10 Private Villas With Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Imagine having dinner in a garden, wrapped by the scent of blooming flowers, under a night sky. Think of sipping chai with your best buddies and watching the sunset over a lake. Or a chic picnic with the fam surrounded by the hills of North India. Outdoor spaces can make or break a holiday. After all, freedom and relaxation are all about getting out of those four walls. So here are 10 private villas with stunning outdoor spaces:

1. SaffronStays Kairos, Karjat

Looking for a one-in-a-million holiday experience? Try this splendid Greek haven that’s only 1.5 hours from Mumbai! Painted white and blue, SaffronStays Kairos Athena,Karjat and SaffronStays Kairos Zeus, Karjat, are Greek-style villas sitting right on Lake Kalote. The gentle sound of the water is a continuous lullaby, and the surrounding greenery is a treat for the eyes. The tiled terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy the breeze and panoramic view. Boating, kayaking, stargazing — spend your weekend getting back in touch with the outdoors!

Max no. of guests: 24

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Kairos Zeus, Karjat and SaffronStays Kairos Athena, Karjat

2. SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet

Think about slow morning strolls among eucalyptus and mango trees, uninterrupted yoga sessions on the large lawn amidst the sound of chirping birds, and lunchtime picnics by the rippling waters of a lake. If that sounds like the perfect getaway, SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet is the holiday home for you. Spread over 70 acres, this Signature pool villa in Kamshet is ideal for large groups with kids.

Max no. of guests: 18

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet

3. SaffronStays Odyssey, Karjat

Spread across 10 acres of land, this private villa in Karjat brings all outdoor fun right to your doorstep. Whether you want to play with your furry friend on the sprawling lawns, relax on the wide terrace, swim under the open sky, take walks or enjoy a cycling session on the track (free of cost to the guests), this estate has it all. To top it all, massive French windows meld the outdoors and indoors, so the flourishing greenery is never out of view from any of the luxurious rooms.

Max no. of guests: 18

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Odyssey, Karjat

4. SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

Much like the name suggests, this estate is a little paradise nestled in Igatpuri, around 30 minutes from Nashik. Here, you will find absolute peace and complete privacy, even as you enjoy a picnic by the banks of Waldevi lake! Moreover, don’t miss out on a tranquil walk through the gorgeous mango plantation around the villa. If you visit during the right season, you might even be able to pluck the fruits to dig into later. In your private bubble, you can enjoy a barbecue on the lawn, lounge in the pool, or read a book on the spacious balcony that offers panoramic views. It’s the ultimate relaxation destination!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

5. SaffrontStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

This Signature private villa in Alibaug has one of the most luxurious outdoor spaces ever seen! With a gazebo for cosy chats among friends, a yoga station for fitness lovers, and an outdoor bar for party animals, you’ll want to spend your entire vacation outside! Spend hours playing badminton or try out the ancient Greek game called Pétanque — this pool villa is all about having fun. Add to it a number of gorgeous dining spaces so you can have lunch under a bright blue sky and dinner under a blanket of stars. The charming al fresco dining experience will only increase the bond between you and your loved ones.

Max no. of guests: 19

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Casa Del Palms, Alibaug

6. SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug

What sets this 4-bedroom Alibaug villa apart from the rest? It’s a pet-friendly holiday home! So no need for teary goodbyes to your furry friends, bring them along. Together, you can make the best out of the manicured lawn that extends all around the villa. When it’s time for a break, relax on the chic patio for a rest and a cup of tea. Ringed by palm trees and hills, with the sea breeze blowing through the estate 24/7, this is the perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Minerva, Alibaug

7. SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

Looking for a five-star holiday? At this 4-bedroom villa near Alibaug, opulence flows from its elegant, glossy interiors to the serene outdoors. Miles of lush grassy land envelopes the villa, with a gorgeous garden, rolling up to the first floor! The air is fresh and perfect for a day of birdwatching, outdoor games, and taking laps in the outdoor swimming pool. Don’t miss out on the special al fresco dining experience among some of the garden’s prettiest flowers and shrubs!

Max no. of guests: 16

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Gardenia, Kihim

8. SaffronStays Kimaya, Alibaug

With its amoeba-shaped pool sitting in the midst of a tropical garden, this private villa near Mumbai is the ideal spot for an outdoor pool party! Picture your group dispersed among the palm trees and naturally growing creepers, playing games in the pool, lounging at the poolside gazebo or sipping on a drink with their feet dipped in. Don’t miss out on the exquisite lily pond indoors, it’s one-of-a-kind! Need to level up? Shift the party to Thal Beach or Varsoli Beach that only 10 minutes away!

Max no. of guests: 11

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Kimaya, Alibaug

9. SaffronStays Monarch Manor, Manali

What could make for a better outdoor scene than the forests and mountains of Himachal Pradesh? Book a tranquil vacation at this lavish private homestay in Manali. At this grand manor fit for royalty, you can choose between the Glass Suite, the Master Suite, or the Family Room. It features an expansive green lawn that can fit in a number of exciting activities, from pitching a tent and setting up a barbecue to hours of cricket, badminton or football! Prepare for long days of nature trails, trekking to waterfalls, ziplining, and badminton games on the lawn. Or you could simply soak in the mountain views and watch the sun go down in a blaze of colours.

Max no. of guests: 18

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Monarch Manor Family Room, Manali

10. SaffronStays Persimmon House, Raison

There are a plethora of ways to experience and enjoy the outdoors at this luxury cottage near Manali. But some of our favourites include taking a short walk to the Beas River, trekking to the beautiful Jana Falls, indulging in thrilling activities like paragliding and river rafting. Of course, some of the best memories come from simple pleasures — like relaxing on the swing in the lawn and sipping a steaming cup of chai as you savour the cool, mountain air!

Max no. of guests: 12

Book your private villa today: SaffronStays Persimmon House, Raison

Ready to get the city out of your system? Book one of these luxury villas with outdoor spaces to make the best of your holiday!

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