8 Quick Skills To Pick Up This SaffronStays Sunday

Time and tide wait for no one. Nor does work and the endless tasks that take us from one week to the next, without giving us the mindspace to indulge in what we love. Work is fuelled by creative thinking, and creativity is fuelled by skills that explore all our faculties, from the mental faculty of thought to that of our hands that make things. Come let’s find out all of the easy quick skills we can pick up this SaffronStays Sundays and explore all the hidden creativity within us.


One of the most basic of skills, stitching requires plenty of hand-eye coordination and is very handy to repair torn, worn clothes thus lending to the sustainability idea. This task needs basic needle and threads, and once begun can graduate into quilting, hand embroidery and several advanced techniques.


Pottery making does require practice, but doing it is akin to meditation as many often say. Moulding clay or mud into a functional object does require a wheel and some deft handwork, but the reward in holding something you’ve made cannot be compared to anything that is bought.


Growing up watching carpenters craft furniture out of wood, it can seem daunting to take up this skill. But beginning with small wood work can make the process easier. Wood working is a great skill to learn given the myraid ways it can come handy in and around the home.


Doodling and scribbling were once considered a past-time, and now have become serious professions in their own right. The art of illustrating is slow, meditative and very creatively satisfying, helping you in many aspects of your work and life. All it needs is patience and concentration.


Not all of us are born with green thumbs, but there’s no harm in trying especially when a spot of green is all that we sometimes need living in concrete jungles. Gather a few pots, soil mixture, seeds and spend some time watching plants germinate, grow and bear fruit.


A hobby which has converted into serious business for a few, the art of baking needs the coming together of ingredients in right proportions to create magic – cakes, biscuits, bakes and more. Try your hand at it, despite the consequences and you’ll get more confident as you bake and grow.


Hitting, moulding, twisting, crafting, metal work requires a set of simple and complex tooling, but you can begin small. Make photo frames, keychains, jewelry with small metals and as you see beautiful pieces come alive in your hands, you will graduate into bigger things.


So simple is this and yet so profound are its benefits. Journaling just requires you to pen down your thoughts and feelings everyday. At first it might seem like a chore, but as you progress you’ll notice patterns emerge, understand thoughts and feelings, bring more clarity and perspective into your life.

Simple aren’t they all? Quick activities you can do, skills once learnt that can trigger your mind, bring out your creativity, and last you a lifetime. Which of these skills do you know and which are you going to be exploring today??

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