How To Make A Sustainable Home

Eco-conscious travel is on the rise. People want to vacation sustainably, and accommodation is a significant part of that initiative. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn your vacation home into an energy-efficient stay. You’ll attract customers, save money and most importantly, aid to the preservation of the planet. This noble endeavour does not have to be costly: you can differentiate your offering by making a few adjustments to your home. Here are 10 easy and affordable ways to make a sustainable home:

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1. Provide reusable supplies instead of single-use

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Access to kitchen supplies and cutlery is a must for every guest. Make sure you provide reusable ceramic/melamine/glass dishes, cups, and plates rather than single-use plastic ones. The same holds true for toiletries like shampoo bottles, soaps, and other bathroom supplies. Choose reusable bottles or packages that can be refilled rather than disposables that would be discarded after a stay.

2. Install energy-efficient light fixtures and appliances

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Equipping a vacation rental house with power-saving hardware and appliances is one approach to reduce its carbon footprint. Making the switch to LED light bulbs is a simple place to start. Another great choice would be to upgrade your heating and cooling system by installing an automatic thermostat that controls the temperature when visitors aren’t staying in the villa.

3. Install solar panels

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Installing solar panels is another cost-cutting strategy. Although they are not as simple and affordable to install as a faucet, they do assist in saving energy costs all year. Being energy independent allows you to avoid reliance on the traditional energy infrastructure. This will have a considerable influence when prospective guests scroll through.

4. Introduce an organic garden to your rental home

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Growing an organic garden with local produce, veggies, and native plants within your rental home is one of the best ways to go green. This provides an opportunity for your visitors to learn about the area’s local flora. One could even make an exciting experience out of it: you can urge them to use the outdoors and even engage in fruit/vegetable picking. Who doesn’t love a little gardening, eh?

5. Invest in smart home technology

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Another way to make your vacation home more environmentally friendly is to invest in smart-home technology. By investing in energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and systems, you can reduce energy use and cut down on your energy bill. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Instead of leaving the temperature control to your visitors, you can operate your smart thermostats from anywhere. Analyse the patterns of energy usage and present your guests with a crisp, warm home in the winter and a cool home in the summer.
  • Similarly, you can provide your guests with smart locks. It helps you reduce your carbon footprint by saving on gas emissions on the drives back and forth to check-in and check-out your guests.

6. Collect rainwater to water your garden

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Once your organic garden is set up, place a rain barrel to collect rainfall that you can use to water the garden later. This is a practical approach to saving water in vacation homes in areas with a lot of rain.

7. Encourage guests to reduce water consumption

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Even though it’s nearly difficult to monitor water consumption of your guests throughout the stay, you can still opt for ways to save water. Start replacing your fixtures because an outdated bathroom can significantly increase water waste. Additionally, you can install low-flow showerheads in every bathroom. Although the water pressure remains unaffected, this showerhead still uses less water than conventional models.

8. Provide recycling protocols

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More often, eco-friendly vacation homes provide simple, easy recycling choices. You can quickly establish your recycling system by designating separate containers for wet and dry garbage. You can also take it further and sort your trash into plastics, paper, and glass. Moreover, a significant portion of rubbish is made up of food waste. You could compost the food waste to make your organic garden fertiliser. It will undoubtedly impress your eco-aware visitors.

9. Use real plants when decorating

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Plants are always an attractive addition to any indoor or outdoor setting. So instead of using fake plants to beautify your vacation rental house, why not use real ones? Some indoor plants to think about are calatheas, snake plants, philodendrons, and aglaonemas. They can give the area a more natural and green appearance and require very little maintenance. Additionally, plants contribute to indoor air purification by raising humidity, generating oxygen, and removing pollutants.

10. Provide sustainable transport & activities

Ways To Create A Sustainable Home
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You can provide a range of environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives and activities depending on where you are. These can include rental options for kayaks on lakes or ocean fronts, bicycles for travelling around town, directions to hiking trails, and a list of places to visit that are close to the house on foot. Provide eco-friendly items that guests can take with them on their outings, including recyclable garbage bags and reusable water bottles.

The Takeaway
It’s important to realise that the path to environmental sustainability in vacation rentals isn’t about achieving perfection on the first try. Sustainability is a process rather than a destination. Small improvements with quick executions that add up over time are what matter on a bigger scale. It is also critical to be open about the actions you take. Your acts will generate momentum and others will follow suit. Include them in your home’s description so that your guests can see them when they book.

Take advantage of this chance to market your vacation rental home to eco-conscious travellers. If you want to draw more clients who share your interests, emphasise the various benefits of your environmentally-friendly accommodation. In doing so, you help create a more sustainable planet for the future while simultaneously aiming for larger profits.

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