Summer in the hills

Summers in the Hills : Your Ultimate Summer Escape in 2024

As the summer sun caresses the hills, a leisurely walk through Dehradun’s streets unveils a sensory feast—whiffs of pine-laden air, the soothing rustle of leaves, and stories etched into the fabric of the Himalayan foothills. This how summers in the hills feels like, an immersive experience that beautifully captures the essence of slow living. With breathtaking valley views, waterfalls, hot springs, easy treks and warm pahadi hospitality, which makes it the perfect place to be.

In this travel guide for 2024 summers, we will take you through some of the top places to visit in Dehradun and recommend some unique homestays to make your stay more comfortable.

summers in the hills
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  1. Sahastradhara

Sahastradhara is a popular tourist attraction in Dehradun, which offers visitors a relaxing experience amidst waterfalls, caverns, and steppe agricultural fields. The name refers to the waterfalls and water that flows from the limestone stalactites inside the caverns. The monsoon season is the best time to visit Sahastradhara when the waters roar vigorously over the rocks. You can also ride a ropeway to the top of the mountain for a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and surroundings. SaffronStays Cottage Glade & SaffronStays Paradise Pines are some of the best homestays near Sahastradhara, perfect for small families and friends group.

  1. Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is a natural cave in Dehradun, which is a popular picnic spot. It has ice-cold springs inside and is surrounded by high hills. Couples can explore this intriguing spot in Dehradun on a single-day trip. You can enter the cave and walk through it by dipping your feet in the icy water. Playing with water might result in getting wet, so carrying an extra set of clothes is always a good idea. SaffronStays Wildernest & SaffronStays Polaris offer private suites, perfect for couples, small families and groups.

  1.  Lachhiwala

Lachhiwala is an idyllic picnic location in Dehradun surrounded by Sal trees. It is well-known for its bird viewing, walking routes, and stunning sunset views. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dehradun, offering a relaxing man-made pool and lush nature all around it. SaffronStays Elysian is one of the finest luxury villas near Lachhiwala. This 3-bedroom luxury home with modern interiors and amenities offers one of the most scenic views accompanied by warm hospitality.

4. Forest Research Institute

Dehradun’s Forest Research Institute is a well-known educational institution with charming Roman-style architecture and 6 museums displaying research on different areas of forestry such as plants, animals and much more. Surrounded by natural beauty, the institute attracts many nature lovers and picnickers. SaffronStays Vedic Homes offer a unique homestay experience near the Forest Research Institute. With 6 rustic cottages and a pool, this private homestay is perfect for couples, families and groups for a nature retreat.

  1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the “Queen of the Hills,” is a hill station located just an hour away from Dehradun. It is one of India’s popular tourist destinations, offering gorgeous valley views, mesmerizing waterfalls and glorious sunsets. SaffronStays The Cinnamon House & SaffronStays Pax & Opis ~ Glen are some of the top homestays close to the famous Mussoorie Mall Road offering a comfortable getaway for couples, families and large groups. 

Plan your trip to Dehradun and around to experience a true mountain getaway. Book your stay at one of the recommended homestays to make your stay more comfortable.

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