Life Hacks: 10 Secrets for Surviving Family Holidays!

It’s not a wild spring break with your college buddies, but family vacations can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get the chance to go somewhere great for free, but it’s a time to catch up with family. Let’s face it, between work, activities, pets and all of the other responsibilities we have, we’re all overextended. At times that makes a room for unwanted friction in a family. Taking a vacation can give everyone a chance to relax and re-bond. If your only fear about a family vacation is how you’d survive the generation gap, here’s how to appreciate the time with your good old family!

1. Get involved in the planning process

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All this while you have been holidaying with your friends and your family probably still thinks that you’re that ‘kid’ they went on a vacation when you were really a kid! Be responsible, take initiative in hunting for destinations and booking. The more interest you’ll take in planning your holiday, the better you’ll be involved while on the trip.

2. Choose a trip for all ages

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Your Grandpa may want to visit a pilgrim place, your younger brother might be wanting to be a little adventerous, your parents secretly want to visit a beach destination, and you, well you are just feeling so out of place. But remember, no place is for everybody, but every place will have something for everyone. And when it is about traveling with family, pick destinations or places where you give each other enough room to relax and unwind.

3. Leave plenty of time to get where you need to be

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It’s not just you or your sibling who loves to arrive late, but even your father or any relative may be habitual to arriving late and you do not want to miss your flight or bus while on a vacation right?! So plan well in advance and give them a buffer time of 20 minutes prior to the meeting time. Though you’ll end up gathering a lilttle early but at least that will save the last minute chaos and arguements.

4. Make some time for your own kind of fun

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Everyone will have fun on a holiday when everyone is having fun in their own kind of way. Like your find of fun could be reading a book overlooking a valley view, or playing volleyball with your dog at the beach. Make sure you and everyone else on the trip does what they love.

5. Mix it up!

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Divided you conquer and getting the family unglued might actually improve things for everyone (maybe even them included). This isn’t about avoiding anybody in the family but it’s about making the most of the time everyone has together on this vacation. This will help them to see it’s perfectly natural that there will be occasions when you split up into pairs, smaller groups or even as individuals, depending on the activities chosen.

6. Embrace being an adult

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This doesn’t just mean being able to grab a drink with your cousin. Have deeper conversations with your family members, no matter what generation they belong to. You likely have many more things in common with your relatives now that you’ve both experienced more similar life events—like becoming a parent or developing your career. Just talk and engage with them.

7. When asked about love life, have fun with it!


Yeah! That’s the hack to deal with this one question you find the most annoying or irritating. Just round up a funny story from one of your holidays as a teen and tell them how mad you were for that girl or guy but unfortunately you broke up because love is not meant for you and so never question me about my love life. Lol

8. Make peace with technology; Selfie is an exception though!


It’s always acceptable to break that no-technology rule for a quick family selfie, no? Ensure you bring back thousands of pictures and happy memories to look back on when you are too busy to get in touch with your family because of work, education or otherwise.

9. Let your parents/elders just be


Just breathe. Everytime you go out with your friends they just let you be, regardless you being a crack pot! You’re parents and relatives do not travel as often as you. And this vacation is just the time where they can unwind and be their real self with you and everyone else. So do not get mad at them and shut them up because you’re embarassed. They never put you down every time you cried over a candy in your childhood.

10. Go ahead and unwind


Perhaps the most important tip for a family vacation is to go ahead and take a vacation! These places will definitely tempt you to have a change of scenery and call it a vacation.

Travel can play a great role in connectedness with your close ones. So whether you’re going on a trip with your immediate family or heading to a big family reunion, you can use the above information to make the experience better for yourself and others.

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