Maharashtra’s Konkan Coast: Places To Visit

Located on the western side or coast of the state of Maharashtra in India, the Konkan Coast is one of the favoured places for a quick vacation for those residing in Mumbai or near about.
It is a strip of land that encompasses the cities of Ratnagiri, Raigad, Kashid and so on. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of the Konkan region is the proximity of its various cities to the city of Mumbai. The proximity allows people to enjoy their weekends here with their loved ones and unwind amidst the gorgeous vista.
Now, if you still cannot figure out the place or places that you should not miss out on during your vacation to Maharashtra’s Konkan Coast, you can refer to the list of the same given below.

Experience the coastal hill station of Dapoli, Ratnagiri

Dapoli is located in the larger city of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra at a distance of 226 km from the city of Mumbai. It is also known for being a coastal hill station, making it one of the ideal destinations for a quick getaway in the Konkan region. People visiting Dapoli can visit several places of interest, one of which is the Unhavare hot springs. It is a common saying that this spring water is beneficial for the skin. Along with that, you can also visit the Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple (built in the mid-18th century), Panhalakaji Caves, Kelshi Beach, etc.

Dapoli also has a lot of residential properties, which can be booked by the visitors and tourists that will allow them to enjoy an extended vacation, such as the SaffronStays Athaang chain of exclusive Villas, the SaffronStays Athaang (Megh), Dapoli, SaffronStays Athaang (Tarang), Dapoli and SaffronStays Athaang (Trishna) Villas, Dapoli. These villas offer various amenities such as 2-4 pet-friendly rooms, depending on what tourists opt for. Also, Wi-Fi facilities, home-cooked meals etc. are some other facilities. Moreover, its location amidst the beauty of the Sahyadri ranges increases its charm.
People can also opt to stay in the SaffronStays Villa 270° (Bakul and Aboli), Dapoli, SaffronStays Villa 270° (Shevanti and Sugandhi), Dapoli and SaffronStays Villa 270° (Jaswanti) Villas, Dapoli, which offer stunning views of the sea and are located relatively near to the sea and provide amenities such as Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, etc.

Witness some majestic forts in Korlai, Kashid

Located at a distance of 142 km from the city of Mumbai, the city of Korlai is a charming coastal or beach town, which is a part of the larger city of Kashid. It is a town known for its seafaring community whose way of life primarily revolves around fishing and trading. Some of the places of interest in Korlai include the nearby Murud Janjira Fort, which still carries the reputation of an unconquerable fort.

Apart from that, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, the ruins of the Revdanda Fort and the Korlai Fort are some other attractions.
One can also avail of the residential facilities here in the form of the SaffronStays Coral Hues, Korlai, which is a 4-bedroom private pool villa that offers the ambience of a traditional Maharashtrian home, along with other amenities such as air-conditioned and pet-friendly rooms, home-fresh meals, a gorgeous lawn etc. that will make for a memorable stay.

Take a walk on the beaches of Guhagar, Ratnagiri

Guhagar is just 422 km from Mumbai, and it is a part of Ratnagiri City. Being a coastal city, it is known for its beaches. However, the city of Guhagar also has places such as the Gopalgad Hill, Thibaw Point and Tilak Ali Museum. The Tilak Ali Museum is the home of freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak and has been converted into a museum. The Thiba Palace used to be the royal palace of King Thiba. One can also choose to explore Bhatye Beach, Ratnadurga Fort, Dhamapur Lake, etc.
This area also has residential facilities for tourists such as SaffronStays Ocean Breeze, Guhagar. It offers a refreshing and revitalising view of the farm landscape, allowing visitors to sit on the balcony and enjoy the feeling of the sea breeze after a long day. Visitors can expect amenities such as home-cooked meals, Wi-Fi facilities, parking space, swimming pool etc. with an adjacent seating area that can be used for outdoor eating.

Bathe under a Waterfall in Murud, Raigad

Located at a distance of 143 km from the city of Mumbai, the city of Murud is a municipal council city located in the larger district of Raigad. It is largely well-known because it is home to the invincible Murud Janjira Fort. Garambi Falls, Diveagar Beach and Murud Beach are some of the other main attractions of Murud. Visitors to this city need not worry about the availability of accommodation. They can avail of facilities such as the SaffronStays Adora Woods and Hills, Murud. This exclusive private villa offers facilities to the visitors such as 4 pet-friendly bedrooms and an extensive lawn — to enjoy the greenery and allows children to play and have fun. Additionally, it has facilities that allow elderly people to feel comfortable, enjoy some leisure time, home-cooked meals, etc.

Have a perfect road trip to Palshet, Ratnagiri

The charming village of Palshet is just 421 km from the city of Mumbai, and it is a part of Ratnagiri. It is a village that is especially popular because of its greenery and proximity to the sea. So, if you are planning a long drive to a location near Mumbai, this can be a good option. People visiting Palshet can expect to explore the beauty of Palshet Beach and also indulge in water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, water surfing, etc.
Now, after spending a beautiful day on Palshet Beach, people can enjoy the homely feeling at the SaffronStays Crescent Bay, Palshet. Visitors and guests can enjoy facilities such as pet-friendly rooms, a beautiful view of the sea beach, ensuite bathrooms, etc., which will make their stay comfortable and help them make uncountable memories.

The above-mentioned places are some of the highlights of the Konkan region. However, this region has much more to offer. Moreover, being only a driving distance from Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra, it is a great weekend gateway.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a road trip through coastal Maharashtra and find some of the hidden gems of this coastal region to make your trip memorable.

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