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Picture this: Lush tress all around, rivers brimming with water, birds flitting around against a dramatic sky and the pitter-patter of raindrops against your car’s window. Reminiscent of a road trip with your family, is it not? With the monsoons, a sense of wanderlust is imminent. The urge to travel to exotic locales, try mouth-watering cuisines and cherish every moment spent together with your family, even if it’s just over one weekend, can be overwhelming. Yet, instead of acting upon those urges and heading out for a getaway, we delay the plan for another time. And the main reason, more often than not, is a senior family member who, due to mobility constraints does not wish to burden himself/ herself, or the family members during that long journey.

To break these very shackles, Ezy Mov, India’s premier wheelchair accessible cab company was conceived. Founded by Rrajesh Patil, Romeo Ravva, and Bennet D’Cunha in 2015, Ezy Mov had only one objective in mind: To ensure a dignified mode of transport for all those with limited mobility through a technically advanced fleet of cabs fitted with world class equipment like hydraulic lifts and wheelchair restraint systems driven by a team of professional and courteous drivers. Much like Ezy Mov, other platforms like Enable Travel and ENAT ensure a comfortable and honourable travel experience for individuals with access hindrances.

Reclaiming Freedom

Having one’s independency and freedom snatched away is a difficult obstacle to overcome. By accepting accessible transport, travellers both young and old can head out to their favourite spots, stress-free. Be it permanent or temporary, respite from being someone’s responsibility is empowering in its own stance. Ezy Mov’s vehicles ensure that a patient or traveller reaches his/ her destination sans any external help.

Gratitude for the Teachings

We are always trying to honour the toils and troubles our parents went through to raise us. A vacation away from the noise and din is something any senior citizen would appreciate. A number of SaffronStays homes have been designed to ease access for those who may face ascent or descent complications. A holiday package, gifted to your dear ones would be the ideal form of gratitude, wouldn’t it? After all, we too promote inclusive holidays where the entire family bonds!

Here are some of the homes SaffronStays recommends for those with mobility restrictions:

SaffronStays L’attitude, Kamshet

When rest and relaxation is on your mind, SaffronStays L’attitude is the place to be at. Nestled in the hills of Kamshet, Maharashtra, this uber-luxurious home has been designed with comfort of accessibility as the highest priority. With no steps at the entrance of the home, open access to the balcony overlooking a gorgeous lake, and two bedrooms on the ground floor, L’attitude is a must visit. This monsoon, head over with your family and friends for an inclusive vacation, and enjoy the 108 lush trees around the property in all their grandeur.

Accessibility Quotient: 10/10

SaffronStays Little Paradise, Murud

Save the 2 steps to get into the home at SaffronStays Little Paradise, the beachfront cottages are a perfect getaway. With a manicured lawn, pathway to the beach, and a tranquil porch, everyone can now enjoy a stay by the sea.

Accessibility Quotient: 8/10

SaffronStays Bliss, Mulshi Road

With 2 bedrooms, a home theatre and a pool all on the ground floor, SaffronStays Bliss can be the place your family and friends head out to next. Close to Pune city, Bliss, Bhugaon proves for soothing weekday visits too. So close to the metros, accessible by all, and equipped with amenities. Need we say more?

Accessibility Quotient: 8/10

SaffronStays 9 Palms, Alibaug

How often have your parents’ Bridge-playing buddies made a plan to head out of the city for a vacation? Gift them that perfect holiday at SaffronStays 9 Palms, Alibaug and help them cherish unforgettable memories. Home-cooked meals, vast lawns and a pool to while away a lazy afternoon is what we all crave for, don’t we?

Accessibility Quotient: 7/10

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