7 Destinations In India You Must Visit During The Monsoon

The first drops of rain fall and everyone breathes a sigh of relief — the monsoon is here. After the scorching heat of the summer, the rainy season is a welcome guest. As cool winds and the smell of petrichor permeate the air, tensions ease and moods lift. The planet comes alive too. Trees bloom with life, verdant plants shoot up from the ground, and the Indian subcontinent gets covered in a blanket of green. A sure sign that this is the best time to do some travelling! Here are 7 holiday destinations that show the best of Indian monsoons. 

1. Coorg

This hill station in Karnataka sits on the slopes of the Western Ghats. Enveloped in misty mountains and lush greenery, the monsoons amplify Coorg’s natural beauty. From dense forests to rice paddy fields, every day offers up a new side of Mother Earth. And the rain has the vegetation at its brightest green and glossiest sheen. Imagine walking a cobbled pathway to serene backwaters with splendidly growing trees and chirping birds around you. The sky is overcast, and a chilly breeze brushes against your skin, the smell of coffee from the surrounding plantations lingers in the air. This exquisite monsoon experience is what you’ll get at SaffronStays Coorg Toddy Farms. If you’re looking for more adrenaline pumping activities, try the trek up to Thadiandemol Peak, one of Coorg’s highest peaks. You can explore the birds, animals and myriad shades of green on this trek which blooms when it rains.  Chellavara Waterfalls is another marvel of Coorg, where the falling water feeds the streams and swells into a gorgeous waterfall. Both of these can be reached from SaffronStays Highfields, a rustic-style villa nestled in the arms of Coorg. 

2. Wayanad

If you just can’t get enough of the monsoons, head to Wayanad, a hill station in Kerala that receives one of the highest amounts of rainfall in the state. Let the eyes feast on the sight of roads winding through dense forests and orchards. Let the scent of black pepper, star anise, fenugreek, and cumin entrance you as you drive through these diverse plantations. Draped with sheets of falling rain, wind rustling through the verdure, this mesmerising sight is best experienced from a cottage-like villa SaffronStays WelllBeingVilla, where the whole family can soak in the view together. Or you might prefer the minimalist SaffronStays Bella Verdura, where you can enjoy the view of palm trees from your window or simply float in the private pool, savour the drizzle of rain on your skin and lose yourself in the shades of the sky. 

3. North India

Yes, North India too can be a spectacular destination for monsoon travelling. Opt for chilly mountainside towns like Shimla and Kasauli, where the rain brings out the landscape’s most stunning visuals but isn’t too much to put a damper on outdoor activities and tourism. Closer to the Himalayas, the mountains here are bigger and rockier, making trekking and hiking more adventurous. You’ll make your way through thick foliage surrounded by majestic pine and oak trees as compared to the South’s more tropical fare. Make this the highlight of your holiday in the monsoon with a stay at SaffronStays Hardy’s Hideaway, Shimla or SaffronStays Hillview, Kasauli. The former is within reach of some offbeat spots like Dhanu Devta Temple (for a spiritual journey) and Chadwick Falls (a trek to a charming waterfall). The latter is close to popular tourist attractions like Gilbert Nature Trail and Kasauli’s Sunset point. Either way, the post-monsoon liveliness of the mountains is an unmissable spectacle!

4. Karjat

Karjat is, of course, a location with some spellbinding treks and hikes. But along with those perks come the opportunity for long drives from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune. Picture driving down a winding road, with the windows down and the crisp, cool air rushing by you as you head to secluded family villas like SaffronStays Meadowbrook. The journey will be just as green, fresh and clean as your destination. Later, you can raft through the nearby rivers and hop on tranquil boat rides on lakes — soak in the monsoon vibes! Enjoy spending time around animals? Opt for SaffronStays SanvinaFarm where you can stay alongside the farmstay’s resident cows, ducks, rabbits and one particularly friendly Great Dane! Together, you can relish the blossoming green of the estate around you. 

5. Lonavala 

Lonavala is a picturesque holiday destination any time of year, but the monsoons make it an enchanting landscape of lush green plant life, blue water bodies and grey clouds. Imagine swimming to the edge of a pool only to be greeted by a panoramic view of Lake Pawna, its waters swishing in melody with the rain and low-hanging clouds kissing the verdant Lonavala hills. SaffronStays Blue Infinitum is where you can find this paradisical spot. The villa is near a paragliding school if you’d prefer a bird’s eye view instead. Opt for SaffronStays Moira , where you can have the ultimate family bonding experience. The serene Thukarwadi lake sits on one side of this expansive estate, and the other end is bordered by trees. With slowly rippling waters of the lake and the lush green lawns, this getaway is an absolute paradise in the rains.

6. Panchgani

Between July and September, the hills around Panchgani flourish under the falling rain. And what better way to take in the sights than by staying on a hilltop villa like SaffronStays Aurelia? You will get an uninterrupted look at the entire Panhcgani valley and the Krishna river’s undulating flow, brimming with fresh rainfall. Moreover, the surrounding area has plenty of lookout points for stunning sunset views as well as a range of waterfalls to truly get closer to the beauty of the monsoon season. Like Bhilar Waterfall, for instance, only a 5-minute drive from SaffronStays Casa Tranquil, a pet-friendly villa in the heart of Panchgani’s flora and fauna.  

7.  Nashik

Majestic mountains, deep green valleys, rumbling waterfalls, and flourishing plains as far as the horizon — the road to Nashik has all this and much more. This diverse countryside thrives under the fall of rain, a 360-degree view of which awaits you at SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty. You can sit on the porch and soak in the view of the surrounding two and a half acres of organic farms or munch into some lip-smacking bhaji at the outdoor dining area, enveloped by the musical patter of rain. SaffronStays Onellaa, on the other hand, offers you an exclusive stay at a private vineyard. Picture relaxing on wicker chairs with a glass of wine, right next to an infinity pool, with acres of Nashik’s lush greens spread out in front of you and splendid monsoon skies overhead. 

All of these magical experiences are right at your fingertips. Book a stay with SaffronStays, and we’ll give your monsoon holidays a five-star twist! 

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