Holi Weekend Getaways: Celebrate The Festival With Colours of Nature

Holi, one of the most colourful festivals in India, is around the corner. The very mention pops colours in your mind, doesn’t it? It was probably the only festival we celebrated in its truest essence last year before going into lockdown. This year, Holi marks a three-day holiday and we get it if you are checking destinations for the Holi weekend getaway. Given that we are still grappling with a pandemic, having safe celebrations is a must! Instead of celebrating with real colours, there’s a chance to ring in Holi 2021 safely within the colours of nature at beautiful private villas around the city.  

Holi Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Celebrate In The Greens of Nature  

SaffronStays Green Acres, Alibaug
SaffronStays Green Acres, Alibaug

The colours of spring are showing, but have you had the time to pause and observe? On this  Holi weekend getaway visit places encapsulated with natural greenery and its blooming colours. 

At SaffronStays Sanvina Farm, a private villa in Karjat you get to experience an authentic farm stay around 2000+ trees of fruits and vegetables. Every shade of green is a walk into these organic farms on a vast 10-acre estate. If there’s a seasonal bloom or ripe fruits, you get to closely observe the true colours of nature. So leave behind the colours and play with colourful flowers instead!

Another beautiful property like SaffronStays Green Acres, spells out its abundance of greenery. This 7-bedroom plush private villa in Alibaug is perfect for a celebration of a large group. Even showers in every room have a small garden next to them, so you’re well embraced in greens.

Splash Into The Blues of Water

SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet
SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake, Kamshet

Just being around water, be it a pool, lake or river feels refreshing in the scorching summer heat. Just like the colour blue which conveys calmness, spending your long weekend in our beautiful private villas around Mumbai will bestow similar emotions.

A sprawling 70-acre resort all to yourself, SaffronStays Foresta By The Lake in Kamshet is surrounded by water on three sides! And there’s so much to do here — you could go for a leisurely swim in the lake, play in the pool or take a picnic by the lakefront. Outdoor games on the multipurpose court or a variety of indoor ones, your Holi weekend getaway will not let you miss out on the colours! 

If you’re looking at closer options to spend your Holi weekend, like at private villas in Lonavala, then SaffronStays Serene Gardens is ideal for a friends and family getaway. This home is located about 5 mins away from the Indrayani river. Take a stroll by the riverside in the evening or trek up the hill to enjoy pleasing views of mountain valleys.

Capture The Reds and Tangerine Sunsets

SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar
SaffronStays Horizon 360°, Mahabaleshwar

A scene of sunrise and sunset puts on a colour palette that’s hard to define, but always enticing to capture on our phones. Leading busy lives, watching a sunset is barely on our routine, but places that put on a spectacular show of these daily events will make you appreciate them more.

Putting out the best display of nature’s colours is SaffronStays Horizon 360° in Mahabaleshwar with its strategic location and design. This private villa flaunts a 360-degree view of both sunrise and sunset, so you can watch the sky turn a canvas, painting you scenes with its brightest colours. 

To truly spend this festive long weekend just among your immediate family, escape to SaffronStays Mango Huts By The River in Pali. These earthy 2-bedroom cottages within mango plantations have little network accessibility. So you get the much-needed quality time for your famjam. Don’t forget to take your perfect family picture silhouette against the tangerine shades of the setting sun.

Colourful Private Villas That Match The Vibe

SaffronStays El Parque, Alibaug
SaffronStays El Parque, Alibaug

A colourful place imbibes an impression with its aesthetic, like a carefully coloured painting. Some of our private villas will charm you with artistic corners, contemporary art, carefully-selected decor items. Spending your Holi weekend getaway here will make your celebrations colourful in every frame!

If there’s one home that’d fit in all the above categories, SaffronStays El Parque in Alibaug would be it! This private pool villa serves a fusion of colours in its decor. Rainbow pattern imitated on its steps, contemporary art on walls of every room, and vibrant furnishings give this home a desired pop of colours. To add to its charm is a private pool, a British-themed pub on the first floor, and a playground for the kids with badminton nets, hammocks, camping chairs. If you want to have an ultimate Holi weekend getaway party, this private pool villa near Mandwa has it all.

White is a colour that brings out contrast so well, something that you can see at SaffronStays Elfreda in Vikramgad. This white brick studio cottage follows a pastel and floral theme through its mosaic tiles and handcrafted decor. There’s beauty on the outside with a garden path, gazebo, natural pond. If you wish to turn your Holi weekend into a romantic getaway, then we can also arrange for a special candle-lit set up outside.

SaffronStays Roselle, this pet-friendly villa in Lonavala, brings in a feel of spring with its floral interiors. Be it the cushion covers or the bougainvillea on the fence outside, this home is blooming with colours. Not to miss, the plush yellow sofa that sits in the living room, adding just the pop of colour and attractive aura. Your Holi weekend getaway pictures from here will be colourful even without any real colours on you. 

This Holi, leave behind the colours and yet immerse yourself in the enchanting hues of nature.

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