Getaway With Grandparents: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Growing up in the company of grandparents is a silent blessing. The kind of nurturing a child gets around grandparents is two-fold, as it passes on the foundation of a family even to the parents. But in nuclear family set-ups, this secure bond of love and care keeps thinning. So on occasional reunions, there are always moments that take a trip down memory lane. But how about taking an actual getaway with grandparents and reliving the good old days while thinking of their comfort?

As much as you long for a break from your laptop screens, your grandparents too would love a change of scenery, especially if they live separately. In the last year, elderly people have received bombarding of instructions to not step out and stay safe. They too have had their bouts of panic in days gone by, fearing for their own well-being as well as others. A getaway to a quiet, peaceful place, be it for a weekend, would be a great way to unload all of this stress and replace it with happy memories. 

Painting the Childhood Sceneries

SaffronStays Zen, Igatpuri
SaffronStays Zen, Igatpuri

Remember the typical paintings we made in our childhood of sunrise over mountains with flowing streams, a hut on one side, and a grassy patch on the other. Yes, the one that you proudly tucked and showed your grandparents? SaffronStays Zen in Igatpuri is a 2-bedroom red-brick earthy villa that gives you a similar picture in reality. This perched up property overlooks green lawns with a view of Kadwa lake, greener pastures and mountains in the distance — the same scenery from paper almost coming to life. This earthy vacation home is so welcoming to nature, that tall trees pierce through the ceilings. Relaxing chairs in the verandah could be your grandparents’ favourite spot to soak in the beautiful natural landscape.

Giving Back the Unconditional Love With Pampering

SaffronStays Lattitude by The Lake, Kamshet
SaffronStays Lattitude by The Lake, Kamshet

Grandparents have a demeanor of unconditional love. As we grow up and lead our lives, we learn to look back and realise its value. Now, try to give back, at least, a little of it and enjoy the immense satisfaction it brings. One of the ways to have this emotional connection is to take time out together, pamper and make them feel special. Choose a place that resonates warmth and comfort, especially with respect to elder family members. SaffronStays Lattitude by the Lake in Kamshet is one such place to be. Right across the Andre Lake, it is a picturesque setting to spend some quality time with family. There are lush lawns and plenty of sit-out areas to enjoy the cool evening breeze and share the warmth of heartfelt conversations. The brick stone construction is very welcoming with its rustic feel and thus sparks a homely comfort, especially for the elderly. Pamper them with the best of meals, as our on-site cook can also cater to your grandparents’ demands of their favourite food.

Storytelling Sit Out Sessions

SaffronStays Casa Manga, Karjat

My fondest memories of my grandparents are storytelling sessions at bedtime. When on a getaway, you can bond over these childhood tales and go back in time. We are sure your grandparents will have a lot more other interesting thoughts to share, if you share the curiosity to listen. It could start conversations about their childhood and that’s just the vibe to get started, isn’t it? A getaway with grandparents at SaffronStays Casa Manga in Karjat, is a place where you can have your storytelling sessions by the bonfire, or cheer up the gaming spirit by playing carrom in the gazebo. This 4-bedroom villa just about 2 hours away from Mumbai is perfect for a weekend trip. It has a pool too, so be rest assured about your own rejuvenation.

Build Human Connections

SaffronStays Ekaant in Vikramgad
SaffronStays Ekaant, Vikramgad

The whole idea of taking a getaway with grandparents is to build the connections that could’ve felt strained in the last few months. The daily grind of work routine offers little time to check up on yourself, forget others. Pick a place, which has a little network for the devices, but more for everyone to re-energize on their relations.

SaffronStays Ekaant in Vikramgad spells out what you need – solitude, with family by your side. This 3-bedroom villa is located in lush greenery surroundings, so solace checks-in with you as soon as you enter here. There is enough space outside for the kids to lounge or play around, so the elderly can sit in the verandah and listen to the crackle of the kids heartily laughing. It’s the kind of disturbance they won’t mind. Or hold your grandparents’ hands and take a walk in the complex, building that very human connection we longed for. Don’t forget to check on their smiles.

We hope you realise that as much as the elderly need this getaway, you need it too. Just spending time together, catching up, fighting over ‘cheating’ on the board game, or listening to stories, we really do seek the peace that comes from these simple things. It is about spending time with our grandparents and having conversations that make you feel complete with gratitude for having them in your life.

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