Soothe Your Soul At These 15 Villas Near Water Bodies

Staying next to open water brings with it some beautiful experiences. Holidays by the sea shore or the river banks bring you peace and relaxation like no other location. If you love the melodious sound of waves, the cool breeze of a lake’s surface, the reflection of a sunset in the water — check out these 15 villas near water bodies for your next getaway! 


1. SaffronStays Moira, Kamshet

SaffronsStays Moira in Kamshet
Immerse yourself in the breathing views of the lake at SaffronStays Moira

At this holiday home in Kamshet, the serene Thukarwadi lake will be your constant companion. From the elegant French windows, the hanging chairs on the lawn and even the swimming pool, you’ll feel like you’re in the lake itself most times! The wide lawns, perfect for picnics, and the gorgeous orchards across the lake paint a beautiful picture of bright greens and blues. You can enjoy the lake view while lazing on lounge chairs reading a book, or during a quaint lakeside picnic with the fam, or simply enjoy a cup of tea and scintillating conversation as you soak in the mesmerising view! This private lakeside retreat can take your holiday from good to an absolutely amazing one!
Max no. of guests: 18
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2. SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake, Kamshet

Plan a picnic by the lake at SaffronStays Foresta by the Lake

This stunning estate is surrounded by water on three sides! Imagine a continuous flow of breeze, lazy afternoons watching the ripples on the lake, and leisurely evening walks by the lakeside under a sunset sky. This villa’s extensive open space makes it your very own private resort. Doesn’t it sound like paradise? A paradise ideal for large group holidays! Are you ready to make some precious new memories with your favourite people?
Max no. of guests: 18
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3. SaffronStays Glistening Waters and Spa, Nashik

This modern villa overlooks the Gautami Godavari Dam Reservoir. The ground-floor layout makes it easily accessible for any senior citizens. And the infinity pool is a marvel that the whole family can enjoy! Rest by the edge of the pool and watch the gracefully flowing water as it curves across Nashik’s lush green landscape. Go kayaking or boating with the fam to get closer in touch with nature. Or you could choose from a range of wellness treatments in the spa and unwind in the jacuzzi that overlooks the lake. The options are endless!
Max no. of guests: 9
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4. SaffronStays Jannat, Igatpuri

Lakeside Picnic with magical views
Soak in the mesmerising views of the Waldevi lake and dam from SaffronStays Jannat

Comfort and luxury are what await you at this deluxe lakeside villa in Igatpuri. The stylish vibe of this villa, its manicured lawn and numerous luxury amenities, make it the perfect home for private celebrations. The still waters of Waldevi lake, ringed by Nashik’s rugged hills, make for a splendid backdrop to your holiday. Wake up to this splendid view and end your day with it. Light up your nights with a crackling bonfire. Round off the night with some tunes on a guitar! 
Max no. of guests: 12
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5. SaffronStays Kairos Athena, Karjat

Enjoy stunning views of Kalote Lake and the surrounding hills with your evening cuppa tea

Sitting on Lake Kalote, this charming villa presents an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings! You can get lost in the sight of the tranquil, blue waters and the steep, green hills for hours. With large French windows and a massive terrace with cosy seating arrangements, this Greek-style villa is made for that very thing. But why not take a step further and opt for a soothing swim in the lake water? Or head out with the fam for some boating or kayaking? 
Max no. of guests: 12
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6. SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat

Indulge in an intimate dinner right in the middle of the stream at SaffronStays SanvinaFarm

This one-of-a-kind villa introduces you to the charms and delights of farm life. And it does in the most luxurious way possible! From paddy farming to fruit picking in the orchards to milking the adorable resident cows, there are a plethora of fun activities at this farmstay in Karjat. And don’t miss out on the magnificent river flowing through the hills. Take this opportunity to sit by the banks for some quiet meditation, indulge in a thrilling session of river rafting or enjoy some hot snacks at the dining set up right in the middle of the stream! 
Max no. of guests: 9
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7. SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River, Nashik

Enjoy views of the lush green lawns, placid river, rice fields and mountains from the spacious verandah at SaffronStays Mega Farms by the River

When it comes to villas near water bodies, the view is everything. And Saffronstays Mega Farms by the River, Nashik, has one of the most stunning sights. Picture miles of green lawns and rice fields with a placid river meandering through it all. You can watch the water flow and the grey monsoon clouds lazily float from the villa’s wide verandah. There’s nothing like mesmerising views, hot cups of coffee and crunchy Maharashtrian snacks to bring you and your family closer than ever. 
Max no. of guests: 16
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8. SaffronStays Sohana by the River, Karjat

