Navratri 2022: What Adds The Saffron To SaffronStays?

The one question that has never faded away is why “Saffron” Stays. On the auspicious occasion of celebrating the seventh day of Navratri 2022, the day celebrated with Orange, we thought we should reveal our little secret.  A little insight into our world; what puts the Saffron in SaffronStays.

Navratri 2022
SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Drawing inspiration from not only the colour but also the spice that holds its importance all over South Asia and large parts of Asia, Saffron (well known as Kesar in India) is very delicate, to be plucked by hand and kept intact. A tiresome process which makes one appreciate it even more. 

A philosophy we adopt while choosing the best villas, estates and homes that eventually become a part of our Family.

Sight in your eyes, vision in your mind!

SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.

Bernard Williams

The rich crimson of Saffron, which transforms into a subtle yet vibrant shade of orange as it imprints itself where used, is a soothing sight to behold…much like the way you’d witness the golden sun dipping over the hills or the verdant valleys and dense greenery, enveloping itself around our stunning villas. 

A colour that pops; something, you will notice in every home with us in our logo and branding.

Fun Fact: Check out our SaffronStays Logo. The five saffron strands denote your special family, equal, hand-in-hand, together. Did you know that there is a small home hidden inside our logo?  It’s an Easter egg.

Smells trigger such vivid memories

SaffronStays Windermere, Lonavala

Our sharpest memories are shaped by our sense of smell.  A whiff of a certain flower or the first rains hitting the rapidly drying grass, brings back memories of your childhood, playing in your backyard as a 6-year-old. The memories that come flooding back to you are a happy side effect of the way your brain is wired.  We zeroed in on precisely this aspect of the spice.

Take a slow, long whiff… you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the aroma that’s subtle yet powerful enough to take you down memory lane of all the times you watched your old folks light up an agarbatti, used the oil to keep yourself warm through the harsh colds, or watched the pandits use the chandan and kesar paste in their temples; all associated with peace, warmth and bringing in a sense of togetherness. And when you enter such sacred spaces of togetherness, you will remember SaffronStays.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you’ll be welcomed with subtle traces of saffron at every villa with us? Psst… smell the shampoos and shower gels carefully, on your next stay 🙂  Yes, we hacked your brain.

Tastes that remind you of a simpler life

SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Perhaps a part of the spice that each of us connects to the most: the soft, sweet taste it adds to your childhood favourite masala milk, the flavourful zaffran biryani, the creamy shrikhand that perfectly wraps up every meal or the hot cup of chai that makes your day. 

With the same enthusiasm, we bring to you home-fresh delicacies from locally sourced ingredients that are handcrafted to your tastes and preferences and graciously served to you and your loved ones.

If used sparingly; just in the right place at the right time, Saffron creates unparalleled magic that makes three of your five senses come alive, and helps imprint and recall memories created at a SaffronStays home.

So whenever you stayed with us, however long back you stayed with us; #SaffronStaysWithYou.

About us:

We go to extreme lengths, to handpick India’s hidden gems, away from the chaos of city life, to find villas, homestays, and estates, with breathtaking views, gorgeous aesthetics and the right home-like vibe, all within driving distance from your city.

We are challenging and redefining the very concept of luxury in hospitality; shifting the narrative from chandeliers, chocolates and caviar to privacy, panoramas and patios.

SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

So, who are we? A hospitality startup born out of a deep desire of our Founders – Tejas and Deven – to curate a home away from home, where we marry the comforts of a luxury hotel, to the privacy and warmth of a Home.

Managed, Serviced & Unlocked By SaffronStays: Where Families Bond.

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