From Barren Lands to ‘Crimson Orchards’: How Nature Healed This Beautiful Home

The field of medicine and the role doctors play in our lives comes with inadvertent pressure and stress – something we’re gravely observing through this pandemic. Saving the lives of patients is, after all, not a bed of roses, but a bed that sees a lot more pain, panic, and a range of emotions. It’s to break free from this stress that a family of doctors embraced nature. The cool fresh air, gentle peace and relaxing solitude on, a vast parcel of land in Nashik was what they turned to. Today, Crimson Orchards, a 3-bedroom villa in Nashik environed by vineyards across 22 acres, stands testament to the healing power of nature.

SaffronStays Crimson Orchards, Nashik
Nestled amid vast vineyards

The Idea of a Stressbuster…

Dr Pawar and his wife Neelima, the hospital administrator have a lovely story to share. Since her role was far more stressful, managing both the hospital and the family, Dr Pawar figured her love for farming could be her much-needed break. The family invested in a land that had just one tall tree, which Mrs Pawar soon developed as her ‘home away from home’ and started with the idea of having her own grape plantations here. She knew it would mean a lot of work and odd working hours, but when you do something you love, does it really matter if you have to wake up at 3 am to maintain a harvest? 

To ensure that the plantation flourished, Mrs Pawar doubled down her efforts.. During harvest season, nearly 50 people would gather to help around. Their routine was to have breakfast at 5 am and start pruning the leaves, followed by a lunch break and finishing up by 4 pm. The idea to build a roof and restroom for all the workers planted the first seed of the now standing Crimson Orchards. A space for those who toiled hard to turn a barren land into the flourishing vineyard it is today.

With an Indo-European style of construction, and white brick stone walls highlighting the minimal aesthetic of hand-picked handicrafts, the family’s ‘home away from home’ was ready. Every nook and corner of this villa was planned with creative inputs from each member of the family. Some of the paintings that decorate the walls were handpicked auctions, while others were painted by family friends. A large part of the interior decor is DIY (Do-It-Yourself). The most quirky addition being the lamps and stools – made of buckets that cattle in rural areas would drink water out of.

What’s More? There’s A Cafeteria On Site…

While the surrounding greenery is pleasing and soothing, if you still miss interacting with people other than your family, there is a cafe on the premises, situated 3.5 acres away from the main villa. Not only does it maintain the privacy of guests who reside in the villa, but it can also double up as a workspace since it is equipped with Wi-Fi. It serves as a hangout spot for locals, for those who come around for treks, and for those who wish to escape the city for a little while. There’s no better way to end a workday than to open a red overlooking the vast vineyard.

An Experience For Everyone to Cherish

SaffronStays Crimson Orchards, Nashik
Carefully decked interiors with handicrafts.

After realising how just a weekend here could wash away all their troubles, the Pawars decided to open their little piece of Nirvana for friends and family. Having curated a space that sparked comfort from every corner, anybody on the lookout for a calming cottage, close to Mumbai and Pune can turn to this stunning estate.

Catching a sunset over the best vineyard in Nashik, with a view of the tranquil Gangapur dam from the terrace, a verandah space that lends itself as the perfect arm-chair for star-gazing… Crimson Orchards mesmerises you with the natural canvas it offers. Oh, and how can we forget, a special dinner set-up amid the vineyards? Why lament over skipping Napa Valley when you can experience the wine-n-dine set up to close to home?.

As the daughter of the family expressed, “Just cutting off from the chaos, staying here, overlooking the vineyards, listening to the chirping birds, just being with nature was an inspiring experience to appreciate the little things in life.” The two daughters now look after the property, but Mrs Pawar is also actively involved in maintaining the space, ensuring that it is as comfortable as it could be, for every visitor. 

When you seek rejuvenation, joy, and gratitude, it is estates like these that envelop you with a serene, calming effect – like a warm hug on a cold winter evening. You know a stay at this 3-bedroom private villa in Nashik can be your respite once we are set to travel again… With a glass of the home-grown Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc in your hand!

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