5 Reasons To Book Private Villas Over Hotels In Manali

Ah, Manali. The Himalayan destination on everybody’s travel bucket lists and a protagonist in several Bollywood movies too. It is a little paradise nestled in the hills, by the glacial waters of the Beas River and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. How best to explore this charming town? A private villa in Manali that opens you up to the locality’s beautiful scenery while keeping you within reach of its adventure. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for villas over hotels for the best possible holiday in Manali!

1. First-hand Experience Of A New Culture

SaffronStays The Amlyn boasts of epic views and plenty of fresh air

The number 1 rule of travel is to immerse yourself in a new city and its culture. Why stay in mainstream hotels that put a wall between you and your destination? Instead, stay at luxurious homestays like SaffronStays The Amlyn, which puts Manali’s gorgeous landscape right outside your door while also being only 15 minutes away from the main Manali market. This culturally driven family-run boutique home is where luxury, purity and sustainability go hand in hand. At this home, you can choose to gorge on scrumptious local tandoori cuisines prepared by the in-house cook. In this way, you can read a book by a window that opens up to majestic mountains and set out to explore the heart of Manali, all on the same day. Choose a villa to experience Manali as the locals do. Within these walls, you can step into their shoes, learn their customs and see the true beauty of this hill station. 

2. Go Beyond The Tourist Trail 

SaffronStays The Mont Arcadia is surrounded by the snow-laden hills in the winters and green expanses in the summer

Heading up to Rohtang Pass and rafting down the Beas River are Manali’s most popular tourist spots. But with our private villas in Manali you can go beyond these mainstream attractions and take the offbeat path. Located in lesser known places, villas like SaffronStays Monarch Manor keep you away from the bustle and right in the heart of Manali’s natural beauty. During your stay at this home, you can head to at the Jogini Falls or Jana Waterfalls or hike up to the Sajla Waterfalls and enjoy the monsoon or set your trails for a cave trek in the Arjun Gufa. If you choose to stay at SaffronStays The Mont Arcadia, get ready to be mesmerised by the unique view of stunning mountains and vibrant skies that every window in this home offers you. While at this home, you could experience the thrill of paragliding as you hover over the incredible Kullu ranges. From both these homes, you can visit some hidden gems like the Naggar Castle in Kullu, a medieval castle that boasts some beautiful architecture or seek solace in silence by visiting the Hadimba Devi temple or bask in its hot springs at the Vashisht Temple. 

3. Authentic Meals 

The chefs at SaffronStays Kesar Villa serve local thali to the guests

Highly trained and talented staff are present across all our private villas. But the ones who bring the local vibe on the platter are our home chefs, who create local delicacies for our guests to taste the region’s best food. Just like our chefs at SaffronStays Kesar Villa and SaffronStays Monarch Manor Cliff’s, who offer authentic dishes that blend with the culture and tradition of Manali. Think of having the traditional Dhaam or Sepu Vadi (prepared during celebrations and festivals) or Siddu (authentic Himachali cuisine), or Mittha (a sweet prepared using rice usually during festivals and wedding ceremonies). Sit back in one of SaffronStays Monarch Manor Cliff’s balconies and relish the view of the hills along with your meal. These personalised dishes just can’t be compared to staple hotel food. Why settle for standard cuisines when you can savour authentic Himachali food with the unique quality of being made from locally sourced ingredients?

4. Home Away From Home

A stay at SaffronStays Snowdrop rejuvenates you with sights of the mountains and lush green lawns

The best part of renting a villa is finding the comforts of home even when you’re miles away. You have everything you need, from personalised meals to high-speed wifi to cosy seating areas where the whole family can while away the night with conversations. The gorgeous wooden exteriors and interiors of SaffronStays Snowdrop exude a warmth that you will love to return to after a day full of adventures outside. At this gorgeous cottage, the rooms have an adequate number of windows to invite the sunlight indoors and are furnished with snug cushions, a perfect setting whether you want to spend the day playing board games or reading your favourite novel. You can warm up by sitting around the bonfire and singing some mellow evergreen songs in the night.

5. More Space, Better Memories

SaffronStays Persimmon House gives a spellbinding view of the valley and mountainscapes

Staying in a private villa in Manali ensures you get accommodation that is exclusively yours. No strangers, no interruptions. In the lavishly furnished rooms of the villa, you and your family get the comfort of being yourselves. You can sprawl out, unrestrained, with your loved ones in a splendid space built to foster happy new memories. Imagine cosying up together in SaffronStays Monarch Manor Summit’s attic room, where the glass roof provides the perfect stargazing opportunity or enjoying a warm bonfire and some scrumptious barbecue on the lush lawns around SaffronStays Persimmon House

At villas, privacy and luxury come together to create a truly enriching holiday experience just for you. Head away from the monotony of hotel rooms and let these cosy, home-like villas be an active part of your travels. Book now!

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