10 Stunning Farm Stays Near Mumbai For A Memorable Getaway

Do you need a break from the noisy, chaotic atmosphere of the city? If yes, then what can be better than a farm stay? With fresh air, scenic surroundings and a serene atmosphere, there are plenty of incredible choices for farm stays near Mumbai to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating break from your everyday routine. So, here is a list of the top 10 farm stays near Mumbai for those of you seeking some peace and quiet.

SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat

Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery, this 3-bedroom private pool villa amidst a quaint farm setting is just what you need for a tranquil getaway. Situated in Karjat, Maharashtra, The veg-only Signature estate is home to many farm animals like cows, rabbits, dogs and ducks. Offering unique experiences like authentic farm-to-table dining and stargazing, it serves as one of the best destinations for farm stays near Mumbai.

Maximum number of guests – 9

Book this private villa: SaffronStays SanvinaFarm, Karjat

SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat

With four well-appointed bedrooms, a swimming pool, lovely lawns and a magnificent Buddha statue, this gorgeous farmhouse is located in Karjat, Maharashtra, which is one of the most beautiful places near Mumbai. The fully-staffed private pool villa is perfect for anything from a fun holiday with friends to a relaxing workplace trip.

Maximum number of guests – 13

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Olive Greens, Karjat

SaffronStays Ambe Moha, Karjat

This stunning pool villa, situated at a scenic mango farm in Karjat, Maharashtra, serves as one of the best places to visit near Mumbai to enjoy a farm stay. This 2-bedroom home is surrounded by chikoo, mango and coconut trees. With its bright, spacious living room, outdoor open-air bathroom and cosy bedrooms, get ready to experience utmost luxury and rustic charm all wrapped into one neat package.

Maximum number of guests – 6

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Ambe Moha, Karjat

SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik

Surrounded by nearly three acres of organic farms, this 4-bedroom private pool villa is located in Nashik, which is counted amongst one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra. With thick greenery and scenic mountain landscapes all around, you can enjoy the authentic farm experience by tasting fresh mangoes and guavas plucked directly from the trees in the surrounding orchards.

Maximum number of guests – 15

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Nature’s Bounty, Nashik

SaffronStays Niramay, Velhe

Featured in Grazia and Vogue, this enchanting private villa near Pune is built on a 6-acre land, with Wada inspired architecture. The split-level home opens up to a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the valley, a private gazebo and a large verandah. The pool villa for rent also flaunts an organic farm where guests can enjoy a farm-to-table experience with its organically grown crops, pulses, vegetables, fruits and flowering plants.

Maximum number of guests – 9

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Niramay, Velhe

SaffronStays Happy Fields, Pune

Known for being one of the best places to visit near Pune, this 3-bedroom private farmhouse has wooden interiors and exposed brickwork that complement the rustic surroundings. With expansive farms as far as the eye can see, it houses animals like cattle, cows, goats and hens, giving you an authentic farm stay experience. Moreover, it has a cozy attic with a glass ceiling to enable memorable stargazing experiences.

Maximum number of guests – 9

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Happy Fields, Pune

SaffronStays Inverlochy, Lonavala

This old-world Parsi-style villa is situated on a huge farm in Lonavala, which is a gorgeous hill station known for being one of the top tourist places in Maharashtra. Featuring two floors and three bedrooms, this cozy and charming private villa in Lonavala has an in-home caretaker who can make you delicious home-cooked Maharashtrian food.

Maximum number of guests – 9

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Inverlochy, Lonavala

SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

Set on a scenic hill in Alibaug, this stunning 3-bedroom home is one of the most sought-after destinations for farm stays in Maharashtra. In addition to its well-appointed bedrooms and a spacious high-ceilinged living room, it flaunts an attached bar and two outdoor seating areas. The most prominent highlight of the private villa is its two private waterfalls that add to the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

Maximum number of guests – 12

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Masaya, Alibaug

SaffronStays Kenwoods, Vikramgad

When it comes to farm stays near Mumbai, this striking 5-bedroom pool villa in Vikramgad paints a perfect picture of the experience. Featuring an azure pool with a fully-stocked sunken bar, it has spacious bedrooms, a massive living room, a well-appointed dining area, a bar and a lovely terrace. Moreover, it has an enchanting duck pond and incredible herb garden filled with organic kitchen plants.

Maximum number of guests – 12

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Kenwoods, Vikramgad

SaffronStays Vedika, Wada

This 4-bedroom private pool villa in Wada is another example of the fantastic farm stays in Maharashtra. Flaunting traditional architecture that oozes old-world charm, the Signature estate is equipped with luxurious amenities. Whether you want to engage in fun activities like pool parties and indoor games or simply feel like strolling across the farm and taking in the magical views, this place has something for everyone.

Maximum number of guests – 12

Book this private villa: SaffronStays Vedika, Wada

So, those of you looking for an enjoyable and idyllic holiday at a scenic destination should definitely consider one of the above options for farm stays in Maharashtra for a wonderful time.

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