Experiencing the vibrant life of Old City of Jodhpur

Staying in this guest house that lay tucked in a bylane of Old City of Jodhpur, was one of my best experiences in Rajasthan. The Haveli I was told was 450 years old, and its rooms were beautifully and traditionally done to match up that fact. During the four days that I spent there, I spent mornings and nights sitting in the roof top restaurant, savouring delicious meals made by the resident cook, and staring at the sight of centuries-old blue houses and the enchanting Mehrangarh Fort towering in front of me.

I was there during Navratri so it was really nice to watch the lanes come alive with celebratory processions and the temples echoing prayers all night long. The locals living around the Haveli were really friendly and I ended up having many interesting conversations with them. It is a great place to soak up the vibrancy and old-world charm of Jodhpur.



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