The “do nothing” rustic stay

As the title suggests, Sameer’s place in Chettimani is truly one where you can let your thoughts slow down and literally, do nothing.  We had initially booked the ‘mud cottage’, but we eventually moved to the main house, as the kids were thrilled by the idea of sleeping in the attic.

The property lies on the way to Thala Cauvery, the origin of the holy Cauvery River. A visit to the origin point en route is highly recommended. Ask for a cab and your care taker, Harish can help organise the same. But if you don’t want to drive down, just a 15 min walk away through lush green paddy fields and coffee plantations, one can reach the gently flowing Cauvery.  Dip your feet there and forget your worries.

Kaushik and Harish, the caretakers, cooked and served us the most authentic Kodava food, including Pandhi curry (pork curry).  And whenever our stomach rumbled, a round of pakoras and such other snacks were presented. What a gastronomic treat!

As promised (and warned) beforehand, the large spiders (although harmless) did pay us a visit – so be ready to welcome them and not freak out when you see them.

A game of scrabble, chess and many rounds of cards – that’s how the kids enjoyed the evenings.

While there, my daughter and I trekked through the jungles (ably guided by Harish) and reached the top that provided some spectacular views. Also, since we were not fully prepared for the trek, a number of leeches did feast on us. The memory that stays with us is of the beautifully flavoured black coffee and honey water given to us by the old lady staying in the house at the top was totally unexpected and an experience we will never forget.  My lazy husband and son decided to stay back and did their own slow trek through the coffee plantations and fields.  My husband also finished reading a book on Coorg history – a book we picked from the home stay library – in a day during the stay.

Coorg home stay
My daughter, Eshani, with the kind Coorgi lady we met during the trek.
Coffee plantation Coorg
Coffee seedlings being planted in a plantation near the property
Coorg Plantation
Showing our son, Aniruddh, what a Pepper plant looks like.
Coorg trek
My daughter excitedly leads the trek while I follow.


Take a trip to this beautiful property if you want to switch off from the the rest of the world and experience a rustic stay that brings you close to nature.  Be prepared to welcome the spiders and determine the level of adventure as per your liking!

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