Best Mountain Getaway in Manali

Best Mountain Getaway in Manali

Imagine holidaying in a charming wooden cottage, surrounded by the quiet majesty of the mountains. SaffronStays The Amlyn — a Signature by SaffronStays estate — offers this very experience. This dreamy well appointed villa in Manali is perched on a hilltop surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and is perfect for up to 15 guests. With 5-bedrooms and a picturesque courtyard, this holiday home promises a magical experience, whether you’re visiting with family or arriving for work. Need more reasons to visit this gorgeous property right in the heart of nature? We give you 7.

Drop-dead Stunning Vistas

Stunning Mountain View Villa in Manali
Watch the helicopters take off and land over the emerald Beas river bed

If the idea of waking up to serene views of the mountains, with snowy tops (or lush green, depending on when you visit), glistening in the early morning sun is appealing, and makes you fall in love with this Signature by SaffronStays estate. This hilltop cottage offers breathtaking mountain views, accentuated by the passing emerald green Beas river. It is a sight to behold, watching the helicopters take off and land, flying over the emerald waters and landing on the river bed.  It is a home where you can come and finally be one with nature, stare outside the windows shamelessly, without a blink, lest you miss the view even for a moment. 

Smart Decor

Mountain View Villa with wodden décor in Manali
The wooden stairs with ropes add the wow factor to the room

This wooden cottage boasts a quaint, fairytale charm. Keeping this in mind, the interiors have been done in a cosy, minimal fashion. Each room exudes a rustic vibe, complete with elegant wooden flooring, wooden steps suspended by ropes and tasteful furniture. Suffice to say that you will find plenty of Instagrammable spots in this home.  You can find children spending time in the attic or going up and down the wooden steps suspended by ropes. This kid-friendly home has ample space designed to make children comfortable and feel at home.

Delicious Pahadi Meals

Delicious Pahadi Meals in SaffronStay Villa in Manali

The staff here excels at putting together authentic and flavourful pahadi food on demand. Made using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the menu offers a selection of Indian and Continental fare. Enjoy hot pakodas while seated on the large balcony on the ground floor, or sip on a bowlful of hot soup while you take in the beauty of the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventures

SaffronStays The Amlyn Villa
Spot innumerable waterfalls on your way to the cottage

SaffronStays The Amlyn is located close to Manali market (around 10 minutes away). Get up to some shopping here and pick up little keepsakes for those back home. Alternately, hike up the Jogni Waterfalls, book a helicopter ride through Anumaya or set off on peaceful nature walks, away from the bustle of people. You can explore skiing as well at a 20-minute drive from this home. Simply put, there’s something for everyone.

Two Courtyards and a Large Verandah With Views

Mesmerising Valley Views in Manali
Relax in lawn and sip your favourite beverage enjoying the mesmerising valley views

Just like a fairytale cottage, this home flaunts a pretty pathway that takes you right up to the front door. As you walk along this pathway, notice the outdoor sitting area on your right. Thoughtfully set against the striking backdrop of the Himalayan ranges, it serves as a brilliant spot to sit by yourself, read, enjoy a cup of coffee or even work.

Perfect For Large Groups

Friends and Family hangout Spot in Manali
The perfect spot to hangout with friends and family

With five spacious and well-appointed bedrooms, an independent drawing room for games night and outdoor lawns and courtyards, SaffronStays The Amlyn is a great choice for large gatherings. It can accommodate 15 people at a time, making it apt for those wanting to celebrate a special event in a beautiful location, away from home.

Ideal For Workations

Exquisite location for staycations in Manali
Exquisite location for a team bonding session

While this property is idyllic for staycations, it’s equally incredible for workations. The peace the mountains provide and the fresh air outside makes it an excellent spot to work from or host a corporate offsite. If the workload gets a little too much, simply disconnect and reconnect with nature.

Its picturesque location, spacious environs, scrumptious meals and elegant interiors make this Signature by SaffronStays estate an absolute must-visit. Take it from us — you may never want to leave once you arrive. Book your stay at our SaffronStays The Amlyn, now.

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