10 Private Villas That Are The Ultimate Luxury Wellness Retreat

When was the last time you took some time off to look after yourself? Wrapped up in work and household chores your health often gets overlooked. It’s time to give your mind and body the care and attention it needs at a place where peace and quiet allow you to recharge and become your best self. Here are ten SaffronStays villas for wellness retreats where you will find an amazing experience!

1. SaffronStays Moira, Kamshet

Stay by the side of the gorgeous Thukarwadi lake, in a villa whose airy rooms and earthy hues will put your mind at ease. Let the fresh countryside air soothe your skin as you lounge in a hammock, float in the pool or stroll on the lawn under the stars. Let the fully trained staff at the villa take care of everything else, from cleanliness to meals that are personalised just for you!

No. of guests: 12-18

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Moira

2. SaffronStays Aatman, Mahabaleshwar

Sometimes, a healthy break is simply a staycation by a farm, enveloped in the chill hill-station air of Mahabaleshwar. The copious amounts of open spaces and outdoor seating arrangements put you closer in touch with nature and make this villa perfect for a luxury wellness retreat. Head to the terrace for a mesmerising sunset view that will heal you off all that time in the city. 

No. of guests: 8-15

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Aatman

3. SaffronStays Kairos Athena, Karjat

Nothing is more soothing than being surrounded by whitewashed walls and vibrant blues in this Greek-style holiday home. You will feel a blanket of tranquillity settle over you from the moment you arrive at this waterfront estate and its sister villa that sits right on the banks of Lake Kalote and is fringed by splendid greenery on all sides. With home-fresh, organic meals available, you will feel nourished inside and out. 

No. of guests: 4-24

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Kairos Athena and SaffronStays Kairos Zeus

4. SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

Settle into this minimal styled, modern villa which will take you far away from the clutter of everyday life. The chaos left behind, this villa’s wide French windows and the lake-facing terrace provide quiet spots for you to meditate. As your breaths get deeper and your mind feels lighter, the fresh breeze will dance over the manicured lawns and hold you in a soothing embrace. For a few days, this can be your own private paradise!

No. of guests: 6-12

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Jannat

5. SaffronStays Hillview, Kasauli

The mountains of Himachal Pradesh have a calming and healing power that can’t be found anywhere else. Every breath of chilly mountainside air on the balcony of this hilltop villa in Kasauli will revitalize your soul. Among the cosy interiors you can find new, more positive energy, while nature walks and treks to sunset points will stretch your muscles and infuse you with strength. 

No. of guests: 10-12

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Hillview

6. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Plan your yoga retreat in this sweet little beachside haven in Alibaug where the expansive lawn is ideal for you and your group. Whether you are stretching out with downward-facing-dog or looking inward with deep meditation, the swaying coconut trees and cool sea breeze will set just the right mood. For relaxation during the rest of your time, this villa for wellness retreats has snug vintage interiors and an azure pool.

No. of guests: 12-18

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Summer Salt

7. SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug

Get the family getaway you deserve at this luxury sea-facing villa, where the musical sound of the waves will lull the senses and the lush greenery will permeate your pores with peace and calm. Evening strolls by the beach have a meditative power of their own and what’s more rejuvenating for the soul than making special memories with your loved ones through picnics and barbecue nights?

No. of guests: 6-9

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Sea La Vie

8. SaffronStays Grand Mansion Of Saipem Hills, Candolim

A wellness retreat can also mean you and your closest friends and families leaving all stress and worries and spending quality time together. In the pristine waters of the pool and within the vibrant walls of this opulent 5-bedroom manor in Goa, you can get to know each other once again. Surrounded by fresh air and lively greenery, away from the noise, you can foster true, heartfelt connection. 

No. of guests: 10-14

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Grand Mansion Of Saipem Hills

9. SaffronStays Riverstone, Mysore

Don’t you wish your life was like a languidly moving river whose calm surface is only rippled by falling leaves? This contemporary villa by the banks of the Kaveri river offers that perfect opportunity. You can gaze at the water or enjoy a serene picnic by its edge and let your soul soak in the beauty and stillness of nature. Coconut plantations and vibrant flowers further radiate healing energy on this villa for wellness retreats in Karnataka.

No. of guests: 6-10

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Riverstone

10. SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate, Kodaikanal

Vine covered walls, chic outdoor dining areas, and the alluring aroma of roasted coffee beans make this villa a great wellness retreat location. Having just the right sights, sounds and smells, you can finally let yourself disconnect from worldly matters and focus on your physical, mental and emotional health. Let your batteries recharge amongst flourishing mountains, by gurgling streams and in the company of 2 pet dogs at the estate!

No. of guests: 6-11

Start your wellness journey now: SaffronStays Nandanvan Estate

Let us take care of the safety, sanitisation and your utmost privacy at these villas for wellness retreats. So you can take your very first step in reconnecting with the most important person in your life — you. 

Looking for a better fit? Check out these private villas. 

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