Take a tip in the fresh river water SaffronStays Sohana by the River, Karjat

If you’re looking for a fun family getaway, a villa near a water body is a perfect choice! Like this 2-bedroom private villa near Mumbai, enveloped in leafy greens, which is located right by the River Pej. Think of carefree afternoons spent splashing water on each other or having a heart-to-heart conversation by the murmuring water. Combined with the many indoor games, the elderly-friendly layout and the occasional sound of peacocks on the estate, this is the ideal holiday home for the whole family!
Max no. of guests: 6
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9. SaffronStays Reva Infinity, Karjat

 Enjoy a riverside breakfast or an evening barbeque set-ups by the river at  SaffronStays Reva Infinity

A complete riverside holiday package awaits you at this villa — from having easy access to take a dip in the clear waters and exciting river rafting sessions to riverside meals, including a barbecue set up! The rushing waters of the River Tez will never leave your side. The infinity pool, too, overlooks the gushing stream. With four fully-staffed cottages, you can comfortably host college reunions and corporate offsites at this spacious villa in Karjat.  
Max no. of guests: 25
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10. SaffronStays Suvarna Sangam, Udipi

A veritable paradise for travellers, this set of four cottages (Shambhavi, Sharavathi, Netravathi and Vedavathi) sits on a piece of land surrounded by the Suvarna river on three sides. Whether you are a couple looking for candlelight dinners by the backwaters or a group of friends wanting to get away from the city, these warm and homely riverside villas are for everybody. You can go on speedboat rides, head to nearby beaches for scuba diving or just enjoy the streaming river, the chirping birds and the sunlit scenery. 
Max no. of guests: 12
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11. SaffronStays Riverstone, Mysuru

Immerse in the soothing views of the flowing Kaveri river at SaffronStays Riverstone

This offbeat holiday home in Karnataka comes with a splendid property featuring vibrant flowers, coconut plantations and the beautiful Kaveri river. The villa’s optimal location allows you to explore Mysuru’s attractions, like the Brindavan gardens and Mysore Palace. But the best holiday experience comes from the estate itself, where you can indulge in long nature walks, picnics by the river and even some stargazing. Wrapped in the comforting arms of nature, you can let your worries float away. 
Max no. of guests: 12
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12. SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug

SaffronStays Sea La Vie Alibaug Villa
Enjoy a breakfast by the beach at SaffronStays Sea La Vie

SaffronStays Sea La Vie, Alibaug, offers a trip that will top all other Alibaug trips! Picture a luxurious 3-bedroom bungalow sitting right on the shores of Saral beach. You get a sea-facing pool, sea-facing balconies, sea-facing everything! You’ll even wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves and the salty scent of the sea. Let the child in you come out and play on the beach. Relish the feel of the waves and draw in the sand. Indulge in a pool party under a dazzling sunset and relish tangy barbecue right on the lawn itself. The ultimate party villa in Alibaug is all yours!
Max no. of guests: 9 
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13. SaffronStays Thalassea, Alibaug

With a private access from SaffronStays Thalassea, you can hang around to the beach for hours at a stretch

Looking for a family villa in Alibaug? Try this charming holiday home on Thal beach. Located in a relatively isolated area, this villa offers a quiet slice of the beach just for you! Surrounded by expansive lawns and coconut trees, this is where you will get a peaceful paradise. You and your family are free to be yourselves and enjoy the way you want — whether it be pyjama parties with antakshari and dumb charades or swapping stories under a star-studded sky. 
Max no. of guests: 6
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14. SaffronStays Summer Salt, Alibaug

Soothe your heart with an exhilarating vacation right on the shores at SaffronStays Summer Salt

This enchanting, old-world-style villa sprawls across the estate like a person lazing on the shores of a beach. With 17 doors built into its framework, the sea breeze is a permanent guest and a lovely one at that! While the secluded Akshi beach is a gorgeous place to be, this beachside villa also has a pool for an extra splash of fun once the sun goes down. Get your furry friends along for the holiday since this is a pet-friendly villa. Together, you can enjoy the beach and the verdure surrounding the home. 
Max no. of guests: 18
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15. SaffronStays Salt Rim on the Beach, Alibaug

SaffronStays Salt Rim on the Beach
Enjoy unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea from the verandah at SaffronStays Salt Rim

Another beach-facing villa for families, this charming home is a hidden gem on Korlai beach in Kashid. Away from the bustle of popular Alibaug spots, this villa is the best place to destress and unwind. A highlight is the villa’s sea-facing verandah, where you will want to spend hours sipping on a steaming cup of chai and drinking in the view. The melody of the Arabian Sea’s powerful waves and the in-home chef’s delicious Maharashtrian fish curry make a delightful combination — you’ll remember it long after the vacation ends. 
Max no. of guests: 6
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You will find something special at each of these villas near water bodies. After all, each lake and river and seashore comes with its unique magic that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Are you ready to feel the magic yourself? 

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