7 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be At SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

Have you ever wanted to escape the city and embrace the open air for your family holiday? Wanted to give your loved ones a getaway with every comfort and luxury they could possibly want and all this in the privacy of your own private villa? Now you can! SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, part of our Signature Homes, is a private pool villa in Alibaug with an expansive outdoor area and numerous ways to entertain yourself — a world of its own where you will not be interrupted. This 4-bedroom property is perfect for a beachside getaway with the extended family or with friends.
Here are 7 features of this luxury villa near Mumbai that make it the ultimate holiday package.

Ideal Location

SaffronStays Casa Del Palms – a world of its own

Not too near and not too far, this lovely estate, near Nagaon beach in Alibaug, is only a two-hour drive from Mumbai but takes you miles away from any stress or worries. Hop in your car for a scenic drive, put on your favourite jams and get lost amongst the lush green views that race past you. Or better yet, take this opportunity to enjoy a ride in the RoRo from the coast of Mumbai to Mandwa Jetty. After all, there’s no rush quite like being on the sea. A 50-minute drive from the Mandwa Jetty will get you to the villa premises. 

A Visual Masterpiece

Gorgeous ceramic dishes from across the world adorn this wall at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

From the chic seating areas on tasteful brown tiles in the garden to the ‘wall of plates’ that displays gorgeous ceramic dishes from across the world, every piece of this villa comes together to paint a beautiful picture. Radiant yellows and soothing pastel green walls welcome you indoors. Step outside to some charming setups spread across the estate, where you can relax with your loved ones, like wicker chairs & wooden tables, a colourful hammock, an intricately designed wooden outdoor seating and more. The entire estate is peppered with vibrant cushions, exquisite lighting and quirky decor pieces like the unique stone sculpture right by the pool. 

Gorgeous Beachside Surroundings

Lay back in the hammock and read your favourite book

Located ten minutes from Nagaon Beach, the salty sea breeze is a permanent guest at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms. Day in and day out, you can feel crisp, fresh air brush against your skin, keeping temperatures low and pleasant — perfect for relaxing in a hammock on the lawn. Lay back and gaze at the ring of coconut trees swaying in the wind and lose yourself to the bright blue of the sky as you float in the outdoor pool, which has a bar within it as well. Take trips to the nearby beach to let loose among the lively waves of the Arabian Sea. Surrounded by lush greenery with no hint of city pollution, this luxury villa near Mumbai offers a view that soothes the eyes and blesses the soul. 

Alfresco Experience

Enjoy an outdoor dining experience at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

A key feature that should put this Signature home at the top of your list, is its unique alfresco experience. While the villa itself showers you in comforts of all kinds, the true luxury experience of this villa lies in the expansive outdoor area. It is packed with amenities, including a bar by the poolside, this villa is perfect for a poolside sundowner. Multiple dining options allow you to enjoy every meal in a different setting — have brunch on dainty china laid out on a wooden picnic table and savour gourmet dinners on a dining table under the stars. Or just cosy up on the charpoys in the gazebo for board games with some chai and make some beautiful memories. 

Scrumptious Meals 

Be spoilt for choices with the multi-cuisine spread

SaffronStays Casa Del Palms comes with a special signature menu full of lip-smacking dishes that cater to every member of the family. The multi-cuisine spread is as varied as the souvenirs in the villa — hailing from many different parts of the world but with the comforting touch of home-cooked meals. You can opt for spinach corn cannelloni one day and dig into creamy butter chicken the next. Head out before the season ends to enjoy special mango-based delicacies, from beverages to salads and even desserts! The menu offers pizzas and pasta, quite popular with kids, ensuring they relish their holiday meals.

Wood Fired Oven And Barbecue 

With the wood-fired oven pizzas, experience Italy in Alibaug

A single mouth-watering meal can take your holiday from good to great. And this beachside luxury villa has a wood-fired oven and a barbecue grill to offer you that special experience. You can savour baked pizzas from the unique wood-fired oven; the crisp freshness of the bread is like nothing you tasted before. Piping hot veggies and pieces of meat from the barbecue provide a burst of flavour that is best enjoyed with hearty conversation and laughter. Our professional in-house chefs focus on making delectable meals so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories. 

Wide Range Of Activities 

Challenge your friends to a game of pool or foosball

From enjoying lazy afternoons sprawled out on the lounge areas to blowing off some steam on the beach to living it up in the night with dancing, drinks and music — this pool villa in Alibaug is a one-stop shop for all things fun. An entire room is dedicated to games, featuring a foosball table, pool table and a chessboard with pieces carved in Spain! Here is where your loudest cheers will be heard. You can also challenge each other to games on the lawn where there is a net for badminton lovers and a table for table tennis enthusiasts. Or you could even play Pétanque (an ancient Greek game) in the sandbox. A special yoga station is built into the lawn for morning meditation sessions too. One thing’s for sure, here, you’ll never run out of things to do. 

This pool villa in Alibaug allows you to relax and unwind and tap into the party animal side of you as and when you feel like it. A fantastic family holiday awaits you here. Book SaffronStays Casa Del Palms now so you don’t miss out on this luxury signature home. 

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