Monsoon Travel Hacks: Be willing to Get Soaked!

Listen to the rhythm of the raindrops, it says – Travel. Get soaked. Because this wonderful season will last only for about 4 months and taking short trips during this time is a special delight. Now before you step out into the rains in search of a rainbow or beautiful sights of the nature, remember that monsoon travel is slightly different and thus it needs special attention to certain issues as follows:


01. If you’re traveling with kids/pets it is always a wise decision to carry a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Not that they will trip due to slippery roads but just what if they catch cold or fall sick due to the change in weather?

02. Consider adding packed food in your ‘Must Have’s’ list. While you’re traveling to a new place you don’t know the food a roadside dhaba or a hotel is serving is fresh or not. In such cases, avoid eating cut fruits/green vegetables and keep yourself free from contamination.

03. Always have a power back up with you. Rains are uncertain in some areas and given that you’re on a vacation, the destination has to be a touristy place where it rains heavily and the place looks heavenly. At times you may face electricity issues and a power back could be your only rescue resource!

04. Be very careful of what you drink on the way. The season is known for water borne diseases and you do not want to return home from a half journey. Do not drink water from unsealed bottles or the regular running tap.

05. Pick a destination that is best suitable for everyone traveling with you. If you’re a couple then probably you could pick an adventurous hilly region. But if you’re travelling with kids you might want to reconsider this and rather pick a destination like Kerala or Goa because kids will be more comfortable there than walking around in the hilly regions and above everything not to forget the land slides!

06. Ensure you have water proof footwear to keep your feet clean.

07. A pull over/jacket for monsoons is a must regardless you decide to step out in the rains or rather sit inside and enjoy the cool weather.

08. Carry plastic bags to keep your things safeĀ  and dry. It can also be used to keep wet things separately from the dry ones.

09. Do take along some indoor games for both kids and adults. Ditch the iPad and mobile phones for candy crush and rather play cards or board games with your family and reconnect over a cup of coffee and conversations while it pours heavily outside.

10. If you’re visiting a beach destination make sure you have knowledge about the weather forecast.In times of heavy storms avoid going deep into the sea. Because you don’t want a high tide to drag you along and cause a mishap.

11. If you are already out exploring the destination and it starts pouring heavily, do not and we mean DO NOT take shelter under a tree. Trees attract lighting and it may give you violent shocks. So instead look for a house, a shop or any roof but not trees!

12. Last and the most basic to do’s for a monsoon holiday is to book in advance, keep your tickets/passport safe, carry an umbrella/raincoat, a torch with extra batteries, clothes that dry off quickly and a water proof bag.

Monsoons in India are best enjoyed while soaking wet. So whether you want to explore the modern sights of cities or the breath taking greenery in off beat places, keep the above suggestions and your safety in mind for a happy monsoon holiday!

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