Head to these 10 Hidden Gems for an Ideal Holiday

It is easy to understand every holiday-goer’s inclination toward private villas in popular locations like Lonavala, Khandala, Alibaug, Nashik, Igatpuri, Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani in Maharashtra. Not only are these locations close to cities like Mumbai or Pune or Nashik, but there are countless reasons for visiting these places – breathtaking views, easy accessibility and tourist-friendliness, to name a few.
Although many tourist destinations in Maharashtra are well-known, many gorgeous and stunning places are still overlooked and left unexplored. 
At SaffronStays, we bring to you some of the hidden gems of Maharashtra and leave our guests with something to ponder about. 

SaffronStays Niramay, Velhe

Take a dip and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley at SaffronStays Niramay
Get a glimpse of Wada-style architecture at SaffronStays Niramay
Indulge in a farm-to-table experience

With forest views on one side, stunning views of the valley on the other, and an infinity pool that overlooks the valley, SaffronStays Niramay is that 3-bedroom home where you can experience ultimate relaxation.
The home, which is a 2-hour drive from Pune, draws heavy influences from Wada-style architecture with its stone construction, slant roof, wooden windows, and railings that skirt the home; and the modern amenities in the home lend it a contemporary feel. This quiet and calm location in Velhe, Pune, is a perfect amalgamation of traditional with modernity. 
Set on a 6-acre land over a hillock in Pune, this estate offers organic farming, where a wide range of crops, pulses, vegetables, fruits and flowering plants are organically grown and are often used for the meals prepared at this cosy retreat.
One can also enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Bhatghar Dam, a small trek from this home or enjoy boating at the Gunjwani Dam, which is close by. The home is located close to the Torna and Rajgad Forts, and trekking enthusiasts can visit them while staying at this home. During monsoons, head for a long drive to Madhe Ghat and catch spectacular views of the waterfall. 

SaffronStays Kenwoods, Palghar

Spend your evening at the sunken bar by the pool at SaffronStays Kenwoods
Relax and enjoy a good afternoon read in the hammock
Enjoy the delicious meal in the outdoor dining area

Tucked away in a small village near Palghar, this magnanimous 5-bedroom villa is one you cannot miss. You can reach this home within 2.5 hours from Mumbai and 4-hours from Surat via the smooth-as-butter Mumbai-Gujarat 4-lane highway.
The moment you step inside the gates of this Portuguese-styled bohemian villa, it greets you with lush greenery. The home has a kitchen garden where several veggies are grown. Guests can also buy organic kitchen plants for their kitchen garden while staying at SaffronStays Kenwoods.
At this home, an azure pool with a sunken bar is a perfect spot to bond with family and friends over a few drinks. This home also has a lot of board games, including an outdoor chess table to keep the guests entertained during their stay. There are also many books at this home, and reading enthusiasts can enjoy a good afternoon read lying in the hammock.
Guests can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with picturesque beauty in the gazebo as the sky turns scarlet due to the setting sun. The property is well lit up and has one indoor and two outdoor dining options.
Personally designed by the Home Owner, this home echoes their unique interior taste in every nook and corner. With free high-speed WiFi, this villa is also perfect for a workcation. 
For those who would like to venture out of the home for a while, Sajjan Dam is located 15 minutes from here, and is a great spot to soak in a 360° view of the entire landscape.

SaffronStays Moira, Kamshet

Plunge into the cool blue pool SaffronStays Moira
Take a dip in the cool blue pool over looking Thukarwadi Lake
Enjoy a barbeque meal in the lawns

Nestled along the banks of Thukarwadi lake, 3-hours away from Mumbai, SaffronStays Moira, is a 6-bedroom villa serving gourmet vegetarian meals with a farm-to-table experience. This home has extensive lawns that are perfect for engaging in various outdoor activities such as cricket, volleyball, or badminton. This Signature home also has a half court where you can catch up with your friends over a game of basketball.
Beat the summer heat by taking a plunge into the cool blue pool that overlooks the picturesque lake or simply relax in a 6-seater open-air jacuzzi. You could also laze around on the hammock as you read your favourite book. This home also has tons of your nooks and cosy corners where you can spend some ‘me’ time even on a family holiday.
In the evenings, you can lounge around in the lawns and enjoy a bonfire or take a stroll under the starlit sky.
SaffronStays Moira is a balance of two distinctive properties, the first one – classic with traditional architecture and designs and the second – modern with contemporary furnishings and earthy hues.
Although there are plenty of activities in this home itself to keep you entertained during your stay, trekking enthusiasts can plan a trek to Kusur along the picturesque trails. Guests can also visit the city of Ranwara, 30-kms from the home to engage in some shopping.
So, come visit this villa and let it blow your mind away!

SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

Relax amidst the nature at SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake
Immerse yourself in nature
Setup a picnic by the gorgeous lake

Spread across 70 acres of land is SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, an estate shaded with gorgeous eucalyptus, ficus, and mango trees.
Surrounded by flora and fauna, the sounds of wildlife and the picturesque view of the hills right, immerse in the tranquility as you float in the pool water or splash around with your loved ones.
Get pampered with delicious vegetarian preparations using fresh vegetables from the organic gardens. There are plenty of things to do here like play tennis, volleyball or badminton at the multipurpose court or indoor gaming options such as billiards, card tables, carrom tables, board games in the separate games room.
And if you are a nature lover, just take a stroll to the lake just 750 m down a pathway.  You can also spend an evening boating, which is conducted on the Lake at a short distance from the on the home.
For souvenir collectors, the local markets at Takwe and Talegaon offer some local souvenirs which you can pick up during your stay here.
SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, a 3-hour drive from Mumbai, is a perfect summer home for every family.

SaffronStays Vedika, Wada

SafftonStays Vedika is heritage architecture surrounded by a green food forest
Catch up on old memories over a few drinks
Delicious meals prepared using herbs from the kitchen garden

Tucked away on the bank of the Pinjal river in Wada, the Signature home SafftonStays Vedika, is a heritage architectural marvel with luxurious amenities surrounded by a green food forest.
A 2-hour drive from Mumbai, this 4-bedroom pool villa, is the perfect home to beat the summer heat. Since the estate is lined with lush green forests, the temperatures in this villa are cooler, giving you good respite from the sweaty summers of Mumbai. The azure pool is the best spot for you to relax and let go of all things stressful.
The living room attached to the huge verandah overlooks the pool and is the perfect place for afternoon drinks while you watch your kids play in the pool.
Pamper your palates with fine gourmet dining, delicious Indian meals, and popular international dishes sitting by the pool in the evenings.
The ones seeking more adventure can go for trekking to Kohoj Fort, visit the Pilucha Dhabdhaba waterfall, admire Jai Vilas Palace or visit Shirpamal – a 3rd century watchtower from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s era.
The old-world charm of the place will relax your nerves and is an experience in itself. This is one of the best pool villas near Mumbai for a smashing group getaway!

SaffronStays Athaang, Dapoli

The view of the sea from SaffronStays Athaang leaves you spellbound
The sky paints a beautiful picture at SaffronStays Athaang
Enjoy the uninterrupted views of the sea over a cup of tea

Situated along the Konkan coast with uninterrupted views of the sea, this estate is a typical Konkani home with diverse experiences. A 6-hour drive from Mumbai, Pune and Alibaug, the drive to this home through the Sahyadri ranges is an unforgettable experience.
The estate is spread across 7-acres of land, overlooking the vast Arabian Sea on one side and surrounded by the majestic Sahyadris on the other. The only sound one experiences here is the one of calmness, making it a perfect space for some yoga, meditation, and even a workout.
Structures roofed by crimson Mangalorean tiles, traditional pillars, and the sea breeze woo your heart from the moment you enter this estate.
The front yard of this estate extends into a viewing deck, from where the view of the sea leaves you spellbound. Sip your favourite beverage sitting at the alfresco sitting area near the viewing deck and let the silence do the talking.  
The restaurant at this home offers a range of Konkani dishes cooked using locally sourced ingredients.
SaffronStays Athaang is situated 15-minutes away from the nesting sites of the gorgeous Olive Ridley Turtles, which can be spotted between February and April at the Anjarle Beach. For those interested in visiting holy shrines, the ancient temples, namely Shree Keshavraj and Shree Vyagreshwar, and Kadyavarcha Ganpati Mandir (Ganesh Temple) are located nearby.
You can also take a trek to the Suvarna and Kanak Durga forts, located within a short driving distance.
If you are travelling with children, take your kids to a unique dolphin show conducted every morning just 5 minutes away from this villa. Another rare experience here would be visiting the colour-changing Harnai Beach, a 15-minute drive from this home.
If you are planning your next road-trip, SaffronStays Athaang should be the first on your list. 

SaffronStays Aqua Chalet, Murbad

Living in machans at SaffronStays Aqua Chalet is a unique experience
Take a plunge in the filterless pool
Meals prepared using organically grown vegetables in the farmstay

Two private machans made of pine wood that open to a river on one side and a man-made pond on the other best describe the quaint getaway SaffronStays Aqua Chalet.
A 2.5 hour drive from Mumbai and Pune, this estate that is spread on a 3-acre land surrounded by lush greenery, is the perfect destination for a couple’s getaway or a family holiday along with pets. The set of two cottages has a shared pool, which is kept filterless, keeping in line with the place’s organic farm and eco-friendly lifestyle.
The pool receives the much needed cooling effect even in the harsh summer months, as it sits right under a neem tree.
You can enjoy a farm-to-table experience while staying at this estate, as the vegetables that are organically grown on the farm are usually used in the food preparations for all guests.
This private home strictly follows eco-friendliness, and even wastewater is treated and converted to clear water to keep the plants hydrated.
If trekking is on your list of activities this holiday, Naneghat is the place to visit for a monsoon trek. You can also visit the Malshej Ghat and backwaters of the nearby Degorah dam or get a glimpse of small but stunning waterfalls, all at a close distance from the estate.
What began with the idea of organic farming is now a home for couples and small families, with lots of activities to enjoy a holiday near Mumbai. A river right by your window, an abundance of nature all around, and a farm with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers growing. Paradise calling, isn’t it?

Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet

The infinity pool at SaffronStays Raanwara and Aranya Vilaas offers a spectacular 180­° views of the Thokarwadi Lake
Relax, layback and unwind in a unique floor hammock
A meal with a view

A cluster of 10 gorgeous private cottages with a pool in Pimpri, SaffronStays Raanwara and Aranya Vilaas is an ideal getaway for both large families and groups. The cottages can host up to 42 guests at a time, making it a perfect location for celebrations with families and friends (up to 30 guests), annual reunions and corporate offsites. 
A 3-hour drive from Mumbai, this pet-friendly home is set amidst a dense forest and is located close to the famous Thokarwadi Dam. 
The cottages have a uniquely designed seating area of stone and glass bottles. The unique feature of 6 rooms is the floor hammocks on the balconies, which are extremely popular with the guests. 
The estate has an infinity pool, shared by all the cottages, and offers spectacular 180­° views of the Thokarwadi Lake and the mighty Sahyadris. The gorgeous pool is sure to keep you occupied and is a perfect spot to capture lots of photographs. 
The estate boasts vast lawns ideal for cricket and football matches and team-building activities.
Since the home is in the middle of a lot of greenery, it has poor network coverage. So, If you are looking to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature, this is one hidden gem you should head to right away! 

SaffronStays Villa 270°, Dapoli

A carved Buddha statue overlooking the stunning Arabian Sea at SaffronStays Villa 270°
Sit down and enjoy a 270° view of the majestic Arabian Sea
A perfect romantic spot for a dinner date with your loved one

SaffronStays Villa 270°, a set of 5 traditional, stunning sea-facing cottages named after Dapoli’s exotic native flowers – Jaswanti, Bakul, Aboli, Sugandhi and Shevanti – is located 240 kms from Mumbai. 
These villas, which stand on the edge of the cliff, offer a 270° view of the majestic Arabian Sea; therefore, the name SaffronStays Villa 270°.
The cottages have been constructed using only local materials such as old temple wood, local village stones and tiles among other materials. The construction is traditional, but the cottages with rustic interiors and traditional decor have all modern amenities incorporated.
Apart from the incredible panoramic views of the sea, the villa also has a landscaped garden with native flowers and a man-made pond with an intricately carved Buddha statue made of volcanic rock set at the centre. There are rustic seating areas around the pond and garden, making it an ideal spot for reflection or meditation.
Meals here are served in a terrace-cum-dinning area where guests can dine while watching the sun amalgamate with the sea. At the cottages, you can get the opportunity to indulge in authentic home-cooked meals prepared using locally sourced fresh ingredients.
You can also visit the Suvarnadurgh Fort and a 12th-century Kadyawarcha Ganpati – a cliff temple in Anjarle. One can also take a boat trip to sight the dolphins in the Arabian sea during the season.
This home’s location offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and is one destination you would want to return to over and over again!

SaffronStays Happy Fields, Pune

This little plunge pool at SaffronStays Happy Fields is fed by fresh water straight from the farm
Let the stars shine in your eyes
Pamper your palattes with the delicious meals

A home to cattle, goats, cows, and hens, SaffronStays Happy Fields, is a farm stay in its true sense. A 4-hour journey from Mumbai and 1-hour 15 minutes from Pune through lush fields and acres of beautiful scenery leads you to this pet-friendly, 3-bedroom farmhouse flooded with natural light all through the year. 
Built with exposed brickwork walls and wooden interiors, this stay complements the surroundings it is set in. 
This home has a separate kid’s room with a glass ceiling open to the sky for stargazing, which is a one of a kind experience. It also has a little plunge pool fed by fresh water straight from the farm.  
You can spend quiet evenings sipping your favourite beverage sitting on the large open verandah or running around with the kids playing hide-n-seek and chasing the animals. Guests can also cycle and jog around the farmhouse or laze around in the hammock with a book to read. 
The home also has an open kitchen with a dining area where guests can get a special farm-to-table experience with dairy products and vegetables cooked by the in-house chef using homegrown ingredients.
If you wish to move out of the farm for a while, drive down to Bhigwan, where a mesmerising view of flamingos can be spotted in the winter season.
You could also plan a trip to the jaggery factories located en route to this home to get a sense of the manufacturing of jaggery and related products. 

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