11 places in India to enjoy your bowl of Maggi!

Reluctant as ever, my Grandpa refrained to eat noodles, until one day, we were both home alone, rest of the family was busy attending a family function, and how he hated outside food! So, to avoid going to bed with an empty stomach, he gave in to the pop culture and asked me to share my bowl of Maggi with him. Surprisingly, one spoon after the other, slurp..slurp..and slurp! He finished his first ever bowl of Maggi! This yellow colored packet had some magic I tell you, even my Grandpa couldn’t resist the 2 minutes miracle! Yes #WeMissYouToo Maggi, hoping for a comeback, or else you will only be heard of in our memories and be seen in our Maggi Selfie’s to our future generation. Below are the places across India where you can have unique encounters with Maggi.

#01 Matheran

Glide over the mesmerizing beauty of Matheran, while you hear the clippety cloc-cloc of horses. This is one among the very few pedestrian hill stations in India! Enjoy the view of forest from the top and munch on your Maggi meals.

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#02 Murud

Murud, a city in Raigad region is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination because the only sound that disturbs the peace is that of the sea waves crashing on the shores, barely 50 meters away. Because of the land across, the sea here is quiet and tranquil. Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend some time in isolation with your favorite dish i.e., Maggi?

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#03 Lonavala

Let the gentle breeze at Lonavala sooth you, enjoy the warm maggi, a cup of hot chocolate and some corn bhajiya’s at Tiger point. Cuddle up with your friends, gossip about your school days, or take your kids for a drive and share your good old days with them!

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#04 Munnar, Kerala

Kerala is blessed with a lot of beauty, water bodies, beaches, culture & art! So why not indulge into multiple elements and savor your taste buds with a bowl of Maggi which soothes your sense, mind, body & soul! Sip on the soupy noodles and let the waves wash away your stress.

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#05 Kullu-Manali

After a long drive through the beautiful ghats, relax with your friends or family in the balcony and peep into the nature and come alive while you fight with your friends for the last spoon of Maggi in that bowl!

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#06 Coorg, Karnataka

The old structures and monuments in Karnataka come alive to tell you tales from the past, hear them out on your visit, and on your way back to home, living amid the jungle, let the monsoon showers hinder outside while you enjoy with your delicious bowl of Maggi!

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#07 Srinagar

Remember your Mom waking you up by bribing you a bowl of hot Maggi? Imagine you are on a holiday and you get a home cooked delicious Maggi with added flavors from the hills, nothing like it, right?

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#08 Lahaul & Spiti

Out of nowhere amid the magnificent Spiti Valley, when you finally take a sigh & want to fill in your stomach, a two minute Maggi would be a saviour, isn’t it? Settle yourselves under a tent, glance at the mountains right in front of you & let the breeze bring you a homely feeling!

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#09 Pangong Tso Lake

The deep blue lake reflects the sky and the mountains around. With a falling temperature, this is the perfect location to be your share buddy for a bowl of Maggi! The clouds are just handful away, thin air, silence, you and your Maggi!

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#10 Sikkim

Do you like trekking in the Himalayan range? Often come back to the base camp with memories from the hills? Ever cooked your own food at the base camp? A two minute break would be such a relief from the long hour cooking procedure! Enjoy the hot Maggi dish with your trek mates and bring back home #MeriMaggi stories.

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#11 Marchula, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, an originating point of significant Indian rivers, also known as a land of spirituality, offers breath taking views of mountains to the visitors. This region has multiple options and Marchula, is one among the many! It is a small yet beautiful and famous tourist place. Spend some time observing the running water from the banks of Ramganga and sip on your Maggi soup!

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