7 Stunning Waterfalls Near Mumbai and Pune You Should Visit This Monsoon

We’re finally getting to one of the most awaited times of the year when the heavens open up and the rains turn dry land into a flourishing green landscape. The countryside in Maharashtra blooms with life, making it the perfect time for an excursion to the hills. You can trek through the verdant hillside, soak in the rich greenery around you, and, best of all, visit some breathtaking waterfalls. Here are our top picks of waterfalls near Mumbai, where you are guaranteed a wonderful time!

1. Bhivpuri Waterfalls, Karjat 

Nestled in the dip between two hills, this 20-foot waterfall is a lovely sight during July and August. A serene 20-minute walk from Bhivpuri Road railway station or a quick rickshaw ride from Karjat railway station gets you to this site. Need a place to rest and relax near this scenic spot? Try out SaffronStays Sundowner, a sprawling pool villa where you can host everything from a family reunion to an office retreat. Just nearby is the charming, yellow-walled SaffronStays Casa Manga — an ideal destination for family getaways in the midst of a mango farm. 

2. Vihigaon Waterfall, Igatpuri

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At this stunning waterfall in Igatpuri, a broad stream of water cascades down the hillside and collects in a small pool at the base of the mountain — making it the perfect spot to play and relax. If this enchanting place seems familiar, you might remember it from the 2001 movie Ashoka. A song featuring stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor was shot right under these waters, and the location is just as beautiful as ever. Opt for SaffronStays Serenity, a private villa in Igatpuri that is a nature’s paradise, just like the hills around the waterfall. Or choose SaffronStays Jannat instead, where you can enjoy the heart of Nashik city as well as a long idyllic drive down to the waterfall. 

3. Dabdaba Falls, Jawhar

Adventure junkies will love a visit to Dabdaba falls as one reaches it by trekking through a dense but gorgeous jungle. Experience the unique sights and sounds of wildlife as you hike the trail and conclude with the reward of seeing this towering waterfall in the middle of a forest. This attraction is more secluded than most tourist spots and ideal for those who enjoy being in nature. Rent a luxury villa nearby so you can rest those weary feet at the end of the day without making a trip back to the city. SaffronStays Elfreda, for example, is a cosy bungalow for a small group of people to stay the night. SaffronStays Dhyana, too, offers all the comforts you need after a long day in the hills. 

4. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

One of the highest waterfalls in the country, Dudhsagar Falls is an iconic tourist attraction in Goa. Torrents of water create a breathtaking portrait as it leaps down the rocks and gushes between trees. The foamy water makes it look like pure white liquid streaming down the mountainside, warranting the name that literally translates to ‘Sea of Milk’. You can soak in the mesmerising view of the 1017-foot waterfall from afar or splash around in the massive pools at its base, enjoying the spray of the rushing downpour. After a thrilling jeep safari and a swimming-filled afternoon, head back to SaffronStays De La Mer where you can kick your feet up, tuck into some seafood and end the day with a splendid view of the coast from your bedroom.

5. Lingmala Falls, Panchgani

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Unlike the torrents of Dudhsagar waterfall, Lingmala waterfall is a thinner stream of water that flows right off the edge of a cliff and plummets 600 feet to the bottom. You’ll want to keep gazing at this picturesque view, best appreciated from a vantage point in the hills accessed via a steep staircase. While this place is more suited to photography enthusiasts, those looking for the playful joy of a waterfall can head to the lower deck, where there is a mini waterfall, ideal for swimming and unwinding. There are plenty of places to stay nearby, including the English chalet-style villa SaffronStays Tudor Rose and the 3-bedroom SaffronStays Aurelia that overlooks Panchgani valley. 

6. Dhobi Waterfalls, Mahabaleshwar

Multiple streams of water converge over the hillside at this tranquil spot in Mahabaleshwar. Feel your worries wash away with the water as you enjoy the view and dip your feet in by its rocky base. Take Instagram-worthy selfies and organise a family picnic by the idyllic spot; you are guaranteed to walk away with some precious memories. This lovely waterfall near Mumbai is only a 12-minute drive from SaffronStays Horizon 360°, which offers a panoramic view of Mahabaleshwar’s landscape. Or accompany your trip to the falls with a stay on a strawberry farm at SaffronStays RedFields By The Venna River

7. Kune Falls, Lonavala

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the city, take a trip to Kune Falls in Lonavala. Wrapped in lush vegetation amidst the undulating Sahyadri mountains, a visit to this mesmerising location will take you away from the stress of daily life. Lose yourself in the view of this three-tiered fall, and let the sound of flowing water lull your senses. You can feel your muscles relax as you float in the pools at the bottom. Complete your city getaway with a night in at SaffronStays Fred, a modern villa with everything you need. If you can’t get enough of nature, then opt for SaffronStays Falcon Hill to get some more spectacular views of Lonavala’s valleys. 

These marvels of nature are only around for a month or two, the fleetingness of the phenomenon simply adding to its beauty. So, book one of our nearby villas and catch these stunning waterfalls near Mumbai before time runs out!

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