrace equipped with an indoor bar and stunning views!
No. of guests: 4-12
Book your holiday now: SaffronStays Casa Tranquil 

3. SaffronStays RedFields By Venna River, Mahabaleshwar

This gorgeous modern villa near Mumbai sits in the middle of lush strawberry fields, with mountains fringing the edges and the orange paint on its walls, creating a warm welcome. Elegant wooden furnishings greet you inside while the windows look upon the sparkling Venna river. This serene villa will feed you locally sourced food, entertain you, comfort you, and wrap you up in luxuries. 
No. of guests: 6-12
Book your holiday now: SaffronStays RedFields By Venna River

4. SaffronStays Aatman, Mahabaleshwar

Want to feel like you own a private estate in Mahabaleshwar? At SaffronStays Aatman, you will. A sprawling farmhouse that also offers the unique opportunity to stay in glamping luxury tents, this beautiful location gives you space, space and more space. Airy rooms, chic outdoor seating areas and a dining experience under the boughs of a Jamun tree will leave your weekend feeling as special as can be. 

No. of guests: 8-15

Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Aatman

5. SaffronStays Sylvan Meadows, Mahabaleshwar

Use your weekend to escape the heat and head to the hills. This luxury villa in Mahabaleshwar will make a refreshing change from the walls of your home, providing you with cosy mornings in the chilly air, evenings on the lawn with hot chai and your loved ones, and moments of total relaxation in the heated jacuzzi. Let this 6-bedroom villa create the perfect weekend getaway for you!
No. of guests: 6-18
Book your holiday now: SaffronStays Sylvan Meadows

6. SaffronStays Red Brick House, Panchgani

Set aside all your worries from the week and enjoy a weekend at this Panchgani bungalow, a perfect blend of vintage vibes and modern furnishings. A charming place to escape your work and chores, our highly trained staff at this home will ensure you don’t have even to lift a finger. Simply gorge on local delicacies, explore the surrounding orchards or spend hours lazing on the swing.
No. of guests: 8
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Red Brick House

7. SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar

The balcony of this expansive villa is where you’ll want to spend all your weekends gazing at the infinite view of rolling hills and lush forests. When the sun dips, sip on a cup of coffee as you enjoy the shifting hues of the sky. Get your pets along to this dreamy villa for weekend getaways and let them savour the cool air. They might even enjoy chasing the butterflies and birds of all colours on the lawn!
No. of guests: 2-15
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Horizon 360°

8. SaffronStays Tudor Rose, Panchgani

Furnished with ornate draping and intricately carved wooden interiors, every nook of this chalet will make you go ‘wow’. You’ll find yourself transported into an old-timey world, allowing you to truly disconnect from life. Soak in the pool all day, immerse in the views of Panchgani valley and rest amongst comfy sofas and lounge chairs with a drink in your hand. Tempted, yet? 
No. of guests: 10-12
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Tudor Rose

9. SaffronStays Sky Abode, Panchgani

Long-awaited school reunions and large celebrations with families should be hosted in places that match the grandeur of the occasion — like this large 7-bedroom villa with an elevated location that offers a spellbinding view. With the spacious lawn, a luxurious plunge pool, and a lip-smacking barbecue, this private villa near Mumbai is ideal for an unforgettable weekend!
No. of guests: 8-21
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Sky Abode

10. SaffronStays Aurelia, Panchgani

Do you want to wake up to a mesmerising view of Panchgani’s valley? Sip on your chai and spot a peacock meandering a garden? Recharge your soul with the singular beauty of mountains that lay right at your doorstep? Choose SaffronStays Aurelia, an enchanting pet-friendly estate where you can unwind, play games and create unforgettable new memories.
No. of guests: 6-9
Book your mini-holiday now: SaffronStays Aurelia

Blissful holidays at these villas for weekend getaways will let you rest and rejuvenate yourself, keeping those batteries charged for the next week!

Are you more of a beach person than a mountain person? We’ve got you covered!


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