10 Spacious Villas for Corporate Retreats Near Mumbai

Go as colleagues, come back as family! Time to pack your bags and head for an exciting company retreat. The best way to go about it? Find a private space that lets your employees hone their skills, train their minds, and strengthen their bonds with each other. SaffronStays villas for corporate offsites tick all of these boxes. Don’t believe us? Go through the following list. We guarantee you’ll find your perfect fit before you reach the end. 

1. Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet

Unwind over a game of cards with your teammates in the games room at SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake

Wish you could rent out an entire resort? At SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, you can! Think of wide lawns for team-building activities, spacious conference rooms, large outdoor dining spaces for meals under the open sky, and a serene lake for a mid-day picnic. You get the estate’s entire stretch of land just for yourself. No strangers, no interruptions. This 6-bedroom villa will help you tick off all those offsite goals. 
Max no. of guests: 18
Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake

2. SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas, Kamshet

At SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas pick any sporting activity for team bonding

A large property in the hills with 10 cosy cottages, this estate is the ideal villa for corporate offsites. Along with the hassle-free accommodation are various lounge areas for team members to reconnect with each other. They can wrap up the day by unwinding in the gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the stunning Sahyadri hills. Pleasant weather and an impeccable staff at the villa will ensure that your offsite goes without a hitch. 
Max no. of guests: 30
Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Raanwaara and Aranya Vilaas

3. SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas, Pawna

Host a luxurious retreat for your team at SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas

Who says company retreats can’t be stylish? This chic villa on the banks of Lake Pawna says otherwise. The infinity pool overlooking the lake, the elegant furnishings, modern tiles, and tasteful artwork adorning the walls all paint a picture of true luxury. Featuring a spellbinding 180-degree view of Lake Pawna from all the balconies, here you can treat your employees to a vacation that relaxes and inspires them. Combined with SaffronStays Yahvi Waters and SaffronStays Ahilya Waters, these three villas near Mumbai are perfect for luxury holidays with large groups.
Max no. of guests: 27
Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Kaia Waters by Kosha Villas

4. SaffronStays Juniper, Lonavala

Challenge your teammates over some games of table tennis and snooker at SaffronStays Juniper

Picture 2 spacious villas with stylish rooms and endless games — these elegant private villas in Lonavala with 5 bedrooms each, could be where your next annual brainstorming session happens. Away from the hustle of the city, up in the mountains, you can experience the chill in the air. Your team members will find peace amidst evergreen mountains. Need to liven up the team morale? Try a friendly game of table tennis or snooker with your buddies or enjoy a game of cricket or volleyball on the lawn.
Max no. of guests: 30
Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Juniper

5. SaffronStays Amaltas, Nashik

Balance recreation with productivity at SaffronStays Amaltas

This luxurious staycation in Nashik is an ideal villa for corporate offsites that want to balance recreation with productivity.  A massive private pool villa, this 10-bedroom home redefines spaciousness! With a huge swimming pool, vast lawns, and a private gym, this home has endless options. Encourage healthy competition by planning interesting outdoor games or sit indoors and play numerous board games. Enjoy a karoake session with your teammates or straddle up for a horse-ridding experience to remember. Follow it up with inspiring discussions over delicious meals, or get to know more about your work-mates over a sizzling barbecue under the stars. The possibilities are endless!
Max no. of guests: 30
Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Amaltas

6. SaffronStays Palm Paradise, Khadavli

The huge pool, vast lawn and delicious food makes SaffronStays Palm Paradise ideal for offsites

A modern villa, a neat, trimmed lawn and a massive swimming pool come together to create a sophisticated establishment that is great for company events. Throw ideas around while sipping on chai in the quaint, little gazebo or let the mind wander as you feed the chickens and ducks on the property. Surrounded by a mango plantation, the fresh air and organic food will rejuvenate your soul. A valuable retreat at this private villa near Mumbai promises a successful year ahead!

Max no. of guests: 24

Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Palm Paradise

7. SaffronStays Sundowner, Karjat

Plan a team trek to the hills right next to SaffronStays Sundowner

This luxurious estate offers space, space and more space. Widespread green hills go on for miles around the villa, wrapping you in total privacy and freedom. Sleek and minimal lounge areas create the perfect professional vibe for seminars and goal-setting sessions. Get people to focus, brainstorm in the first half, and let loose in the second half under a fantastic rain dance setup! Choose this villa for an unforgettable corporate offsite.

Max no. of guests: 40

Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Sundowner

8. SaffronStays Kenwoods and SaffronStays Elfreda, Vikramgad

Organise an exciting scavenger hunt at SaffronStays Kenwoods and SaffronStays Elfreda

After a year of hard work and toil, gift your employees a retreat at an estate with a beautiful Portuguese-style bungalow and a separate, cosy cottage. Indulge in a delightful pool party under fairy lights, and let a friendly game of Two Truths And A Lie bring your team closer together. Use the charming rooms of the villa and the lush, green outdoors to organise an exciting scavenger hunt. So much to do, and all the time in the world to do it!

Max no. of guests: 17

Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Kenwoods and SaffronStays Elfreda

9. SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Work hard! Party Harder at SaffronStays Gardenia

A short drive from Mumbai gets you to this veritable paradise. Among the sleek furnishings, the roll-up garden and the splendid swimming pool, you and your employees will feel seated in the lap of luxury. Use the expansive green lawns for team-building activities like three-legged races or dance-offs. Spice up the business discussions with some authentic Alibaug Bombil fry or fish curry. Once the shop-talk is done, celebrate the night away with a pool party!

Max no. of guests: 16

Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Gardenia

10. SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

Get an al fresco dining table experience at SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

This Alibaug retreat is an exciting all-in-one package with deluxe living rooms, an indoor bar, a game zone and delectable meals featuring wood-fired pizzas and live barbecue! The ample outdoor space has several lounge areas, from carved furniture sets for small tête-à-têtes to lavish al fresco dining tables for the more important conversations. There is even a raised platform for morning yoga sessions with only the chirping birds as your company. What more could you need? 

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your company retreat today: SaffronStays Casa Del Palms

Picking a suitable villa for corporate offsites is one of the things that can make or break your retreat. With our villas and their impeccable staff, you can never go wrong. The perfect company retreat near Mumbai awaits!

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