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5 Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Traditional Ceremonies

We Indians love our traditions! And why shouldn’t we? Our traditional ceremonies are like a triveni sangam of time-honoured culture, gracious hospitality, and the perfect opportunity to dress to kill! But we are also constantly seeking new, unestablished, and unconventional ways to marry our modern lives with our ancestral pasts. We also see glimpses of this newly acquired taste in a small but growing community that’s reinventing the way they celebrate traditional Indian ceremonies. With influencers leading the way – like the Virushka wedding or the Ambani’s celebration of Shloka’s first birthday as their daughter-in-law – we’re totally inspired! That’s why we made our own list of 5 non-traditional ways to celebrate traditional ceremonies.

1. Stop the spouse-to-be in their tracks with an exclusive roka ceremony

The roka ceremony traditionally takes place with the groom’s family coming over to the bride’s place and “sealing the deal”. For many, it is a private function while for others, a grand engagement celebration. But for those looking for the perfect balance, what’s better than a roka with only close family and friends at an exclusive location? 

How: Take close friends and family to an exclusive getaway with nobody else in sight to share the roka ceremony with.
Pictured here: SaffronStays Himalaica, Nainital

2. Plan an intimate wedding with those who really matter

How does ‘exchanging vows with a promise of a lifetime of happiness in an intimate space’ sound to you? If this seems like your kind of thing, ditch the mama ke chacha ki beti ka bhatija kind of guests and solemnise your marriage in the presence of those whose blessings and wishes mean the most.

How: Instead of a conventional wedding venue, pick an intimate wedding property that is big enough to accommodate your VIP guests i.e. close friends and family.
Pictured here: SaffronStays Nisarga, Tala

3. Let nature be witness to your son’s thread ceremony

The thread ceremony signifies the religious enrichment of a boy and his rite of passage into the greater affairs of life. Step out of the confines of four walls and let nature betroth your son to his higher calling. 

How: Pick an outdoor location that’s nestled in nature but close enough for the extended family to travel.
Pictured here: SaffronStays Odeon, Lonavala

4. Baby-shower your daughter with a modern godh bharai

A little baby shower, a little godh bharai, a whole lot of fun! The traditional godh bharai is typically a women-only ceremony hosted by the mother, replete with rituals and yummy food. The imported version of this ceremony, called the baby shower, is usually hosted by the woman’s bestie or a sister and is a party full of games and fun. Mix the two and you get a celebration like no other!

How: Plan the event with rituals, followed by food, games, stand-up comedy, and some dancing.
Pictured here: SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

5. Take Diwali for a trip

Families today are spread all over the globe and Diwali is the time they come together to celebrate. And why only Diwali? The same applies for Christmas, Eid, Holi, and other festivals too. Traditionally, celebrations at home may be the norm, but the real occasion is to get the whole family under one roof. And this roof need not be the one in your home! Take your family on a festive trip to bring alive conversations in the midst of relaxation

How: Head out for a family staycation with all the kids, parents, uncles, aunties, and grandparents in tow.
Pictured here: SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow, Coorg

Have you ever celebrated a traditional ceremony in a non-traditional way? Tell us and we’ll add our favourite ones to this list with due credit to you, or get more reasons here: celebrations.saffronstays.com

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