10 things to do while at a SaffronStays Home!

We work recklessly to not only earn a living but also live a life full of rich experiences worth cherishing. These are best lived with a companion along. So here we give you 10 things to do at our homes that are worth living and reminiscing. Share it with your friends and decide which one is best for you.

Apple & Cherry Orchards Tour at SaffronStays Thanedhar Estate

A 100 year old estate home SaffronStays Thanedhar Estate in Himachal Pradesh belonging to the family which has a close connection to Samuel (Satyanand) Stokes, the man responsible for introducing apple cultivation in India. Yes this home is where you can learn and experience the cultivation of apples and cherries. You can even Drive down to Narkanda-India’s oldest skiing destination during the winter season. Or Visit the popular tourist spots like Hatu Peak, Tani Jubbar Lake and St. Mary’s Church. When Firstpost, Business Today and Financial Express have spoken about India’s first apple orchard, SaffronStays Thanedhar Estate, you know this is one of the 10 things to do while at this home in the North!

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Visit the Palampur tea garden near SaffronStays Villa Asha

 SaffronStays Villa Asha is a pet-friendly villa set in the tea capital of North India. This rustic abode is a perfect combination of simplicity and modern splendour. Situated in Palampur, one of the most majestic hill stations of the North. This home urges you to visit the Palampur tea garden which is very close to the villa. Also, you can visit the 13th Century Baijnath temple or Tashi Jong Khampagar Monastery too. With so many places around, this cannot, not be in the 10 things to do of our list.

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Treks and Trails around SaffronStays Tridiva

Perched on hilltop in the village of Talwari, over 5,500 ft. in the Garhwal Himalayas, SaffronStays Tridiva is a comfortable home that suits best for the adventurous souls. Believe it or not, this home as trek routes connected to reach all the famous spots around. From a day’s trek to Badhangari a temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati to a 5-6 day trek to the famous Roopkund-a famous glacial lake. There are religious festivals that take place in autumn,where the nearby villages participate. The lake is covered with ice all the time and it adds to its beauty. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these things to do, even if you plan to go SOLO like Indian Express has stated!

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Traditional activities at SaffronStays Jaipura Garh

A royal heritage home built on land gifted by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I of Jaipur to Sardar Singh was restored to its formal beauty recently. And it is no other than SaffronStays Jaipura Garh in Jaipur. If you’ve been looking to witness a melting pot of cultures or encounter fascinating anecdotes of history, this home is where you will find all possible cultural things to do. Pottery, Camel Cart or Tractor Trolley Ride, Jaipura Village Trail, Dinner with the Royals, city tours, picnics, night safari etc are few of the things to do while you are at this getaway home with your friends and family. Tripoto and have explained why this should be your next getaway

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Cricket tournament at SaffronStays Casa Blanca

Calling all you cricket enthusiasts to SaffronStays Casa Blanca in Karjat. This beautifully crafted Home has a Greek touch, artistically painted murals 2-acres of organic farms, a private pool and a huge ground for cricket, volleyball or badminton. Having a dedicated cricket pitch, this home will surely attract your attention if you are a cricket enthusiast. With a dance floor, DJ console, speakers, poker table, and a small TT table, you will not fall short of things to do at this villa near Mumbai, this even Curly Tales would not deny.

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Pet day out at SaffronStays Casa Manga

What if I tell you that having a pet day out, is one of the 10 things you must do? At a home that’s pet-friendly, SaffronStays Casa Manga in Karjat is where you can tick this wish off the list. Surrounded by lush greenery with a gazebo in the outdoors, you can soak yourself at this beautiful home. Not only can you and your friends play cricket and football in the sprawling lawn area, but your pets can also have its own good time as well. Not forgetting the  bonfire which is right next to the pool to keep you warm. ND studios which is a major tourist attraction in Karjat, is located close to the villa.

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Fun workshops at SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow

SaffronStays Calamondinn Bungalow is a 1890’s colonial home that’s set amidst the green hills of Coorg. Here, you can pick and brew your own morning cuppa, learn the basics of bee-keeping from the apiculture farm. This villa has a an enthusiastic home owner who can teach you everything from baking to photography. Did your vacation ever seem to be this interesting? With so many things to do at just one place, this villa makes it the perfect vacation home for you and your gang.

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Organic Farming at SaffronStays Thenkani Organic Farms

A garden with a rock pool and several plants and colourful flowers pave the way for this Swiss chalet-esque home, SaffronStays Thenkani Farms in Tamil Nadu. At this home you can not only catch the surreal vision of a herd of elephants and deer walking by the home from the balcony but also spend your time plucking out tomatoes from organic farms for chutneys or relax under a blanket of stars. With all such fascinating things to do in Southern India, you must not miss out on booking this home right away.

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Stroll through the coffee estate, SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate

SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate is an earthy stone and mud structure built on a 35 Acre Estate. exudes a homely vibe one can grab their favourite book from the collection of over 200 books in the home’s library. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll as you set out for a picnic along with your furry friends by the serene river. Also, not forgetting the coffee plantations at this home where one can experience the fresh aroma and feel refreshed. Not only does this villa have coffee plantations, but also includes a wide variety of trees like jackfruit, orange, avocado, banana, rose-apples, rosewood, vanilla, pepper and more. You don’t have to be a FOMO when you have so many things to do at this Estate home.

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Vacay at SaffronStays Ivory Cottages, a 100 acre coffee plantation home

Ek se badh kar do they say, hence we have another home that is has a 100 acre coffee plantation. SaffronStays Ivory Cottages has a legacy of 125 years and can be traced back to the Colonial Era. With fully trained hospitality staff, this home wants you to just relax and enjoy the coffee from the homegrown plantations as one of the things to do while at a SaffronStays villa. 

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Aren’t all these 10 things to do unique and a must do while on a vacation? If your answer is yes, you know the benefits of holidaying with us. It also comes with hasslefree getaways and honest hospitality to pamper you. So why wait, when you can book right away? 

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