7 Unexplored places around Tarkarli-Malvan

Coastal Maharashtra is an untouched heaven which is easily accessible by the major cities around it. Away from the chaos of urban life, this heaven proves to be a worthwhile getaway this season. Sindhudurg, the southernmost district of the Maharashtrian coastline, offers many such getaways to rejuvenate your senses. May we add, this is the region that produces the much-revered juicy Alphonso – the king of mangoes. Here are 7 places you can visit in Sindhudurg this vacation.

#1. Bhogwe

Bhogwe is one of the most pristine beaches in the district. Safe to swim, and rich in fauna, Bhogwe is arguably one of the best kept secrets of the Sindhudurg. The best way to enjoy this place is to stay in this family run property, that offers traditional Konkani style bamboo-cottages.  Perched atop the Bhogwe hill and surrounded by 20 acres of mango plantations, this property offers an unparalleled, magnificent view of Karli river meeting the Arabian sea, also known as the ‘Sangam’ at Devbag right across. This spot is perfect to relax and admire the view of the sheer open ocean or cuddle up with a coffee mug and a book for company. One could take quick trek down the hill to reach the lovely Bhogwe beach, where you could enjoy long walks and explore nearby Nivati fort. If you are lucky, you may also spot peacocks and black hornbills.

Goan-portuguese inspired cottages atop the Bhogwe hill
Goan-portuguese inspired cottages atop the Bhogwe hill

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#2. Vengurla

Vengurla is the south-most beach in Maharashtra, and is home to some of the most quiet and beautiful beaches in coastal Maharashtra. Sagareshwar, Shiroda, Redi, Mochemad are some of the beaches that surround Vengurla and add to its beauty. The lighthouse and Dutch wakhaar are nearby places for sightseeing. Vengurla is also known for its cashew production and the local market sells various items that the region specializes in. A trip to Vengurla is must if you are fond of quiet beaches sparred with some history. When in Vengurla, stay at this beach-side property, just 50 meters from the beach. It offers luxurious huts with sit-outs that are perfect to spend evenings with your partner watching the sun set in the azure waters.

Vengurla beachstay
Enjoy quality time with your partner at this romantic beachside property

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#3. Devbag

If you are a nature lover, Devbag is the place to head to. It is a piece of land that juts out from the mainland of Malvan into the sea. As you drive right to the tip of Devbag, you can see the Karli river flowing on one side to meet the sea and the vast Arabian sea on the other side. One of the must-do’s is taking a boat ride that starts from the Karli river leading up to the point where it meets the sea, known as the ‘Sangam’ and then into the open sea to spot dolphins, with a stop-over on the ‘Tsunami island’, a small stretch of sand that is visible only during low tides. Enjoy your stay at this homestay, located on the Devbag shore, with sea-side hammocks and cosy sit-outs for the guests to chill by the beach. Surrounded by coconut plantations, this place is a paradise for beach lovers.

Homestay on Devbag beach
Homestay right next to Devbag beach

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#4. Chivle

Located close to Malvan, Chivle beach is a place where you can relax away from the busy crowds that throng Malvan. The serene beach allows you to have peace and yet be close to an important tourist destination, the old sea fort of Sindhudurg.  Foodies can pamper their tastebuds as Chivle rustles up some of the famous Malvani dishes. One can experience the simple rustic Konkani life in this homestay, merely 50 meters away from Chivle, complete with brown Mangalore-tiled roof and picket fence. Enjoy scrumptious Malvani home-cooked meals and strolls on the empty stretch of beach.

Homestay in Chivle, Malvan
Enjoy the rustic life in this charming homestay in Chivle

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#5. Parule

If you thought Sindhudurg was just about beaches, think again. This little quaint village stay amidst thick, dense plantation, is a perfect break from your beach conquests. The lush greenery and water stream that runs through this homestay throughout the year ensures there is no need for an a/c even during summers. Beach lovers can also visit numerous beaches as this home stay is located at around 15-30 minutes drive from number of pristine beaches.

Plantation stay in Parule
Enjoy simple village life in this plantation stay in Parule

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#6. Kolamb beach

Another hidden gem in this stretch, Kolamb beach still remains empty and untapped , even as Tarkarli sees significant increase in the crowds. The only sound you will hear is the waves hitting the shore. A secluded beach in Malvan, Kolamb beach with the a creek at one end, is the ideal place to stay if you are looking for some alone time. There are a couple of simple homestays almost hidden by the coconut plantations that surround them. Perfect hide-away, eh?

Kolamb beach
Kolamb beach access from the homestay

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#7. Tarkarli beach

Tarkarli, named so because the village can be reached after crossing the Karli river, is a must-visit place if you are travelling to Sindhudurg.  The beautiful, white beaches and clear, blue waters appeal to every person coming here. Tarkarli is a favourite haunt of water sports enthusiasts. There is a wide range of water sports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, dolphin watch rides etc. to tempt visitors in this place. Whether it is a vacation for two or an outing with a family, Tarkarli pleases the traveler and nature lover inside you easily. This homestay is one the oldest homestays in this region and is famed for its hospitality, located within a walking distance of the beach on one side & a hillside on the other, for trekking.

tarkarli homestay
Enjoy the famed hospitality of this homestay in Tarkarli

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