10 Private Villas To Beat The Heat This Summer

With the arrival of March 2022, there also came a heatwave and even weeks later it feels like it never ended. But here’s your chance to take a break from the heat and humidity and instead lounge in the cool waters of swimming pools, refresh your insides with a soothing iced mocktail and breathe in some fresh mountain air. Head over to these gorgeous fully-staffed vacation villas couple of hours drive from Mumbai & Pune or plan a longer staycation in others. Book one of these 10 summer villas for rent and get the ultimate solution to beat the heat! 

1. SaffronStays RedFields By The Venna River, Mahabaleshwar

A riverside private villa nestled among the hills of Mahabaleshwar is the perfect place for you to hide from the scorching summer heat. Under the cool shadow of the mountains, you can stretch out on the lounge chairs to soak in the dazzling sunset and take refreshing, juicy bites from freshly picked strawberries. Let yourself completely unwind in this heat-free zone! If you’re game for some sightseeing, there’s a short trek to short trek to famous tourist spots like Lingmala Waterfall and Wilson Point – the highest point in Mahabaleshwar.

No. of guests: 6-12

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays RedFields By The Venna River.

2. SaffronStays Sylvan Meadows, Mahabaleshwar

Wouldn’t you like to laze in a hammock under the trees surrounded by pleasant Mahabaleshwar winds? Or bubble away in the cool waters of a jacuzzi? Spend a few days lounging in the air-conditioned rooms of this luxury villa and you’ll forget all about the high temperatures. Start your day with fresh watermelon and papaya and end it curled up in the cosy swing in the balcony where you can enjoy a nip in the air once the sun sets. The calm, flowing Venna Lake just 2 kms away provides plenty of boating and water sport activities.

No. of guests: 6-18

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Sylvan Meadows.

3. SaffronStays Aatman, Mahabaleshwar

Yet another gorgeous hill-station villa, apt for those who like being closer to nature. This holiday home not only overlooks a valley but has plenty of outdoor seating to soak in the chilly air and dine under the stars. Say goodbye to sticky skin and smelly clothes, at this lavish summer villa for rent you will feel airy and light throughout your stay. Find a bit of heritage at Pratapgad Fort (10 km), or go boating or horse riding at the Venna Lake which is only a 20-minute drive away.

No. of guests: 6-15

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Aatman.

4. SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar

With wide French windows and a verandah overlooking the hills, this private villa in Mahabaleshwar pulls in fresh air and cool winds so you can feel at peace all the time. With miles of lush greenery on all sides, this holiday destination is ideal for those looking for serene views and a quiet getaway, with only the birds, butterflies and a plethora of vibrant flowers to keep you company. There’s also the vibrant Mahabaleshwar Market a 10min walk from the home, or cheese and slush tasting at the Pure Gold Cheese Factory to indulge in 30 minutes drive away.

No. of guests: 2-15

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Horizon 360°

5. SaffronStays Ocean Pearl, Hejamady

What better way to beat the heat than by holidaying at a waterfront villa? Not only is this charming 3-bedroom cottage in Karnataka right next to Hejamady beach, with two other beaches – Padubidri and Sasihitlu – just a short walk away but it also features a beautiful spot by the backwaters. Cool off amongst the playful waves on the shore or simply enjoy a quiet moment by the tranquil backwaters. Rest assured, the heat will not get you here. 

No. of guests: 6-9

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Ocean Pearl.

6. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Soothe your heart — and your skin — with an exhilarating vacation right on the shores of Akshi beach. Among the swaying palm trees and bright blue skies, you will find a bubble of peace. Despite the sunny shores, the sea breeze will wash over you while the chilled pool water and the waves of the Arabian Sea will wrap you up in a cocoon of coolness. Get a rejuvenating respite from the heat at this beachside Alibaug villa. You can also embrace your culture-curious personality by visiting Angre Fort (8 km.) standing in the middle of the ocean, where one of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s admirals once lived. There’s just so much history here!

No. of guests: 12-18

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Summer Salt.

7. SaffronStays Thalassea, Alibaug

Just a few minutes from Mandwa Jetty is this slice of paradise — a seafront private villa sitting right on Thal beach. Apart from the cool beach waters of Alibaug, you can feel the pleasant seaside winds in every corner of this spacious and airy villa, whether lazing in bed or getting some me-time on the balcony. Looking for more ways to shake off the high temperatures? Take a quick drive for a splash under Siddheshwar Waterfall, head over to the Alibaug beach (18 mins) or visit the Kolaba Fort (19 mins).

No. of guests: 6

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Thalassea.

8. SaffronStays De La Mer, Goa

The sea-facing view at this summer villa for rent in Goa is one that should be on your bucket list. Barring the breathtaking look at the coast and the landscape of fiery colours at sunset, you will also find multiple ways to beat the heat — from Coco Beach and Reis Magos Beach just a short walk away to your very own private swimming pool in the villa itself. Cafe hopping exploring the most famous cafes of Panjim and Candolim, picnic at the Coco Beach (10 minutes) or exciting water sports at the Candolim Beach (20 minutes) are just some of the things to fill your time.

No. of guests: 8-12

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays De La Mer

9. SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills, Murud

You’ll want to stay in the crystal blue waters of the swimming pool in this villa all day long — and you can! Make this cool blue haven all yours for a few days and kick back and relax with your friends and family. Take your pool party take you to the next level with cocktails and pool games, while also maintaining that body temperature. The nearby Murud Beach, the Sawatkada Waterfall (a 5-minute drive) along with the scrumptious seafood will keep spirits high throughout! 

No. of guests: 8-12

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Adora Woods And Hills.

10. SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang), Dapoli

Whether you are a couple looking for a private retreat or a group of friends seeking to get away from the city, this quaint little cottage on the Ratnagiri coast is a suitable choice. Sitting at a hilltop, this luxury villa is not only host to strong winds coming from the ocean but also a captivating view of the Konkan coast itself. Coupled with delicious authentic Konkani meals and a refreshing glass of Solkadhi, this rented summer villa and its sisters (Megh and Trishna) are a fantastic escape from the heat. There’s a dolphin show very morning from 7 am to 10 pm, boating by the beach and your own ringside view to a fish auction, all near the home.

No. of guests: 2-36

Plan your summer retreat now, at SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang).

Our summer tip on dealing with the heat? Pick one of these exquisite villas as your next holiday destination! 

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