5 Reasons To Plan A Holiday To Karjat During The Monsoon

As romantic as the rains are, you can’t fully enjoy them from inside your home. Instead, the monsoon weather is best appreciated in the hills. Surrounded by greenery, with the grey skies within reach of your fingers — that’s how to truly soak in the beauty of rainy days. Our private villas in Karjat are the go-to holiday destinations during the monsoon. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on it!

1. A Spellbinding Nature’s Retreat

The area around Karjat blooms with life during the monsoons and you want to be there for it. Get away from the concrete jungle and let yourself recharge amidst nature. Picture a staycation on a 7-acre estate, with miles of greenery that is all yours to explore like at SaffronStays Meadowbrook. Get ready to be greeted by a variety of flora and fauna! 
Soak in a splendid view of densely packed trees from SaffronStays Bellini deck, where the scent of rich soil and crisp monsoon air wraps you up. Later, try your luck at the bird-watching gallery! You could stay there for hours. Or take a pleasant walk through the flourishing farms at SaffronStays Ambe Moha, and feel the unique romance of picking fruits with your loved ones and munching on them together. Karjat presents a serene nature’s retreat near Mumbai suitable for everyone!

2. Gorgeous Green Drives

What better season to drive through the spectacular Western Ghats than the monsoon? Plan your weekend getaway to Karjat and kick off your retreat with a smooth, scenic drive through the hills. Lush green plains, flourishing trees and uncountable shades of green and brown come together to paint a mesmerising picture. 
Roll down the windows on the way to your five-star holiday at SaffronStays Palm Paradise, only two hours from Mumbai. Let the aromatic monsoon wind ruffle your hair just like a scene from a movie! Want to spend more time on the road? Head to SaffronStays Ambaram in Raigad for a breathtaking 4-hour journey. We promise you’ll never tire of looking out the window. 

3. Dancing Under Waterfalls

Are you ready to jump into refreshing waterfalls? Natural waterfalls show up all over Karjat in the monsoon, from delicate streams to roaring rapids. The Kalote waterfall, for example, offers a gorgeous view as numerous streams of water fall from a great height. The water forms a small pool where you can relax and unwind. And it’s only a 5-minute walk from SaffronStays Turquoise Maison, a luxurious 3-bedroom villa in Karjat!
Umroli waterfall too is a splendid natural marvel. Foamy white water winds through the verdure and collects at the base. It’s an ideal place for large groups of family or friends to take a dip and play under the falls. Retire at the nearby SaffronStays Sundowner and use the estate’s wide open space to continue your group getaway with a poolside party!

4. Treks In The Hills, Walk by the Rivers

Monsoon treks in Karjat are simply spellbinding as the landscape features several grand forts and beautiful caves. Imagine going on a picturesque trek to Naneghat where you can experience the fantastic views of the valley. Imagine breathing in the fragrant petrichor and running your fingers through glistening leaves. SaffronStays Aqua Chalet is a perfect family-sized villa near this trail.
Or you could head out to the magnificent Kondane Caves, a set of 16 Buddhist caves in the village of Kondana. You’ll see some intricate carvings and marvellous wooden architecture. It’s a trek worth taking and easily accessible from the SaffronStays Sohana By The River, Karjat as well as from SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat. You can also set on a trail by the river and enjoy a splash around. After a satisfying day of hiking, you can sit by the riverside munch on a sizzling hot barbecue to drive the dampness away!

5. The Thrill Of River Rafting

As rain fills up the rivers, they swell and sway like never before, and this is the perfect time for some river rafting! With myriad rivers and tributaries around Karjat, you have plenty of opportunities to go on a river rafting adventure. At SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, you can enjoy the swirl of river water during the day and later tuck into delicious snacks right in the middle of the rushing waters. Seek out a thrilling ATV ride, throw in an hour of cycling through the rugged mountainside, and you have a weekend that will get your adrenaline pumping! 
Looking for a luxurious riverside holiday? Head out to SaffronStays Reva Infinity and SaffronStays Beyond, two villas on an estate that is home to the River Tez. You can spend all day at these villas in Karjat by the river, with the gurgling waters as background music. Even after your exciting rafting session is done, you can revel in hot barbecue meals by the riverside or simply sit on the bank and soak in the view. 

Long drives, waterfalls, treks. These are some monsoon staples, and they’re all waiting for you in Karjat. Start planning your holiday and book your villa in Karjat today!

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