Locations Around India To Rent Out for Photoshoots!

Top 10 Locations Around India To Rent Out For Photoshoots

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And don’t we all want our Instagram feeds to look just perfect? Whether it be pre-wedding photoshoots or a simple staycation, when it comes to the perfect “Instagram-worthy” picture, that moment translates into carefully chosen cozy interiors, coffee tables, enviable wall art, and a serene backdrop! Well, say no more because SaffronStays has got you covered! We give you our Top 10 homes to have photoshoots at to frame your memories the right way.

pre-wedding shoots

So come, be the influencer/ blogger/ vlogger or even a social media enthusiast you always wanted to be at these #InstagramWorthy getaways throughout India.

SaffronStays Adora Forest Hills, Alibaug

Reminiscent of classic Portuguese – Goan villas, this home is engulfed in landscapes of greenery and lush coconut groves also boasts of a massive pool with a shallow end. So take out your phones and bring them #poolfies out! Here are some of the best spots to have photoshoots at while on your stay here!

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SaffronStays Villa 270°, Dapoli

This sea-facing villa in Dapoli, Maharashtra is nothing short of “ Instagram-worthy” spots! Perched on a cliff in Harnai, SaffronStays Villa 270° has 5 stunning cottages set against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. Whether it be the rustic interiors or beachside views, this weekend getaway near Alibaug offers you relaxing times with your loved ones. Make the most of these moments and let your gang know too!

Here are some of the best spots for photoshoots you should not miss out on while on your stay here!

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SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, Hejamady

Moving down towards the south, SaffronStays Ocean Pearl has elegantly appointed interiors in a traditional tone that truly personifies timelessness. This beachfront weekend getaway is a treat to the eye and helps one relax by the waters surrounding this home. Wouldn’t you want to let the whole world know the joys of having a home amidst the serene backwaters? Get ready to free your phone and camera space as we show you picturesque spots to have photoshoots at this weekend getaway from Mangalore.

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SaffronStays Riversong, Kerala

Known for being a couple-getaway, this home is located on a 2-acre private island. Doesn’t this fact give you enough reason to take your loved ones for a quick trip here? Imagine picturesque backdrops, the bliss of a warm sunrise, your hot morning coffee while on the swing being captured and stored in your treasure chest forever!

Utter bliss right? So let your inner blogger out and have photoshoots at these places while on your stay here.

SaffronStays Maleya Manor, Karnataka

 What’s a villa in the south without coffee plantations by the side? Named after the super-hit Kannada musical romantic drama film, Mungaru Male, SaffronStays Maleya Manor, Karnataka is sure to make you forget the sunflower fields of DDLJ!

Think lush green trees, old school chandeliers, big swings, huge coffee plantations and much more which is captivating to the eye! This weekend getaway in Kerala has to offer you all sorts of photoshoots one can imagine.

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SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik

Hey Mumbaikars and Punekars! We haven’t forgotten you yet. With pleasant weather, lush green backdrops, and scenic roads, Nashik is the perfect place to plan your road trip to.

Pretty sure your photoshoots will start the moment you start your journey.
Overlooking the Gautami dam reservoir and stunning vineyard and valley views, SaffronStays Parnakuti offers a soothing escape to relax and rejuvenate.

P.s Even the winners of fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 had their photoshoots here!

fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 winners at SaffronStays Parnakuti, Nashik

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SaffronStays Casa Blanca, Karjat

A luxurious farmhouse in Karjat with spacious outdoors and beautifully crafted interiors is where you should be heading for artistic photoshoots! A piece of art can drastically change the feel of a home. This weekend getaway is definitely a treasure for art lovers!

Watch out for these spots where you can have your photoshoots while on your stay here.

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SaffronStays One Tree Farm, Karjat

Nestled amidst the greens of Karjat, SaffronStays One Tree Farm is a treat for all the nature lovers! Let out your inner Nature Photography skills and show them off with photoshoots at this home. 
Explore the surroundings as the caretaker takes you on a tour of the farm. Rich with lemon trees, mango trees, vegetables like ladyfinger, tomatoes and much more, it is time to get in touch with the roots. Literally! Isn’t this just the perfect weekend getaway you would want?

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SaffronStays Elgin Hall, Himachal Pradesh

Hello Upper North-siders! Fret not, we haven’t missed out on you. They say you keep the best for the last. With a legacy of more than 100 years, SaffronStays Elgin Hall carries you back to a regal era. It’s classy vintage vibes, chandeliers, and magenta-colored chairs give you enough reasons to gather your troops for amazing photoshoots.

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SaffronStays Amayaah Tara and Palash, Uttarakhand

Situated at the foothills of Himalaya, SaffronStays Amayaah Tara and Palash are perched on a hilltop that overlooks the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganga river valley. Take out your cameras and capture the scenic views that come hand in hand while on your stay with us here.

Here are some spots and views that you shouldn’t miss out on while doing your photoshoots.

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In short, tell a story through your photoshoots, add more life to that space and frame your memories forever. Haven’t you started booking your home already? What are you waiting for?

Make your Instagram feed worth showing off!

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