7 Reasons SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow in Coorg Should Be On Your Bucket List

Whether you’re planning a relaxing getaway with friends or a memorable trip with family, SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow —a Signature Home by SaffronStays — is the ideal destination. Located in scenic Coorg, this sprawling four-bedroom holiday home offers uninterrupted views of coffee plantations and lush forests that will awaken your inner explorer. Spread across 6,000 sq.ft., the heritage bungalow can comfortably accommodate 12 guests for an overnight stay, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of get-togethers. Dreaming of a trip to Coorg already? Here are 7 reasons to make this home a special part of that upcoming getaway.

1.     The Plantation Life

Explore and immerse themselves amidst the flora and fauna

Experience what it’s like to live in the midst of nature, courtesy the estate’s very own coffee plantation. You can wake up to verdant views of the outdoors and spend your evenings walking around the plantation, surrounded by the rich aroma of coffee. To truly learn the nuances of coffee making, guests can put in a prior request for an assisted tour of the plantation.

2.     Iconic Interiors

The estate is adorned with unique artefacts, paintings and photographs 

SSince it was built in the 1890s, the bungalow boasts a charming colonial vibe. Think British-style architecture, accentuated by the addition of unique artefacts, paintings and photographs artfully scattered around. From comfortable vintage furniture to objets d’art such as old gramophones, the home has been tastefully done up to put you in mind of an era gone by.

3. Books And Coffee

Immerse yourself in the world of books

BibliophileBibliophiles, take note: this home comes with a well-stocked library designed for lazy afternoons spent reading. Find that cosy corner and flip through the pages of a book while sipping on a hot cup of filter coffee, served generously at the estate, made from in-house organic blends.

4. Authentic South Indian Meals

Savour authentic South Indian home-cooked meals

The delicious food served at this heritage home will be the crowning glory of your stay. Apart from experimental fare such as Jackfruit Dumplings and Yam Fry, the menu also boasts a selection of lip-smacking, traditionally home-cooked South Indian meals. Once you have eaten, you can enjoy an afternoon siesta in one of the spacious rooms or step out for a quick stroll in the gardens, serenaded by twittering birds.

5. Immersive Experiences

Take a morning walk around the lake listening to the chirping of the birds

Plenty of R&R aside, there’s a lot to do at this villa. You can set off on guided tours of the coffee plantation or sign up for a beekeeping session conducted by the homeowner and come away with heaps of knowledge on the apiary world. If you’re a group of 8 or more, you can indulge in a fun-filled dessert-making masterclass upon prior request. Alternatively, visit the nearby Nagarhole Tiger Reserve for the chance to spot animals like sloth bears, leopards and more.

6. Sustainable Practices

At this home, you can reduce your holiday footprint and head on the path of sustainability

Working towards a greener tomorrow, this home also weaves in a host of sustainable touches. It uses solar power and employs proper waste management techniques. At the plantations, trenching and composting are dutifully practised without too much reliance on pesticides and artificial fertilisers. So, if you’ve always been a champion of green living, this home ties in perfectly with your beliefs.

7. Moments Made Memorable

Spend quality time with your family at this green colonial bungalow

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or wishing for a quiet getaway with your loved ones, SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow is the perfect pick. Celebrating your marriage anniversary? Consider retreating to the garden with blankets to take in stupendous views of the Milky Way with your beau. For special birthdays or good old catch-up sessions with the family, head outdoors for a BBQ and bonfire night while munching on delicious food and recounting all those heart-warming stories.

If you can’t wait to make memories at this beautiful heritage bungalow in the lush lap of Coorg, look no further. Book your signature stay at SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow now.

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