A Trip Down The Sibling Memory Lane!

It is that time of the year again when the protective brotherly feeling and caring sisterly love oozes out of every corner of the country.

Beautiful rakhis are tied, loads of gifts are showered and old vows of protection and love are taken again. But it’s not just the fanciful nature of Raksha Bandhan that makes it so special.

It’s the little things that we do every day leading to this occasion gives it the importance that it bears. Let’s shed some light on some of the most precious memories we have at least once shared with our siblings.

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World War 3

Every sibling bond has had their share of fights. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  And if you’re the elder one then you’re bound to overpower the younger one that only leads to either bribing your sibling so they stop crying or you face the wrath of your parents.

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Enjoying Your Sibling’s Plight 

Talking about parent’s wrath, we all have faced it every once in awhile. Sometimes with our sibling and sometimes alone. But it has always been a treat to witness that you aren’t the one who is receiving the verbal spanking. But sometimes our sibling love blooms from the bottom of our hearts and we are at our sibling’s aid.

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Stealing The Other’s Loot

Never understanding how and when does your sibling becomes aware of your secret snack stash and chocolates. No hiding place is safe from the other, and no matter how frequently you change it, they are bound to find it and steal it. And every single time you are left wondering who tipped them off.

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The Gate Crasher

When the parents leave for their night off and leave you in charge, you know, it is time to Party! But there is one teeny tiny thing that threatens your plans. Your younger sibling. But you still party by giving strict instructions to your sibling of not venturing out of his room. But, that is not possible. The kabab mein haddi will gate crash your party and may sometimes even spill the beans to your parents, leaving you to be grounded for life.

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I’m The Favourite. No, I’m The Favourite…

‘Whom does the parents love the most?’ Many sibling wars have taken place over this question. The elder ones are bound to feel that the younger ones are favourites and younger ones feel that the elder ones are the favourite. But we will never know the truth.

These are some of the countless other things that we tend to share with our siblings. Let this Raksha Bandhan be the day you cherish them again.

Saffron Stays wishes you Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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