Best Homestays In South India For Couples & Small Families

Everybody dreams of a relaxing getaway in the middle of nature with their loved ones, complete with ideal weather and all the comforts of home. You even get your own private small villa to yourself, adding to the ambience of the setting. A homestay is perfect for a romantic getaway like a honeymoon or anniversary; and a private homestay with everything you need, would make for a great vacation! Home to the pristine backwaters, expansive tea and coffee estates and rich, dense greenery, below are our handpicked choices of the best cottages and homestays in South India for couples and small families to book for a memorable trip with your loved ones or a romantic getaway for two.

Homestays in South India

  1. SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate (Heritage Suites), Ooty

This is a traditional British colonial estate house dating back to the 19th century, located in the Nilgiris area of Tamil Nadu. It features two separate suites that harken back to a bygone period and are decorated in warm and inviting wood.

The home, which has a fragrance of yesteryear, is set on a 4.5-acre estate surrounded by verdant foliage and only a 3-hour drive from Coimbatore Airport. It is an ideal retreat away from the chaos of city life.
Upon entering, you will find a classic sitting room that overlooks the estate’s lovely grounds.

Perfect for a family, the Milton Abbott (Heritage Suites) is a 2-bedroom suite with a shared bathroom and relaxing views of the beautiful grounds. Enjoy a stroll through the serene meadows or along the Golf Course, meditate on your yoga mat in the garden, drink coffee while relaxing in the garden, cuddle up with your loved ones next to the fireplace, or cook up a storm in an open kitchen and share it with everyone.

  1. SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate (Heritage Family Room), Ooty

It is a well-maintained private homestay from the 19th century that is located amidst the breathtaking landscape of Ooty, often known as the Queen of Hill Stations. This is the perfect place for a cosy and historic escape, and it is well suited for couples and small families searching for a vacation together. The home, with its old-world elegance, is surrounded by beautiful greenery. It is located close to Coimbatore Airport, making it an ideal retreat from the rush and bustle of city life.

As soon as you go through the house’s front door, you are greeted with a charming sitting room that provides a view of the estate’s verdant grounds. You will find an old-fashioned living area with rustic decor, as well as a bedroom with two king-size mattresses and a shared bathroom. This hideaway is an ideal family villa with plenty of room and stunning natural views.

Do you find yourself daydreaming about spacious, lush settings that are close to nature? Take some time to sit back, relax, and take in the untouched beauty of the natural world while you listen to the soothing songs of the birds.

  1. SaffronStays Milton Abbott Estate (Heritage Room), Ooty

This home, which dates back to the colonial era, is the ideal place to go when one needs to get away from the stresses of the city. This home, which is only a few hour’s drive from the Coimbatore Airport, is spread across a huge estate and enveloped by dense and healthy foliage; it captivates the attention of anybody who steps inside.

You will feel as though you have stepped back in time as soon as you enter and take a seat in the lovely sitting room. The Heritage Room is one of the best villas for couples due to its privacy and charming views of the beautiful grounds.

You may go on a romantic walk in the meadows with your significant other, play golf with your brothers and sisters, reminisce about your childhood while sipping coffee, or satiate your appetite with a delicious home-cooked feast. In addition, you may relax and refocus your energy with a yoga or meditation session, have a cup of tea in the beautiful gardens, and share your favourite tunes with friends and family around the bonfire.

  1. SaffronStays The Periaheights, Wayanad

This is a private, small villa surrounded by the beautiful greens oFf Wayanad that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and tea gardens, making it ideal for romantic getaways or family vacations.

As you enter this bright and airy residence, you’ll get a sense of calm and serenity while yet being able to observe the goings-on of the plantation. There are two bedrooms on the ground level, both of which have private bathrooms. It doesn’t matter where in the house you are, and you’ll always have a view of the surrounding hills and be able to hear the chirping of the local birdlife.

In the morning, get up and take a walk around the estate so you may see and learn about the plantation’s daily routine. The mansion perfectly captures the essence of “God’s Own Country.” Relax in the rose garden, eyes closed, while the youngsters run wild in the centre of nature.

You may go on a thrilling hike in the nearby hills, unwind in a treehouse in the middle of a tea or coffee plantation, or take a free tour of the estate. If you’re tired, you may take a nap in the air-conditioned rooms, read a book in the library, or play badminton or board games with the family.

  1. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam (Netravathi), Udupi

Spend a memorable weekend here with your loved one or your family; it’s unlike anywhere else in Udupi. This river island estate offers a peaceful atmosphere, thanks to the serenity of the Suvarna River. The four villas that the estate consists of are Suvarna Shambhavi, Suvarna Sharavathi, Suvarna Netravathi and Suvarna Vedavathi.

The Netravathi room is a ground-floor suite with a large balcony and an attached bathroom that can accommodate four people. The room’s natural decor is complemented by a view of the stunning palm trees and the Suvarna River. If you want to get some fresh air first thing in the morning, head out on the enormous verandah.

Take advantage of your time in Suvarna by renting the owner’s speedboat for a little fee and experiencing the area’s backwaters at your own pace.

  1. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam (Sharavathi), Udupi

This is a one-of-a-kind spot in Udupi where you can spend a fantastic weekend with your partner or your family. Situated on an island in the middle of the Suvarna River, lined by tall palm trees, this place provides a tranquil setting. Suvarna Shambhavi, Suvarna Sharavathi, Suvarna Netravathi, and Suvarna Vedavathi are the names of the four riverfront villas that make up this estate.

Sharavathi, located on the first floor, is a deluxe room with an attached bathroom that can comfortably accommodate up to three guests. The accommodation has cosy furnishings and a view of the scenic Suvarna River.

There is a shared kitchen, living room, and an ensuite bathroom for all guests in each villa. You can enjoy an intimate dinner with your loved one on the private terrace while gazing at the picturesque vistas of the backwaters.

  1. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam (Shambhavi), Udupi

This unique place serves as one of Udupi’s best villas for couples. It is established on a river island bordered by the Suvarna River and tall coconut trees. The airport in Mangalore is just a few hours away, while the main railway station is about 6 kilometres away.

This estate consists of four river-facing deluxe rooms. A distance of around 100 metres separates the two small villas, but they manage to exude a single, cosy atmosphere despite their physical separation.

When you first enter this place, you’ll be mesmerised by the stunning rooms reflecting Mangalorian architecture, the aesthetic interior, and the Suvarna River’s amazing panorama.
Shambhavi, one of the deluxe rooms in this small villa, is located on the ground level and has a private bathroom that is large enough to accommodate three people.

  1. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam (Vedavathi), Udupi

Located on a huge river island surrounded by the Suvarna River on its three sides and adorned by towering coconut palms, this Udupi villa is a unique option for a weekend trip. From Mangalore Airport, it is 90 minutes, and from Udupi Railway Station, it is 25 minutes (about 6 kilometres).

The estate consists of a collection of four rooms with river views; these rooms are called Shambhavi, Sharavathi, Netravathi and Vedavathi, thoughtfully named after the four rivers that come together to form the confluence.

When you enter this estate, you are immediately captivated by the stunning Mangalore tiles on the roofs, the traditional interiors, and the amazing views of the Suvarna River.

Vedavathi cottage, which is separate from the rest of the cluster, features a luxury room with an attached bathroom, suitable for up to three guests. The room has natural wood furnishings and a view of the tropical palms outside.

These homestays in South India, which are both breathtakingly gorgeous and tucked away in private locations, are ideal for getting away from it all amidst the enchanted landscapes. Plan your long-pending trips and celebrations today!

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