Pocket-friendly Villas in Alibaug & Around

A small coastal town located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Alibaug is well-renowned for its beaches, landscapes and villas. The state of Maharashtra has a lot to offer to visitors and following the trend, Alibaug is one of the ideal places to spend a vacation or just go on tour. It can often get confusing to choose the right play to stay as it can massively influence your holiday experience. SaffronStays offer you a plethora of good options to choose from. You can browse through some of the most luxurious villas that are well-suited to your needs and purposes. SaffronStays focuses on providing you with the ideal place for accommodation, making sure that you have a seamless experience. The following are some of the most popular pocket-friendly villas in Alibaug that you must plan your next getaway at:

Villas in Alibaug
SaffronStays Athaang, Dapoli

SaffronStays Thalassea, Alibaug

SaffronStays Thalassea is a 3-bedroom private villa that is located on the Thai beach. The place is ideal for weekend getaways as this one-of-a-kind villa offers fiery sunsets and features an amalgamation of repurposed decor. Thalassea is the perfect place for pre-wedding celebrations, beach parties and family stays. The villa is also equipped with all the modern amenities including Wi-Fi service, Genset and ensuite bathrooms. You can also bring in outside food if you prefer it.

SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug

Nestled in the authentic charm of the Baug, the SaffronStays Minerva is just half an hour away from Kihim Beach. It is a 4-bedroom private villa that is equipped with a pool flaunting a huge lawn area. There is a spiral staircase leading you to the first level which has two bedrooms with separate balconies. The villa also has a professionally trained chef that makes some of the most lip-smacking meals that you have ever eaten, using local ingredients. The property is pet-friendly and well-suited for children too.

SaffronStays Beach Blues, Alibaug

SaffronStays Beach Blues is a private villa in Alibaug, featuring four bedrooms and a private pool. The property also features neatly trimmed lawns along with a swing facing the pool. The enchanted scene is complemented by bougainvillea flowers that add to the pop-themed decor of this beautiful property. You can avail yourself of some of the most mouth-watering delicacies that are made by the in-house chef.

SaffronStays Areca Villa, Alibaug

Surrounded by greenery and lush lawns, SaffronStays Areca Villa is one of the most peaceful locations in Alibaug. It features four bedrooms and is only 12 minutes away from the Mandwa jetty. Ideal for family getaways and celebrations, enjoy karaoke nights with your gang, relish home-cooked meals and indulge in some indoor games in your very own private space.

SaffronStays Nishta, Alibaug

A four-bedroom pet-friendly private villa, the SaffronStays Nishta is a pocket-friendly luxury home near Mandwa Jetty. Featuring charming interiors and expansive outdoors, the private pool villa gives guests the perfect opportunity to celebrate togetherness. You can find all the required amenities at this property including air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and ensuite bathrooms. The villa also features a private swimming pool to make sure the guests can chill and relax during their stay. The location is ideal for cocktail parties, college reunions and birthday celebrations.

SaffronStays Salt Rim On The Beach, Korlai

Offering you a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea from your verandah, the SaffronStays Salt Rim On The Beach is one of the best places to stay in Alibaug. It is a 2-bedroom villa that is situated on Korlai Beach in Kashid, Alibaug. Salt Rim is a pet-friendly private villa that offers Goan-Portuguese-influenced charms. You can walk through the lawns and climb a flight of stairs to reach the living room. It opens up into a beach-facing verandah which will give you the best view of sunsets over the horizon.

SaffronStays Solaris, Nagaon

Another beautiful property located in the coastal town of Nagaon, the SaffronStays Solaris is one of the bigger properties to stay at. Featuring six bedrooms, the property is suitable to accommodate two to three families or a large friend circle at once. The property also features a cosy play area that also includes a slide and a swing.

SaffronStays Sunglade, Kashid

SaffronStays Sunglade is a4-bedroom home situated atop a hillock, on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary. With beautiful interiors, the massive property is skirted by a stream and forests. The food served in this place is made by the in-house kitchen staff. They use the best ingredients and years of experience to provide you with some of the most mouth-watering dishes that you ever had. The private villa for rent also has a jacuzzi for you to dive into. You can also spend your time reading on the swings, playing board games or taking a walk to the beach.

SaffronStays Little Paradise, Murud

SaffronStays Little Paradise comprises three couple-friendly wooden cabins including Lotus, Tulip and Orchid. These pet-friendly huts are tucked away from the city chaos. All three of these huts offer a magnificent view of the sea and are surrounded by greenery. The in-house cook is known to prepare some of the most delicious Konkani meals with a Bengali twist.

SaffronStays Adora Woods & Hills, Murud

SaffronStays Adora Woods and Hills is a 4-bedroom private villa that is best suited for family and friends. The villa is nestled in the quaint town of Murud. The location is best known for its beaches and the local seafood cuisine. The property features a large pool for adults and it also has a small one for your children. There is also an outdoor shower area and a private-seating area beside these pools. Both the bedrooms on the first floor feature separate balconies and ensuite bathrooms. From birthdays to anniversaries, the pool villa is one of the best properties to celebrate life.

SaffronStays Sanskriti, Kashid

Featuring a traditional architectural style, SaffronStays Sanskriti is a 4-bedroom villa that is located close to Kashid Beach. The villa features a traditional entrance, a skylight roof window and innumerable antiques. Every decoration piece present in this private villa has a story to tell. The living room of this villa overlooks lush green lawns and a temple which gives it the vibe of a typical Kerala-style home. The two bedrooms present on the first floor feature separate balconies and give you a good view of the nearby surroundings.

SaffronStays Serene Retreat, Alibaug

Situated in the beautiful village of Nagaon in Alibaug, SaffronStays Serene Retreat is a room that has been constructed out of glass that offers a stunning 270-degree view of the nearby hills and farms. This beautiful holiday home is surrounded by an organic farm and is one of the ideal locations to spend some quality time with your family friends or colleagues.

SaffronStays The Forest, Alibaug

Located right in the middle of the woods, SaffronStays The Forest has been featured by India Times as one of the best pet-friendly villas in the country. It is a 4-bedroom pool villa that features an open-air bathroom providing you with the entire alfresco shower experience. The amazing ambience and the hospitality make it ideal for a family getaway or a small friend’s outing.

SaffronStays properties in Alibaug provide you with a luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime experience. They make your stay better by providing you with all the necessary amenities and facilities required during your stay. Most of the homestays are located close to beaches and clubs to make sure that you are within the distance of the most popular attractions in the city. So, wait no more and host unforgettable celebrations and offsites with your groups, while being easy on your pockets!

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